Vin Diesel & Paul Walker Hitting the Gas Again for 'Fast Five'

February 4, 2010

Vin Diesel and Paul Waker

After missing what was one of the greatest opportunities for a pun-titled sequel (why the hell wasn't it just called Fast & Four-ious?), the franchise which can't seem to stop putting the pedal to the metal is officially moving forward with another thrilling installment as Variety reports the cleverly titled Fast Five will bring back Vin Diesel and Paul Walker for even more high speed car racing. This confirms at least part of what Diesel told us himself via his Facebook page last month. He mentioned two more scripts from writer Chris Morgan, but I'm sure Universal will wait to make sure this one will be as lucrative as Fast & Furious first.

Once again directed by Justin Lin (of Tokyo Drift and Fast & Furious), the story finds franchise characters Dom (Diesel) and Brian (Walker) as fugitives being pursued by legendary lawmen. Universal is looking at a 2011 release which will bring this out about ten years after the first one was released way back in 2001. It's almost maddening that the franchise has sustained itself for ten years, and Conan O'Brien couldn't even get more than seven months out of "The Tonight Show." Yes, that was an unrelated, "other media" reference, I know, but I'm baffled that such a mediocre franchise has stayed so strong, especially when the most recent installment didn't even have kick-ass cars, killer car chases or great action sequences like in the first few.

Here's another hilarious bit of information: Fast & Furious was Universal's top grossing movie of last year with an unimpressive $155 million. In second was Couples Retreat with $109 million. You've got to love a studio that survives by rehashing a franchises like this one for its fifth go-around. Does that mean Fast Five will be their top grossing movie in 2011? I just hope Lin is able to get a budget big enough to actually pay his stars and get solid action sequences this time. Anyone out there still interested in seeing Fast Five?

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Will this be in 3D? xD

Logan on Feb 4, 2010


What else does these guys got to do? Never was a fan of any of these movies, but that last one was terrible. But theres always gonna be alot of people wanting to see these movies.

People's Champ on Feb 4, 2010


fuck,no please someone kill me,these films are just a load of BOLLOCKS.



I think these movies are fab: "They do need better car Stunts thought than the last out it was getting abit stail on the car front and the action, here hoping that Vin Diesal, Paul Walker, have a better outing with Fast Five.

Cineprog on Feb 4, 2010


I approve (assuming Jordana Brewster will be in it too). The franchise is still entertaining to a certain degree.

Anonymous on Feb 4, 2010


loved the first and the last movie. rest was crap! quote from dom driving his car straight into a villian in the last movie: "Pussy!" My god i laughed my ass off 😀

yowsaman on Feb 4, 2010


Hmm...Fast Five? I still think they should have just made it "The Fast & The [Something Different Each Time]." Like "the Fast & the Dead" or "the Fast and the Fallen" or something like that. But I imagine that would require more creativity than it takes to be a Hollywood executive anymore.

CS on Feb 4, 2010


Looking forward to this. Let's hope it doesn't become a 2 Fast 2 Furious, the worst in the series.

YourGirlfriendLickedMyAsshole on Feb 4, 2010


Completly agree with #8. 1st one was the best, 2nd one was the worst by far, 3rd one was surprisingly wacthable, and the 4th was marginal. Here's hoping the 5th will be great! Fast and Furious: On Stranger Roads!

Cmurder on Feb 4, 2010


Well, we're getting a 5th flick whether we want it or not. If the action sequences would be more interesting; Jordana Brewster in a larger role; and heck, even Conan O'Brien as the bad, that would be something!!

Spider on Feb 4, 2010


I thought the latest one was the just went nowhere and I was bored outta my skull. Which shouldnt happen in a fast and the furious movie. Im all for this but damn they need more racing sequences, there were like 2 in the whole last one and one of them was the trailer. O yes and more Jordana Brewster please.

Cody on Feb 4, 2010


I don't see what the problem is. The franchise is still strong with an even stronger cult following, and the movies are usually very good; except for the 2nd one jeez. Let's just hope Universal's not thinking about putting it into 3D, hopefully that era will die off soon!

Sean on Feb 4, 2010


You know what man, I actually like this franchise (save for the Tokyo one) and prefer it over some of the garbage-shit movies you authors of this site talk about all the time!!

Mike on Feb 4, 2010


this would be so awesome in 3d

Spider94 on Feb 4, 2010


sadly, i thought tokyo drift was the best cuz it had an actually story that wasn't a rehash of the first 2 movies. lol

Patrick on Feb 4, 2010


First off, ditch those fucking CGI cars. I can play a video game if I want to see those. Secondly, can the next films actually have some racing? The last one had ONE race in the entire fucking movie. The rest was a bunch of CGI cars playing follow the leader in a CGI cave.

SlashBeast on Feb 4, 2010


I'm hoping this one is about as bad as the previous ones, because they're meant to be stupidly funny, and I can sit back and enjoy it without needing to give it my full attention. I mean really, what were you expecting? It's Hollywood street racing, the breeding grounds for idiots that got kicked out of hillbilly country.

case on Feb 4, 2010


This story is STILL at the top of!!?? For the love of god, please put up something that is news worthy and interesting....

Knawx on Feb 4, 2010


Wow! This writer seems like he has been sipping on a 5 gallon jug of HATERADE. Man, these movies are meant to be this way. They're not Avatar. They are fast cars and hot chicks. Thats all. Not a life altering experience. I love these movies for the amount of cheese that is put on them. Im not a gearhead, just someone who enjoys movies for what they are. MOVIES!

Ray on Feb 4, 2010


get the Running Scared director and make Walker and Diesel more badass than ever!

Xerxex on Feb 4, 2010


The title is wrong -- WALKER.

Fix Name on Feb 4, 2010


#19 - Yea, but the last movie (Fast & Furious) didn't even have the "fast cars and hot chicks" like you said it should. That's the problem... They're getting worse and worse and the writing is just terrible. Bringing back the actors doesn't do anything! I don't like these movies either... #21 - What are you talking about? The title is "Fast Five"!

Alex Billington on Feb 4, 2010


I think that, with the toy to films craze, they could take note and pair the next movies with Matchbox and Hot Wheels, like: Fast Six: Matchbox, and Fast 7: Hot Wheels, LOL...

Wylles on Feb 5, 2010


I like more of Diesel and Walker in this franchise.

Fisherr on Feb 6, 2010


Just bring back Lucas Black!

Cenit on Feb 24, 2010


he's talking about the title saying "Waker" instead of "Walker", silly author

forgotten citizen on Feb 25, 2010


I actually love the last one. I think the movie was actually great! I don't know why you guys don't like it... can't wait to see Fast Five!

cars on May 1, 2010


Are all of you serious? okay i admit i am a gearhead so i love this shit regardless but... # 1 awesome # 2 awesome # 3 ( me hoping it would tie together the first two) tokyo drift? what the fuck is this bull shit #3 WAS THE WORST ONE! INCLUDING THAT REDNECK ASS Lucas Black and his stupid accent. #4 now were getting back on track... # 5 & 6 should tie it ALL together and hopefully stay strong and have it be 1 big interesting trilogy. #16 if you really think that all they show is CGI cars your not paying attention at all, they have your god damn muscle in there! put down your KFC and beer and watch the damn movie, sit back shut up and listen... #18 something interesting? THIS IS SOMETHING INTERESTING!!! thats WHY its at the TOP!!! were done with all of your drama filled chick flicks, give us some ACTION!!! seriously. #25 EPIC FAIL, DO NOT BRING BACK THE HICK! ARE YOU SERIOUS? He looks like he's trying to take a shit while driving, he blows, his accent blows and he doesn't even fit in this trilogy... did i not clarify myself above? #27 i feel the same way, for all the people hating this trilogy SO DAMN MUCH. why the FUCK are you watching it?

Kyle on May 8, 2010


Oh. ALSO... # 7 that would make absolutley no sense man. sorry but you FAIL! # 10 i think might be a little confused or on drugs? (Conan O'Brien) WHO THE FUCK IS THAT? its Brian O' Connor... EPIC FAIL!!!! Seriously people the only reason most people hate this shit is because obviously they dont pay attention very well. Point proven above hahaha...

Kyle on May 8, 2010


Kyle first of all do you really think anyone gives a damn about your numbered rant? How do you not know who Conan O'Brien is? .....NOT Brian O'Connor. He's totally different. And if you were really into the saga (no longer a trilogy) you'd know that fast 4 or whatever tied into Tokyo drift via the Hahn guy who says he's going to check out Tokyo and then dies in the third movie. Bet you didn't even know this movie was after 2 but before (or maybe during) Tokyo drift. And remember Vin diesel at the end of 3?? Do people even understand movies anymore? Or is it all just special effects and visuals....

Anonymous on May 9, 2010


Loved the 1st and 2nd movies. Disliked the 3rd. Fast and Furious wasn't bad, but did need "something else" - not sure what that "something else" was, but it seemed like they tried too hard to make us think. Bring back the street racing concept, maybe work in some bikes. Work in the original cast from the first movie, and toss Lucas Black a favor and integrate him somehow. To finish a franchise off - give more closure on the characters - hitch up Walker and Brewster, give Vin a new interest/freedom, etc.

Randy on Jul 4, 2010


hey wat the hell is dis!!?? who is this critic wat kind of feedback is this crap if u dnt actually talk about da movie !!!???!

andy on Aug 16, 2010


Hey to you all dumfucks that talk shit about the fast and furious movies, if you dont like it then fuck off. What the hell are you doing watching these movies! You idiots are the ones that are still making money for the movies that you watch in theatres. Personaly i liked all the movies. Im a motorhead and enjoy the art of sports cars. Espacialy muscle. Bet most of you hating on these movies dont know how to even drive a standard. So shut the fuck up please. Your comments are not even worth putting on here. And for those of you tyhat were dissapointed for not enough races i agree. They need a little bit more of that. Also they need less CGI on racing scenes. CGI honestly sometimes makes action lok cool. However, all the movies were awsome. Least one was the 2nd part with those stupid eclipse and evo. They could of had something better.

Richard on Aug 18, 2010

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