Wachowskis' Iraq War Movie Titled CN9, Casting is Underway

July 13, 2010
Source: Production Weekly

Wachowskis & Arianna Huffington

It's coming whether you want it or not. Details were first unveiled during Cannes for the new Wachowski siblings' project, a supposed futuristic Iraq war movie "that focuses on a 'hard R' homosexual relationship between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi." As is usually the case with Wachowski projects, they're very secretive, so we haven't heard much since. But Production Weekly just tweeted today (via ComingSoon) that: "Lora Kennedy has begun casting on The Wachowski's next project titled CN9." So with casting underway, that means it's in development and we'll definitely see this sometime soon, but I'm guessing it will be an indie?

We still don't know much about this besides the little we heard in May. It's supposedly set somewhat in the future and the script is apparently cinema verite-style that "spans back over years that include the current war in Iraq." If you want to interpret the title, CN9 stands for 9th Cranial Nerve, or the glossopharyngeal nerve that's part of the brainstem and a very important part of the nervous system in the body. Who knows how that may or may not tie in with the plot of the movie, but I'm sure we'll find out more soon enough. I'm still skeptical about this, but I'm curious to find out more. We'll keep you updated. Thoughts about CN9?

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1 that Lana?

Xerxex on Jul 13, 2010


not another iraq-war movie???

beavis on Jul 13, 2010


Trust me beavis, knowing the Wachowskis, this won't be just another Iraq war movie. More like Brokeback Mountain combined with Speed Racer.

peloquin on Jul 13, 2010


I'll watch anything they do so i'm excited for such a button pushing idea. i continually defend Speed Racer and hope CN9 turns out to be more of a thelma and louise meets blade runner type story.

bubbatwo420 on Jul 13, 2010


I hope this movie doesn't cost the studio a lot of money to make, because it won't make a dime at the box office. But that is not really the big waste. Lots of arty fringe movies don't make any money. The big waste is the time the W bros are spending making it. They'll have wasted three to four years of their life on this, when they could have been making their own "Inception".

Roni on Jul 13, 2010


didn't they already make their inception? i thought it was called "The Matrix" 1. lol

sNufFy SMASH on Jul 13, 2010


hey! part Reloaded was amazing, Revolutions... well i loved it but i understand why everyone else says its god awful

DoomCanoe on Jul 13, 2010


i didn't think they were all that bad. i just preferred part one over the others lol

sNufFy SMASH on Jul 13, 2010


Yeah Speed Racer was way over-critisized, but Reloaded was a mess. Biggest problem was the horrible score, ruined EVERY fight in that movie. Is that Micheal Cerveris, Mr. Tiny from Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant? Just wondering.

Akirakorn on Jul 14, 2010


Yeah not a big fan of the matrix soundtrack.

sNufFy SMASH on Jul 14, 2010


Seriously asking here, is that Andy Wachowski on the far right in the picture above? Not making this up, but when these guys show up in public, he dresses as a woman. But they are so secretive, it seems like no one really knows why. Anyhow, it's obviously Larry on the left so with the fact that Andy has different taste in attire, I thought maybe that was him with the pink hair.

jjboldt on Jul 14, 2010


@11 Larry now known as Lana Wachowski.

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


@DoomCanoe I just wanted to say that the entrie Matrix trilogy is BEAST!

Xerxex on Jul 14, 2010


I'd love to be one of Larry Wachowski's classmates at their high school reunion. :O This idea screams pretentious arrogant message film. Major Pass.

Al on Jul 14, 2010


fail! and it wont be a cult classic. sorry bros

D on Jul 14, 2010


why fucking iraq? goddamn it! i hope U.S soldier is not the PASSIVE guy! Wachowski brother and sister are so smart,but speed racer....i became depress when i remember that fucking kid and goddamn monkey! please dont do that again! "do something beyond the matrix".....

Pandora on Jul 14, 2010


Research and Casting Call - LGBT Veterans April 25th and 29th - San Francisco "CN9" is currently in pre-production; it has a 20 million dollar budget and is scheduled to being full production in July 2009 . The script can best be described as a fictional documentary. There is a fictional story at its core; set during the Iraq war , it depicts the relationship between a gay combat soldier and his Iraqi translator. The documentary segments will be interwoven in the film and will feature actual Veterans talking about their experiences, relationships and struggles with their sexuality while serving in the military. If you've ever seen the movie "Reds", it will give you an idea of how interviews are woven into a fictional story. The movie is in the hands of a compassionate director who is very sensitive to the struggles of gay and lesbian veterans will treat the topic with the respect it deserves. We are looking for LGBT veterans who are interested in participating in the project; your participation can take a few forms; 1.As a documentary subject: These subjects would be featured in the documentary portion of the film. We are looking for Veterans to talk about their experiences of serving in the Military. All LGBT Veterans are welcome to come in and apply. 2.We'd like to hire LGBT veterans for some of the smaller roles in the film. Because of the subject matter we want to support the LGBT Veteran community by giving them the opportunity to work on the film. 3.As a valuable source of information. – While the story line has been written, we want to take great care with the authenticity of the movie. We invite any LGBT veterans to come in and tell us about your experiences. We want to know how it felt to be gay in the military, how you were treated and how you were able to have a relationship while serving in active duty. Notes: •The interviews will be done on-camera. This is for reference only and will NOT be used in the film. We will have a release for you to sign which contains a clause protecting your identity. You name, images or video from these interviews will not be used in the film itself. •Special arrangements will be made for any active duty or active reserve personnel who wish to remain anonymous. •For any veterans who are also actors: This is a SAG project. If you are cast in the film the contract is a standard SAG contract. – Non-union members are welcome. We are holding interviews with all interested LGBT veterans on April 25th and 29th. The interviews will take place in San Francisco . If you are interested in coming in, please email ASAP with your contact information and some details of your time in the service. All submission can be sent to:

kjglkj on Jul 14, 2010


I prefer entertainment

moif on Jul 15, 2010


I sense this will be the Wachowski Brothers (yes, they're still both male) biggest bomb yet.

Jeep Fu on Jul 16, 2010


The Wachowski brothers are dead, to me; and they have been, since The Matrix Reloaded. Revolutions was just so much dirt, on the casket.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Sep 22, 2010


"The Wachowski Siblings" No shit. Isn't that the truth.... I must say, they have been hit or miss for me, aside from The Matrix, I really loved V for Vendetta, so I can't honestly say I won't give this movie a try. Still... I don't know where they're going with this, and I can already tell you I'm not yet interested. Seems far too contrived for me. "Let's make a movie about a war. Yeah! Wait, which war? The war of 1812? No no... hmmm.... how about the Vietnam war? No.... overdone, no no wait! I got it, Iraq. An Iraq war, that is over several years, to the present! YES! That's political! The protagonist should be gay too, just to spice it up a bit aaaand... I don't know, uhhh...... let's do something with the spinal cord, just for kicks. OMG, so sweet. High Five!"

Deved on Sep 22, 2010


yaaawwwnnn... this sounds so boring!! not surprising though seeing as their biggest credit to date sucks balls (all three matrix) but honestly I thought speed racer has been their best so far..

lando on Oct 6, 2010

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