Wally Pfister Says 'Dark Knight Rises' Not Shooting Fully in IMAX

November 12, 2010
Source: The Wrap, Collider

Wally Pfister

There's a story going around originating on Collider claiming that Chris Nolan is working towards shooting The Dark Knight Rises entirely with IMAX cameras, as we've heard rumors about ever since The Dark Knight came out. I was hesitant to cover it until there was official confirmation, and there still isn't any, but an article did pop up over on The Wrap in the meantime with quotes from Nolan's regular cinematographer, Wally Pfister, who told them at an event last night: "they won't shoot the entire film for IMAX, he said, citing cost and the inability to capture sound as just two of the impediments." But maybe it's still too early?

Here's the big kicker with Pfister's statements - he's not officially signed on for The Dark Knight Rises yet. But unless he had some falling out with Nolan in the last six months, there is no way he won't be working with him again, and I'm certain he's already talking with Nolan about it, as that's how he likes to work (even though they're still casting right now). However, Pfister's statements reiterate what we have heard all along, that logistically and technically it's still too hard to shoot an entire movie with IMAX cameras, even though they want to. There's also a quote in a recent Hero Complex article about how Nolan doesn't like 3D, where Nolan says, "we're looking to do something technologically that's never been done before." So who knows?

Here's what Collider originally reported: "I'm hearing that Nolan will try and shoot The Dark Knight Rises totally in IMAX. I've heard that IMAX has been quietly developing a smaller, less intrusive camera that will be able to handle dialogue scenes. If the camera is finished in time, expect Nolan to use it." Sounds like the same exact thing we've heard since The Dark Knight; we even ran a rumor article late last year saying that "Nolan Wants to Shoot Batman 3 Entirely in IMAX." So is Wally Pfister right or is he just not up to speed on the plans yet? Or are they still unable to technically pull it off? We're not sure, but we will let you know!

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They record their sound with cameras? whaaaat... i thought they recorded all sound for movies in a sound studio after or before shooting.. what a strange excuse.

bingbong on Nov 12, 2010


No no, he's talking about... the IMAX cameras they used on TDK are extremely loud, they make a lot of noise to run since they're big and have lots of mechanics. It's so loud they can't record dialogue scenes with the cameras because it ruins the dialogue. That's what he's talking about issues with sound shooting IMAX. Hence why Nolan says they need to develop that new camera or they can't shoot an entire movie.

Alex Billington on Nov 12, 2010


My guess for the next Batman is that though they can't use IMAX throughout, they will use large format film throughout. Pfister and Nolan now both have experience with 65mm film. It wouldn't surprise me if they used IMAX wherever possible and then used 65mm for the dialogue scenes.

the weatherman on Nov 12, 2010


I dunno. Recently watching TDK on blu-ray I found the format changes disruptive and kind of annoying. Beatiful & vast, film-grain and widescreen, and repeat. Its kind of like when in early 3-D certain parts of a movie were in 3-D, not all of it. Sure IMAX looks beautiful, but in my opinion, stick with one format and continue it through the entire movie.

Voice of Reason on Nov 12, 2010


James Cameron would just invent a new camera if his cinematographer told him the technology wasn't available yet. :op

peloquin on Nov 12, 2010


@Voice Of Reason - I haven't bought the blu-ray version of TDK yet (I'm waiting for the inevitable three-film boxed set) so can you clarify something for me? Are you saying that all the scenes that were shot without IMAX have visible grain, but the IMAX scenes are crystal clear? I imagine that would be irritating...

Mathieu on Nov 12, 2010


seems like they should concentrate more on the quality of the movie itself. it will be hard enough to measure up to the standard set by the first 2 Dark Knight films. this quest for cutting edge tech is starting to piss me off. I couldn't give a shit if a movie is black and white if it is a great movie. I would love to see Hollywood develop a machine that would create and produce better stories.

Karl on Nov 12, 2010


@ Karl have faith in TDKR. Nolan has been doing a great job with this series, and TDK was better then batman begins. The story should be fine with this one as well, If they can improve technology that just makes a most likely great movie even more memorable.

mark on Nov 12, 2010


Well, at least we now know that TDKR won't be in cheesy 3D. Thank you Mr. Nolan.

Jedi on Nov 13, 2010


@VoiceofReason From what I've heard, WB just did a horrible job in the BluRay transfer of the Dark Knight, so that could be the problem.

the weatherman on Nov 13, 2010


I Still cant get over that title, its just feels wrong.

Cody w on Nov 13, 2010


I say we could wait a little bit and see, he might be saying this from his own perspective because he believes its too expensive to be done. Believe these words if they were coming out from Nolan's mouth, who knows?

Fisherr on Nov 15, 2010


@mathieu I'm pretty sure he's referring to the fact that it switches to fullscreen for the imax sequences and is widescreen through the rest...i agree its a little distracting, but the theater experience of those scenes make it worth it to me, i think its too much to ask that they film it in both formats just for the dvd/ blu-ray release

Trademark on Nov 20, 2010

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