Warner Bros Buys Period Hurricane Disaster Project 'Galveston'

October 4, 2010

Galveston Hurricane

Hollywood has seen its share of disaster flicks like Volcano, Twister, The Perfect Storm and The Love Guru (get it?). Many of these films depicting the wrath of mother nature have stayed in modern times, but now it looks like one hell of a storm will hit the big screen way back in the year 1900. Risky Biz reports Warner Bros. has purchased the original script Galveston from writer Daniel Sussman ("The Practice") and producer Polly Johnsen (Cop Out). The film sets several stories against the backdrop of one of the most deadly hurricanes to ever hit the United States, even rivaling the death and destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Back on September 8, 1900, a Category 4 hurricane (that's a big one) essentially destroyed the Gulf Coast city of Galveston and killed around 8,000 people (quadruple the deaths of Katrina). Over 100 years ago the city was still growing, despite already being the biggest in the state, and had been referred to as the "Wall Street of the Southwest." Shortly thereafter, Houston took over the reigns as the biggest and most successful city in Texas, and Galveston has never completely recovered. In the midst of this disaster, Sussman's script follows a pair of young lovers on the verge of being separated, a struggle for power among various bureaucracies and a bitter love triangle involving two brothers. Though I haven't yet seen Hereafter, the trailer evokes a similar feel by linking several stories through a natural disaster. This project is just now taking off, so we'll keep you posted. Interested?

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You never hear about this diaster, which is kind of shameful. This storm showed how insignificant people are to nature. Sounds like it will make a pretty good film, just needs a director, a screenwriter, and a cast that are willing to give it there all.

Xerxex on Oct 4, 2010


Growing up in the Houston area I have heard The Great Disaster story before and I am glad that someone has gotten around to writing a story incorporating this. It would great help the city of Galveston that is still recovering from Hurricane Ike

Dimas on Oct 4, 2010


As a Galveston native I am very excited about the possibilities of this movie helping out our island. This disaster is seldom mentioned, even though it killed more Americans than Katrina , 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined. due to how long ago it happened. I hope this becomes a big time project.

Matt on Oct 4, 2010


I cant wait for the tumultuous tale of the riots and civil disorder in South Central, Compton, Watts and other such shitholes after the price of Malt Liquor was raised by ten cents for a forty oz of King Cobra, and twenty cents for a 211. That and the banning of fried chicken, in favour of grilled - skinless. Oh, the humanity!!!!!

Hyper Dweeb III on Oct 7, 2010


As a BOI (born on the island) and still here, I hope this story is finally given it's due. I am told it is considered the worst natural disaster in the U.S. as far as lose of life. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents survived this storm. I am told they seldom talked about it, although what they did mention was fascinating. It was as if once it was over, they moved on to getting back to normal and rebuilding. Constructing a seawall and raising the grade of the island was a huge part of the recovery. The seawall has proven to be invaluable. We are still recovering from Hurricane Ike, but they keyword is "recovering". It has not been easy, but it is happening. Galveston has made great strides in coming back from Ike and will continue to do so until it is a moot point. Once you get the sand between your toes, it almost impossible to get rid of it.

Jane on Oct 13, 2010


being BOI, i am totally all for the 1900 storm movie.. with the special effects capabilities nowadays, and the incredible audio and blue-ray advances we have now, this woul dbe an epic picture. But I really hope the movie is more about the heart and surviival of the people, and not some sappy love story. A great love story thats written into one of the 3 stories would be great.. but please.. no Titanic-esque picture. I definitely think a cross flashback type picture with Ike would be awesome! or maybe a new storm. you have to include Isaac and the orphanage in the picture. Gabriel Byrne would be my choice as well.. with Jeremy Irons and hell.. kate winslet!! j/k

Jay Estrada on Nov 19, 2010


It's about time the Great Storm is FINALLY recognized!! Dash Beardsley has been talking about the Great Storm along with the all the death, destruction, and "left behind" on Ghost Tours of Galveston for nearly 15 years. Many shop owners on the Strand conduct business within the buildings that were used as make-shift morgues.  Most have claimed the victims of this horribly devastating storm have never left!!! Dash has built a reputation upon great storytelling and the rich history that not only makes his tour #1 in the nation of its kind, but also spotlights Galveston as one of the most haunted cities in the country!!  Kudos to finally recognizing such a historical and memorial event!!!

Ghost Tours of Galveston on Jun 1, 2011

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