Warner Bros Developing an Adaptation of DC Comics Starman?

April 30, 2010
Source: Pajiba

DC Comics Starman

And who the heck is Starman? No, we're not talking about the alien from John Carpenter's 1984 film, this Starman is one that's been in the DC Comics universe for a while (since 1941). Pajiba says that Warner Bros, by way of producer Dan Lin (The Box, Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation), is developing a Starman movie about the titular superhero who has energy powers, can wield a gravity rod, and will probably be able to fly, but isn't Superman. It's in the very early development stages, so not much more is known about WB's plans, but consider me interested. I mean, with those goggles on, he doesn't look that cheesy or anything.

I think DC Entertainment is trying to find their own lower level characters to match Marvel's decision to start developing movies based on low level characters as well. One could even argue that before Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. showed us how awesome Tony Stark was, Iron Man was also a minor character from Marvel's Universe (give or take being a part of The Avengers). Pajiba says that, besides the upcoming Green Lantern, we haven't seen a "true intergalactic superhero" on the big screen, which is why this is at least an interesting prospect. So maybe WB is readying this just in case audiences go totally nuts for intergalactic superheroes after Green Lantern. Who knows? Speaking of which, has anyone read any Starman comics?

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Yeah but DC's minor characters are horrible beyond belief. Heck, for what Marvel considers lower DC may need to consider Nightwing. Dr. Strange is hardly low level when it comes to Marvel but they have him low level and DC comes back with Starman. They need a solid higher base first. 2 Batman fi;ms is not enough.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 30, 2010


DC has too many high-level heroes that need their own movies before we start talking about low-level. Zatanna was the first name that popped into my head, though. And Martian Manhunter.

Nada Nuff on Apr 30, 2010


Yeah i have read Starman comics and trust me there is a movie there. and what contitutes a lower level character? ones that the main stream public hasn't heard of? it seem sto me when people talk about the characters they want to see movies of they focus on the power sets, yet whay made Batman Begins and Dark Knight great movies IMO is that they were focused on the man not the suit (same with Iron Man for those haters who will cry that Tony isn't suited up the entire movie). And if we go power route why not an action comedy with Plastic Man?

Eviltodd on Apr 30, 2010


dude starman is cool, there's tons of stuff to include in a movie. And I even dig the goggles!

harm on Apr 30, 2010


'Horrible beyond belief' MY ASS. The main problem is the shallow, misinformed general masses are automatically prejudiced against DC comics characters(even if they know nothing about them, which is usually the case) simply because Marvel have been far more aggressive with bringing their characters to the big screen. For your information tra la la di la(are you an RDJ fangirl or something?) before the movie Iron Man was one of Marvel's less interesting characters who rarely sold well when he was not part of a team like Avengers. As for Starman, the James Robinson series is one of the greatest superhero stories told in recent times, and while I'd make a nice movie it'd be a lot better suited to a TV series given its episodic nature.

GG on Apr 30, 2010


My biggest concern is that the character requires a quite a bit of backstory. He inherits the rod from his father, who has since retired from the superhero lifestyle, and reluctantly finds himself carrying on his family's legacy. In essence making him a second-generation hero. Plus, a lot of the villians and supporting characters, such as "The Mist" and "The Shade", tie into his father's previous career. A lot of his character ties into the previous generation of characters. You can always strip that away but then it changes the core of the character and it would probably only have surface similarities to the published character. On the plus side, all his powers comes from the device. When he doesn't have possession of it (whn it is not literally in his hands) he's just an ordinary guy. He doesn't sport a costume. Just his street clothes, a leather jacket and goggles. Plus, he doesn't really have a secret identity because in the comic pretty much everyone knows who he is. This facets might make it more down to earth ... well, more down to earth for a superhero comic book movie at any rate.

Jason B. on Apr 30, 2010


Where's the Flash movie we're all wanting for?

The-Kid on Apr 30, 2010


@ The-Kid: Seconded. On another note, wasn't there a "Stargirl" in the Justice Society episode of Smallville? I remember someone carrying a rod of some sort, sounds familiar.

Nada Nuff on Apr 30, 2010


#5 sorry but that doesn't make since and Iron Man has been well supported or did you not watch cartoons as a kid? Iron Man has been minor compared to X-men and the spinoffs of them but he's nothing like Starman. Get over it, he's really really small. I didn't even mention Iron Man you fucking retard and there was more before Iron Man.

tra la la la la di da on Apr 30, 2010


cool,but i want the flash,batman 3 & powergirl more.

DEADPOOL 72 on May 1, 2010


Don't you be dissin 'Starman' Alex >_<

LW on May 2, 2010


tra la la la, GO TO HELL. I'm not the one who's shallow enough to judge a character and series solely based on whether it had a cartoon before or not. Iron Man was 'well supported' by a crappy cartoon series from the 80s that barely anyone remembers. And who is it that decided the only way for a comic book film to be good is for it to have a previous adaptation? Is there any logic whatsoever behind that? If a series has good characters and good stories(which Starman has, not that your Marvel ego will ever allow you to read it) and it's adapted well, then it will be a good film. That's fact, whether you like it or not.

GG on May 9, 2010

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