Warner Bros Developing Hybrid Live-Action Bugs Bunny Movie

August 12, 2010
Source: Deadline

Bugs Bunny

While we wait for Warner Bros to get on track with the Justice League, the studio is pursuing a franchise of live-action/CGI hybrid movies based on animated characters. Leading the way for their new interest in these awful CGI hybrids is Yogi Bear (man did that trailer look terrible), but kids love ’em and they make lots of money anyway, so who cares what we think. Deadline says that WB has hired David Berenbaum (Elf, The Haunted Mansion, Zoom, The Spiderwick Chronicles) to start writing a live-action Bugs Bunny movie in hopes of reviving "one of the studio’s most iconic intellectual properties." Iconic, sure, but we do need this?

David Berenbaum is also credited for writing the script for George Lucas' mysterious upcoming animated CGI fairy movie, so they must like his work (Haunted Mansion? Spiderwick Chronicles? Really??) and think he's the right guy to bring an instantly recognizable and beloved character like Bugs Bunny to the big screen. We also know that all the Looney Tunes characters are making their own comeback in animated CGI 3D shorts that will play in theaters, but sadly I think they're going to somehow transplant Bugs to the real world for this movie. Didn't they learn their lesson after Looney Tunes: Back in Action flopped big back in 2003?

You'd think that if this was a big trend that meant great things for the character, Disney would be making a live-action/CGI hybrid movie with Mickey Mouse, but they're smart enough not to do that. So what does WB know that Disney doesn't, or are they just making a big mistake? It's still all in the early development stages, so only time will tell, but I'm not expecting much. We will keep you updated. Is this a good idea or not?

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How about a hybrid live action/animation movie ie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Something like that could be great.

Anthony on Aug 12, 2010


They already did that. It was called Space Jam.

Rich on Dec 20, 2011


Bugs Bunny blows. Daffy Duck-4-life!

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2010


xerxex, daffy rules, but don't forget elmer fudd, foghorn leghorn, wile e. coyote and road runner!!! they're great too! and this (like yogi bear) is a BAD idea. these cartoons kick ass in their original format. after seeing the abysmal "yogi" trailer..........i have no hope for the bugs bunny movie.

beavis on Aug 12, 2010


im i the only one who liked looney tunes back in action???? if they just do another one like that i would be happy but not like the stuff there doing right now,or maybe even another space jam like movie

Spider94 on Aug 12, 2010


 I loved Back in Action too, sucks that it flopped big time.

Shaman Emperor on Jul 16, 2011


@spider94, that was actually a good film, Steve Martin was a delight! Fraser was funny as well. beavis, agreed on all but Road Runner, RR was a d'bag too. I was a Wile E. Coyote supporter, and he never got Road Runner! I was even on Tom's side in Tom & Jerry. Foghorn Leghorn was awesome, for me it went Daffy, Marvin The Martian, Foghorn Leghorn, Wile E. Coyote, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pigg etc. Bugs was just a cross dressing douche!

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2010


#1 - I don't think we'll EVER get anything like that again... That movie was totally a product of the times and the technology we just barely had then. Technology nowadays is all 3D and CGI and they won't even come close to venturing back to anything like that. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a classic that will remain that way forever and never be imitated or copied ever again, sadly.

Alex Billington on Aug 12, 2010


@ Alex Billington about Roger Rabbit being "a product of the times and the technology we just barely had then" and "Roger Rabbit is a classic that will remain that way forever and never be imitated or copied ever again, sadlly" That's probably the dumbest thing you ever said; although I've only been lurking this site for a year and a half. At the time nearly every family oriented and animated film stunk. The only remarkable tech on RR was how well the 3D CG blended with the traditional animation in the beginning short, and touch up/lighting effects on the animated characters. Roger Rabbit is a great film, and a modern classic, due to the cast, the script, the director, and the production value (art & set directors/cinematography/etc). In that order. I honestly thought Bob Hoskins would be a household name instead of an underrated actor, and sadly even I had to check imdb to make sure I got Charles Fleischer's name right (I did). Animation and Live-Action hybrids have been around for over half a century (Song of the South anyone?) and the format can (will) be re-done to greatness again. It just takes a great concept and exectution. Like RR's concept, a film-noir/whodunit mixed with cartoon satire (i.e. in-jokes about cartoon caricatures/history).

Akirakorn on Aug 12, 2010


Billington you said it, WFRR is forever in my childhood.

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2010


#7 - Uh, yea, that's EXACTLY what I'm saying! It is a great movie, a classic, but we'll NEVER see that style again. By product of the times I mean product of the technology AT the time. You may praise it, but the fact that #1 clearly asked to see another movie like it proves my point that we'll never see anything like that ever again. Our technology has advanced passed that hand-drawn "2D" animation (yes it was 3D in a sense of it's interaction, but not CGI 3D like we know today). You're not getting what I'm trying to say... The hybrid exists, but it exists in the crappy Yogi Bear / Alvin and the Chipmunks style we see today with fully dumb CGI characters instead of authentic cartoon characters and a good story and good direction. THAT kind of style (and GOOD hybrid movies) is what I don't think we'll see much of again. Unless you can prove me wrong with a modern example of a great hybrid movie?

Alex Billington on Aug 12, 2010


@ #9 Want an example of a great hybrid movie? How about Minority Report, SWAT, or In Bruges. I swear Colin Farrell is the greatest animated character of all time!!! (He's so lifelike!). Seriously thought, since the 3D animated characters have become so lifelike (Terminator 2 - Jurrassic Park), hybrid movies pretty much died out. With the new wave of directors and the serious talent flowing to comic book movies, not to mention the 3D gimmick, I do hope for one or two to "re-invent" the sub-genre. I'd say it'll happen about 2013-2015... unless someone in Hollywoodland is reading this. And I know it's not a great movie at all, but the best modern hybrid movie is Cool World. It's like Fear and Loathing in Toon Town.

Akirakorn on Aug 12, 2010


WFRR is a classic! i agree with alex that it'll never be done again in that exact style (which is a shame) - however, that does not make the tech of today better - not one bit. the hybrid crap of today coupled with 3D is a joke.

beavis on Aug 13, 2010


Yogi Bear looks like crap. Those Garfield Movies were crap. The Chipmunk flicks were crap. Smurfs? Looks like crap. The point being, why do this to Bugs? You'll make money, sure, but its a huge insult. Chuck Jones is turning in his grave. Just make a 2D looney toons flick and I am so there.

Al on Aug 13, 2010


if it turns out looking like the big pile of steaming shit called,yogi bear. DON'T FUCKING BOTHER !

deadpool72 on Aug 13, 2010


WFRR will have it's sequel, and will have 2D animation!

John on Aug 13, 2010


Colin Farrell is Bugs Bunny why not as long as his doesn't go over the top or mock make fun of him, Dan Aykroyd did a great job voicing Yogi Bear, so Colin Farrell as Bugs Bunny it is, if the script is good and well written, I wonder not only Chuck Jones is spinning in his own grave, don't forget Friz Freleng, Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, Bob McKimson, Frank Tashlin and others and of course the king of cartoon voice acting that is Mel Blanc I think his son Noel sure would teach Farrell learned to voice the smart ass wabbit respectful, can't hardly wait.

God on Jul 12, 2011

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