Watch: Another New Trailer for Nic Cage's 'Season of the Witch'

November 11, 2010
Source: Apple

Season of the Witch Trailer

"We're going to need more holy water." Wait, this isn't out yet? Nope, not until this January. Relativity has debuted another new trailer on Apple for the Nicolas Cage historical supernatural action flick Season of the Witch. It also stars Ron Perlman and Christopher Lee. We ran multiple trailers for this last year, but it was delayed, so we haven't seen or heard anything from it for a while. Not that I'm that excited to see it, but this trailer switches gears and undersells the supernatural witch stuff, and oversells the epic action. There's even a huge Crusades battle scene they keep flashing back to that I didn't even know was going to be in this.

Watch the final theatrical trailer for Season of the Witch:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the Season of the Witch trailer in High Definition on Apple

A 14th century knight (Nicolas Cage) transports a girl suspected of being the evil witch behind the Black Plague to an abbey of monks trained in exorcising demons. Also stars Ron Perlman and Stephen Graham.

Season of the Witch is directed by Dominic Sena, of Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish, and Whiteout most recently. The screenplay was written by up-and-coming writer Bragi F. Schut, of the CBS show "Threshold" and only Charlie Thistle previously. Newly opened Relativity Media will be bringing Season of the Witch to theaters everywhere starting on January 7th, 2011 early next year. Anyone still interested in seeing this?

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Why do they keep remaking Van Helsing.

bubba b on Nov 11, 2010


Looks cool. I'll be checkin' this flick out! 🙂

Spider on Nov 11, 2010


you know i have to admit this is actually pretty good alot better than the first trailer.

nick on Nov 11, 2010


wow, the visuals in this and many other period movies (like centurion and the eagle) just keep getting better and better and i can't wait to see this one on bluray! i'm liking what i'm seeing from the trailer. i just hope i'm not being fooled (van helsing looked good in a trailer but the movie was a letdown) right now, i'm cautiously optimistic on this one.

beavis on Nov 11, 2010


yikes, i just noticed that the same guy who directed "whiteout" is also on this movie - my optimism just took a HUGE hit.

beavis on Nov 11, 2010


okay this actually looks good...and I' kinda wanna see it.

Xerxex on Nov 11, 2010


Wow... that was bad.

Kevin on Nov 11, 2010


The battle looks like a CGI video game, they probably only had 20 or so real people, the story is going to be all on him and the witch with about 20 min of the battle. That being said, we should go in thinking is she a witch? Now, i know she is, and that makes the first half of the movie pointless.

Chad on Nov 11, 2010


3:10 to yuma with a witch

jebstuart on Nov 11, 2010


This was awfully B-grade. Whoever said that the visuals are getting better should rewatch it. It looks outdated and clunky like a video game. The Eagle was impressive though and I am surprised because it's with Focus Features so the budget can't be huge.

lolwut on Nov 11, 2010


i said it - and YOU should rewatch it...........there are some beautiful enviorments/scenes in that trailer. yes, certainly the battles have that cgi look, (most movies that show large-scale battles have that!) but overall the enviroments do a good job at setting a great atmosphere for the plot. it may not end up being a good movie, but in 1080p it WILL look amazing.

beavis on Nov 11, 2010


This just looks bad. It's like Cage is trying to be a latter-day, modern-talkin', spell-slingin'...ah. I just don't care. Maybe on video. Empty calories, and doesn't even look like it's gonna taste that good.

Ian Carruthers on Nov 11, 2010


The first trailer show us Van Hellsing this one show us Kingdom of Heaven. Meh!!!

TumM on Nov 11, 2010


kinda what 14 said, but ya so many haters. i'm intrigued and like the overall look. but we'll see if it has any actual substance to it.

lego on Nov 11, 2010


I couldn't really work out what was going on from that cut of the trailer, it was like, 'is she?' or 'isn't she?'. Oh wait, she is. I bet she drops that kid off the bridge too. She could be an angel sent by god to kill the self-righteous crusaders? That would be different and interesting.

Crapola on Nov 11, 2010


This actually looks pretty good! Everyone knows Cage made a few bad movie choices, but I will defintalety watch this one. Cheers!

Lizard on Nov 12, 2010


Honestly. Looks entertaining. Cheap but entertaining. I'll watch it.

ryderup on Nov 12, 2010


I'd prefer to watch this than another of Nic's National Treasure/Ghost Rider films.

harv on Nov 12, 2010


Does anyone else keep wondering when the song by Donovan will show up?

Delvis Crasho on Nov 12, 2010


Fuck this is epic!

Robbie on Nov 12, 2010


"we're gonna need more holy water." Are you serious? It was at a ten and as I kept watching it steadily declined, then that. Totally threw me off. Sounded interesting in the beginning but decided to take itself way too seriously later on. Story sounds a bit stretched just to make certain things work. Willl I watch it? Sure.

Eli on Nov 12, 2010


"After another in a line of Cage's recent films flopped at the box office, studios are having much less faith that he can carry an action film anymore..." is my prediction for Entertainment Weekly's coverage two weeks after it opens.

Jackson on Nov 12, 2010


More Holly Wood than that you wont get there! lol

pipo on Nov 12, 2010


Lost me at, "We're gonna need more holy water". Will probably still watch at home though. Sucker for crappy action movies. Definitely cheese.

Matt on Nov 12, 2010


stop haters, it looks cool!

I am... on Nov 13, 2010


Am I the only one that thinks the script just for what they said in the trailer was incredibly cheesy? "The end is in sight." I mean come on! Sorry, this looks absolutely awful..... Sorry if you disagree with me. I am probably going to end up seeing this anyway. But still....

RFabry on Nov 14, 2010


Oh hey look! It's Nicholas Cage playing Nicholas Cage... again.

Tenacious V on Nov 16, 2010

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