Watch: Awesomely Epic 'Space Battleship Yamato' Full Trailer

June 28, 2010
Source: Twitch

Space Battleship Yamato Trailer

On the first day of the year, we featured a TV spot for the live-action version of the Japanese anime Space Battleship Yamato, directed by Takashi Yamazaki, an epic science fiction space story about the crew of the battleship Yamato who set out on a journey to acquire a device that can heal ravaged Earth. The trailer was discovered by Twitch and is one of the Japanese non-subtitled videos with all kinds of images overlayed on top of the trailer. However, there is some awesome footage found in there, so if you are a sci-fi or Space Battleship Yamato fan, definitely check this out. Although we have no clue when it'll be coming to the US.

Watch the full Japanese trailer for Takashi Yamazaki's Space Battleship Yamato, via YouTube:

As of this moment, Space Battleship Yamato (also known as Star Blazers when it was brought to the US in the 80s), will hit theaters in Japan in December of 2010, about half a year from now. Its budget is around 2 billion yen (about $20 million) and will be the first in the franchise to use the "Space Battleship Yamato" English title domestically in an effort to appeal to international audiences as early as possible. I don't know much about this, but it looks awesome so far, and I'm hoping it won't take too long to hit US theaters (as in, I hope we don't have to wait until late 2011 to see this). You can get more info on this at:

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Ah yes! Brought me fond memories of growing up; watching random japanese cartoons which looked cool but had no idea what was going on! The concept and special effects look pretty cool in this one for $20 million.

Ron on Jun 28, 2010


I am a huge fan of the anime, and this looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it!

Ambient on Jun 28, 2010


asian ppl yelling. just makes me laugh. yeah call me whatever, it's prob the trailer.

adrian on Jun 28, 2010


if japan had one of those in WWII they totally would have won...

Janny on Jun 28, 2010


Totally, totally awesome! A budget of $20M U.S.?!? And it looks like *that*? Good grief. I'm stunned. Can't wait!!!

Ian Carruthers on Jun 28, 2010


looks great....and the chick is hott too

ray on Jun 28, 2010


Japan should be coming out with blockbuster live-action anime films regularly. *cough* AKIRA *cough*

Red Eye on Jun 28, 2010


Overacting and bad CGI. not shocked

Rashad on Jun 28, 2010


this IS how the Japanese people remember WWII

Henry on Jun 28, 2010


Luca$$ can shove his $tar war$ in his a$$, THAT'S the kind of space opera I wanna see!

plissken2013 on Jun 28, 2010


HaHAHa!!! I love it!

pzzarlllz on Jun 28, 2010


This looks great, but I doubt I'll ever be able to see it. I hate that this site gets me excited by showing me these obscure trailers, and then they never even come out on DVD. ...Speaking of which, whatever happened to Hunter Prey? I was really excited for that and it's been 2 years and you haven't mentioned it nor has it shown up at a film festival.

peloquin on Jun 28, 2010


amazon has the DVD of Hunter Prey available on July 27, 2010

Janny on Jun 28, 2010


You're my hero Janny!

peloquin on Jun 28, 2010


I think Captains on all space battleships should be rocking the fisherman beard style, it looks great. It is like a live action anime. I bet like a lot of these films the artwork for it is much better than the movie.

Crapola on Jun 28, 2010


Holy sh** this movie looks amazing.

Craig on Jun 28, 2010


LOL @ 4. 😀 we would be screwed. yep

Aimee on Jun 28, 2010


Man, asian cinema doesnt gets the credit it deserves... This looks freaking awesome!!!

Dreckent on Jun 28, 2010


that looks really cool,can't wait.

deadpool 72 on Jun 29, 2010


@peloquin, i thought i was the only one who remembered HUNTER PREY!! thanks Janny!!

chilin on Jun 29, 2010


Great job! Film craftsman of Japan get it!!

Clover on Jun 29, 2010


Good looking footage, but whatever the f**k all the extraneous stuff overlaid on the film, and the terrible voiceovers make the trailer one of the worst I've seen since any Julia Roberts film.

Scotty97 on Jun 29, 2010


Maybe Godzilla can make a cameo.

Morlock on Jun 29, 2010


Talk about uber-meh...chick looked cute though

Geoff on Jun 29, 2010


what wait who this looks like sdf-1 from macross... or ??

Nero on Jun 29, 2010


I was particularly struck at how awesome Sam Worthington was as the cute Jap chick.

More and more sam on Jun 30, 2010


Um, copyright infringement? They might as well have called it Battlecruiser Yamato.

Vic on Jul 7, 2010


Look at that guy, it's Captain Birdseye! Only real cod fillets go into my birdseye fishfingers LOL.

Acerimmer1 on Jul 16, 2010


I desperately hope that the English version (dub? subtitles?) will be available soon. My young life was influenced greatly by the American cartoon version, Star Blazers. The content was much more mature than the cartoons available domestically. My son and I watched Wildstar (Kodai) and his friends on DVD one year ago and we loved the entire series. Very cool father-son bonding time. We hope beyond words that we will see the live action version in English very soon! Our Star Blazers.

Derek Wildstar on Dec 4, 2010

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