Watch Bad Robot's 'Morning Glory' Trailer with Harrison Ford

May 25, 2010
Source: Apple

Morning Glory Trailer

Paramount has debuted the official trailer for Morning Glory, a J.J. Abrams produced comedy starring Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Diane Keaton, 50 Cent, and plenty more. The trailer just hit on Apple which means this is also going to be showing in theaters in front of Sex and the City 2 because this is unquestionably a trailer aimed at females, although that's not saying guys can't enjoy it, too. I've been looking forward to this ever since I first heard that Abrams was producing a comedy with Harrison Ford as a news anchorman, but it doesn't really look that great. Maybe it's just me - take a look?

Watch the official trailer for Roger Michell's Morning Glory:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Morning Glory in High Definition on Apple

A hotshot television producer (Rachel McAdams) is given the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program, despite the constant feuding of its high-profile anchors (Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton).

Morning Glory is directed by South Africa-born filmmaker Roger Michell, of Notting Hill, Changing Lanes, The Mother, Enduring Love and Venus previously. The screenplay was written by Aline Brosh McKenna who previously wrote Laws of Attraction, The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses. Produced by J.J. Abrams & Bryan Burk at Bad Robot. Paramount is bringing Morning Glory to theaters on November 12th in the fall.

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Looks like a good role for Ford.

Trip on May 25, 2010


This looks genuinely good, for this genre. It's a shame that Sex and the City 2 will probably make loads more than this.

Shane on May 25, 2010

3 the Abrams touch in Ford's character being a monster that terrorizes his city?

Stryker on May 25, 2010


minus the shitty music this looks pretty good. and I love the cast McAdams, Ford, Keaton, Wilson, and Goldblum sign me up! P.S. I for one love Rachel McAdams she was fantastic in State of Play.

Xerxex on May 25, 2010


1 reason Ill watch this.. "Rachel McAdams (damn she's soooo beautiful and great actress)"

Motherboy69 on May 25, 2010


so mysterious...Typical J.J and Bad Robot

Darren on May 25, 2010


Diane Keaton = I'm in.

Derek on May 25, 2010


Damn, looks like Harrison has some life in him after all. Of course they had me at McAdams and Bad Robot.

Pat on May 25, 2010


To #6 You win the sarcasm game

LW on May 25, 2010


HELL YEAH TO MCADAMS IN THOSE PANTIES. Will probably only watch for that scene

D on May 25, 2010


i really want to think this will flop, but, despite the music (i feel ya, #4), it looks like it could have good legs. kind of a Network for today's audience.

seanathan on May 25, 2010


McAdams... in PANTIES?! Interesting.

John Doe on May 25, 2010


read the script, loved it! brilliantly funny! Looks great.

Jane Doe on May 25, 2010


Rachel McAdams has a great ASS!!! :p

Dan on May 26, 2010


ThePitch: Devil Wears Prada, meets Broadcast News in a Working Girl update

dougo162 on May 26, 2010


HOLY SHIZ at McAdams at 1:30. Possessed? Pantieslookedgood, though

Gabs on May 26, 2010


At the risk of my balls falling off when I say this... I loved The Devil Wears Prada, and if you throw in JJ, Harrison Ford, and Patrick Wilson I have to have some faith in this project. Looks pretty good too, now I just need to find a woman to go see it with me or else I'll get some funny looks in the theater on opening night (similar to the looks I got from parents when I went to see The Princess and the Frog on opening night).

peloquin on May 26, 2010


@ 17, see now you already admitted to liking and devil wears prada and are going to see this movie lol but why even add in that you went to see princess and the frog on opening night lmao that's just overkill man

Mcbeast on May 26, 2010


I knew I'd get shit for that, but the fact of the matter is that I try to see everything. I see your point though, I should choose my words more carefully on these merciless forums ;o)

peloquin on May 26, 2010


Rachel McAdams representing YorkU!! for those who don't know, it's in Toronto, Canada (the country above the States.) as for the movie, Ford looks good, i'll take my gf.

chilin on May 26, 2010


@ #11 ohh that is sooo sad. Netowrk was an incredible movie and I see this one going nowhere near it's caliber or political value... having said that, yes it is like Network for todays audience, sans a spark of truth. It seems like we only get stripped down versions of really good 70's movies these days anyway...

BVDR on May 26, 2010


Looks really, really good. Well cast. I'll see this.

Rick on May 26, 2010


this looks good, Ford is always funny. You know why else? it's original! it's not a remake. It's not an old t.v. show. it's not a movie based on a hasbro game or a toy. it's just an original piece of work. J.J. Abramas wrote the ford film Regarding Henry, which i thought was really good. So i will definitely see this. Plus my wife will make me see it anyways..

indyjack86 on May 26, 2010


Ford seems to be recalling that crass pilot character he played in Six Days, Seven Nights...which I liked:) However, that gruff voice is getting gruffier and although it's had to swallow that the mighty Indiana Jones is getting way up there in age, Ford's still got it!!

Marc on May 26, 2010


Did you all see Rachel McAdams at 1:16?? WOW!! And i thought she was just the prettiest girl ever, damn i was wrong...

leinergroove on May 26, 2010


I love that cast.

Lar on May 26, 2010


@25 that's her demon face and I gotta tell you it is very effective.

Xerxex on May 26, 2010


Gee, this looks like Harrison is stealing the movie from Keaton, and well, everybody. Yay! Harrison's back! But listen youngsters, Diane Keaton in her day made Rachel McAdams look like a mouse. La-dee-da!!!

kitano0 on May 26, 2010


@28 agreed, Keaton was quite the looker back her in early days. But you cannot deny that McAdams is pretty good looking.

Xerxex on May 26, 2010


@29 Yeah, she's very pretty. Has a lot of moles, though. Hard for me to get past that. But that's just me. Some people freak out over Anna Kendrick's hairline and eyebrows, but I think she's cute as hell. I know, off topic....

kitano0 on May 26, 2010


Pretty or not, she can also act! I think we can all get behind that 🙂 Looking forward to the movie. I have read the script and I can tell you it's a bit misleading. It's not a romantic comedy and Patrick Wilson's is not what he looks in the trailer.

Castor on May 26, 2010


Like it! Although where the hell was Jeff Goldblum's credit at the end!? No respect for that man. He's one of the best!

fasterpetey on May 27, 2010


Give it up Harrison! You are well past your prime.

Suzi on May 31, 2010


Nice... No so JJ but I love these sappy type of movies

Ells on Jun 1, 2010


It's good to see Harrison Ford doing a comedy for a change instead of a overdone action movie with a crappy plot and bad acting.

Tom on Aug 19, 2010

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