Watch: Carl Bessai's Time Loop Sci-Fi Film 'Repeaters' Trailer

August 31, 2010
Source: HitFix

Repeaters Trailer

Well this is definitely on my "radar" now. HitFix just debuted an early trailer for a "gritty, sci-fi film" called Repeaters, from director Carl Bessai, that will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival next month. The film plays with the Groundhog Day stuck-in-a-time-loop concept, but twists it into a "aggressive, fast-paced thriller" that addresses the morals of starting over with a clean slate every day in some of the most extreme ways (you'll see). It looks okay, not great, but wait - why did a random motorbike just fly across the screen? Why aren't there more explosions! Kidding, of course, but that was just a bit cheesy. Check this out below.

Watch the first official trailer for Carl Bessai's Repeaters direct from YouTube:

A gritty mind-bending thriller about three twenty-somethings - Sonia, Kyle, Weeks - who find themselves stuck in an impossible time labyrinth, where each day they awaken to the same terrifying day as before.

Repeaters is directed by Canadian filmmaker Carl Bessai, of numerous independent flicks like Johnny, Lola, Severed, Mothers & Daughters and Cole previously. The concept and screenplay was written by Arne Olsen, of timeless classics like Red Scorpion, Cop and a Half, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and of course the TV movie Grizzly Rage previously (no wonder this looks so bad). This premieres at the Toronto Film Festival where it will be searching for a US distributor. Stay tuned for updates if you're interested in this at all. Thoughts?

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It's like a teen-drama version of Groundhog Day.

DRM on Aug 31, 2010


I always wondered what GROUNDHOG DAY would be like with troubled, anarchistic teens with no parental supervision...

Icefilm on Aug 31, 2010


What no Bill Murray?

ocp on Aug 31, 2010


hahaha...this looks patently ridiculous..."see you this morning, kyle"...ok, Kyle? Really? Kyle Reese? hahaha..i can't help but notice that more than obvious reference to another time traveler...honestly this looks gritty in a really superficial shitty way...unless this gets amazing reviews my interest is not piqued. And yeah, WTF flying motorcycle?

LINKFX on Aug 31, 2010


Amanda Crew? that warrants a rent. This is merely Groundhog Day rated R.

Xerxex on Aug 31, 2010


Watch and then you insult it? Get lost.

lolwut on Aug 31, 2010


Lol. I think this would be a smash-hit if they had Bill Murray in it as the villain.

Cracky on Aug 31, 2010


#6 - Some people might enjoy it... And I'm still going to see it up in Toronto. It has a unique concept, the trailer is worth watching, but I don't know if the movie will be any good.

Alex Billington on Aug 31, 2010


Like this movie's premise, I think I've already seen this. The only thing that seems to be missing is vampires.

Morlock on Sep 1, 2010


no...I stand corrected. Zombies.

Morlock on Sep 1, 2010


Needs more ninjas. I'd watch it if there was nothing else on.

Crapola on Sep 1, 2010


A combination of swedish Naken (2000) and Triangle (2009) ? 😀

Panda on Sep 1, 2010


the concept for this movie seems interesting. however, the cast and terrrible acting will ruin this movie......... a rent at best. also, i LMAO at the showing (for no apparent reason?) of the guy and girl making out and the motorcycle flying across the screen.............really cheesy.

beavis on Sep 1, 2010


So far, it seems like this: Teen1: Boohoo! I'm an angtsy teen an no one understands me!... plus I'm repeating everyday. Teen2: Boohoo! I'm conforming to the director's expectations of the teenage condition! Waaa... Girl: I'm in loves with one of them! Oh noes! You twos are fighting over me, oh noes!

LW on Sep 1, 2010


@ LW, i laughed my ass off when i read your comment.

LINKFX on Sep 1, 2010


How was that worth watching? What a pile of shit.

Bee on Sep 1, 2010


I just saw The Butterfly Effect meets Groundhog Day in one movie trailer. And I don't like it.

Emerson on Sep 1, 2010


Haha, Butterfly Effect is exactly what I was thinking of, too.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 1, 2010


Even though its a reused concept its still unique at the same time. The movie seems cool to me, I'd go see it in a theater. I mean come on guys, never in a film have I seen people cause total anarchy because they knew they'd get a second chance the next day.

lamar on Sep 1, 2010


"See you this morning Kyle." HA! Craptacular.

MarcusNyce on Sep 3, 2010


Looks damn cool!!!! Think it will be a good film to see.

4realz2 on Sep 5, 2010


Saw this at TIFF. Trailer doesn't do it justice. Such a cool film! totally worth seeing. Glad I went to it.

Ellewood on Sep 16, 2010


I saw this film at TIFF and it was very good. Not like an all time classic but definitely worth watching for any fans of sci-fi time travel. I found this page because I am trying to figure out how to find it so I can watch it a second time.

Rip on Feb 26, 2011

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