Watch: DreamWorks' First Fun 'Kung Fu Panda 2' Teaser Trailer

November 7, 2010
Source: Vlicious

Kung Fu Panda 2 Teaser Trailer

He's back! I know I'm not the only one who was surprised by how great DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda was when it hit theaters in 2008. Thankfully it did well enough to warrant a sequel and DreamWorks has been working on one ever since. I had a feeling we might see a trailer, with their latest movie Megamind arriving in theaters this weekend. Vlicious found a copy of their first teaser trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2 with Jack Black and it's already hilarious. This is a true teaser, so there's not much footage, but it is a lot of fun. I'm sure a lot of you saw this in theaters this weekend in front of Megamind anyway, but check it out!

Watch the first teaser trailer for DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda 2:

Po & the Furious Five head to China to battle a villain and uncover the secrets of Po's mysterious origins.

Kung Fu Panda 2, officially known as Kung Fu Panda: The Kaboom of Doom, is directed by Jennifer Yuh, a former storyboard artist and the head of story on Kung Fu Panda, whose only past directing experience was on the Spawn animated TV series. The script for this sequel was written by Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger (both of MADtv, King of the Hill, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs Aliens). Paramount is bringing DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda 2 to theaters everywhere in 3D starting May 26th, 2011 next summer. Who's in already?

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Kevin on Nov 7, 2010


lmao That was good 🙂 Im so in!

Toucmyinfection on Nov 7, 2010


Ugh, that was horrible. Still, it was a teaser. Hopefully the movie'll be good. Kung-Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon were such rare exceptions from Dreamworks usual crap, I'd hate to see them screw-up the sequel.

Mark on Nov 7, 2010


minus the 3-D it was hilarious. did anyone take up Po's challenge? did ya win?

Xerxex on Nov 7, 2010


absolutely minus the 3D ! - 3D is worthless gimmick. i'm definitely looking forward to this. if it's half as good as toy story 3, i'll be happy. i haven't seen megamind........i didn't think the trailer was very funny/good - anyone have an opinion on the full megamind film?........i'm interested.

beavis on Nov 7, 2010


I saw Megamind this evening. Loved it.

Edward C. on Nov 7, 2010


LOL! imma excited! loved the first one. I wonder who the bad guy is this time.

Jordan on Nov 7, 2010


Jordan, the bad guy is an albino peacock voiced by Gary Oldman.

lane on Nov 7, 2010


the best part of the trailer is that there is a reflection of an audience in his eyes. It was great to see infront of Megamind in theaters. Which, btw, Megamind was awesome.

dave13 on Nov 8, 2010



Jericho on Nov 8, 2010


Man, lol. I will always be a Jack Black fan. This teaser was neat.

Cracky on Nov 8, 2010


@ 9 : Nice catch with the audience in the eyes, I didn't see that the first watch. It's the little things that make animation come alive. @ Trailer : Great teaser, made me laugh and made me want to go watch the first one. Exactly what I expect from a teaser.

Hedgehog on Nov 8, 2010


@ 4 : I totally did and I won! Yay meeeee.

Hedgehog on Nov 8, 2010


awesomeness! yay!

cyn on Nov 8, 2010


cant wait im in!

A5J4DX on Nov 8, 2010



Jimmy Love on Nov 8, 2010


Saw this last night, it was cute and chuckle worthy, but more an announcement than a teaser even. As for Megamind, it was purely, and simply, good. Perhaps slightly above average in animation if you remove Pixar from the pool. However it was not anything worth noting and you do not need to add it to your collection. And it was so unapologetically slow that I wouldnt advise bringing children under 10; it has a lot of "boring parts" as noted by my 5 year old.

Mark D on Nov 8, 2010


Congrats Hedgehog, I too took the challenge and came out victorious!

Xerxex on Nov 8, 2010


Kung Fu staring contest...lmao! Awesome!

JeepFu on Nov 8, 2010


Aw, Sifu is still cute, gah just don't mind his age. Love the first and surely will watch this one! Fun!!!

BuyWoWDruid on Nov 8, 2010


i totally won that staring contest

lego on Nov 8, 2010


I honestly did not win the staring contest. I laughed when his eyes got bigger.

Josef on Nov 9, 2010


I'm almost at the point where I like toons more than live action movies. It seems they are funnier, wittier, and the story lines are original. I love Jack Black so of course I'm going to see this.

arjones on Nov 9, 2010


David 123 on Nov 11, 2010


The first one had some sick fight scenes. We'll check it out.

Darthpimpin on Dec 5, 2010


muhohohahahaha Kung-Fu stare contest was great 😀 but bwaaaaaaa again 3D 🙁

Burak "Daequitas" on Jan 2, 2011

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