Watch: Epic Ancient Rome Action in First Trailer for 'The Eagle'

November 10, 2010
Source: Apple

The Eagle Trailer

"The Eagle is not a piece of metal. The Eagle is Rome." Focus Features has debuted an epic trailer on Apple for the action flick The Eagle, originally known as The Eagle of the Ninth, starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Mark Strong, Donald Sutherland, Un Prophete's Tahar Rahim and many others. This was directed by Kevin Macdonald, of The Last King of Scotland and State of Play, and is set in Roman-ruled Britain. Tatum plays a young Roman soldier who endeavors to honor his father's memory by finding his lost legion's golden emblem. It looks quite awesome, lots of good action and story, I'm definitely interested in checking it out.

Watch the first official trailer for Kevin Macdonald's The Eagle:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Eagle official trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Eagle of the Ninth is set in the dangerous world of second-century Britain. In 140 AD, twenty years after the disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father. Accompanied only by his British slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out across Hadrian's Wall into the uncharted highlands of Caledonia, to confront savage tribes, make peace with his father's memory, and retrieve the lost legion's golden emblem. The Eagle is directed by Kevin Macdonald based on a book by Rosemary Sutcliff. Arrives in theaters on February 25th next year.

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Tatum is the same in every movie, I can't take him seriously. This movie looks fantastic, hopefully he shows more depth in this role.

Hmm on Nov 10, 2010


My kind of movie, but.... The damn trailer gave so much away, felt like I watched the whole movie. Going in my Net Flix....

McWilly on Nov 10, 2010


looks pretty good, Tatum needs to start showing more and this looks like it might be his chance. I really do not mind the accents, but that won't stop others from bitching about it.

Xerxex on Nov 10, 2010


Wow, just show the entire movie practically.

Sabes on Nov 10, 2010


Original set-up, character development, interesting visuals. Certainly worth the price of a ticket, right? See you in Feb...

97.6 on Nov 10, 2010


This movie looks great, but they really did show the whole movie. They did not need to show the turning points in the film or reveal the mystery that the legion was wiped out. This seems to be happening more and more. I will still see it in theaters because Macdonald is a great director and rarely disappoints.

T on Nov 10, 2010


was liking it untill they started giving twists and too much plot detail away, now i feel like ive seen it

dave on Nov 10, 2010


This is sparta. Looks good though.

Al on Nov 10, 2010


Tatum's inability of performing a British accent shows his limited range in acting. Trailer gave too much away even though Bell looks like a decent performance.

Tatum should stick to G.I. JOE on Nov 10, 2010


Trailer might have given too much away in terms of story line, but is anyone really expecting more than a good fun film from Tatum and Bell? I think not. Centurion MK II - decent story + good character development and beautiful landscapes. But really, I will watch it for the fight scenes.

Jep on Nov 10, 2010


this looks great. i loved centurion and this trailer has a similar feel - i can't wait to see it!

beavis on Nov 10, 2010


@9 there were quite a few american accents in the trailer. I'd rather him speak in his natural accent then fail at an English accent.

Xerxex on Nov 10, 2010


@9; Would his character even have a British accent? He's Roman. Bell is his British slave. So wouldn't he technically have spoken Latin or Greek? For these sorts of movies, you just have to accept different accents/languages. American accents may be used for the Romans, with the British slaves the only ones with British accents, and thus they give the distinction. @10; Tatum, not particularly, he's yet to prove himself. But while Bell has done some 'fun' films like Jumper (he was the only good part of that film), he's also done some amazing films like Billy Elliott, Flags of Our Fathers and Defiance. Agree with the others, looks like it shows too much, but I've loved Macdonald's stuff so far, so I'll definitely be seeing it.

Leon on Nov 10, 2010


I've only seen Channing Tatum in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Stop-Loss and Fighting and he was the best thing in each film. I go out of my way to avoid watching dance films so they haven't spoilt my perception of him as an actor. As for 'The Eagle' well I hope it's better than Centurion and King Arthur of which I'm reminded of when watching the trailer.

harv on Nov 10, 2010


Jamie Bell will run away with this film.

CLAW on Nov 10, 2010


Looks exactly like King Arthur, but not as good @12 - the problem is he was trying to do an english accent and failing. he wasn't just using his natural accent

antioch on Nov 10, 2010


It looks like they dubbed Mark Strong @ 1.33 for some reason, maybe to give the trailer a story. All I can say is that isn't Mark Strong with an American accent, it doesn't even match the movement of his lips. A bizzare dub.

harv on Nov 10, 2010


Agreeing with #4. After A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, I softened up towards Tatum. Before that I would just trash the shit out of all his roles. He's got the acting chops WAY down in there, but he needs the right directions. His British is meh. Tahar Rahim is fantastic. Hopefully he brings something good to the table.

Cracky on Nov 10, 2010


...and then I set out to solve the disappearance of the army that disappeared searching for the first army.

CONSCRIPT on Nov 10, 2010


Why was there an eagle scream but the image was an owl?

Hien on Nov 10, 2010


Actually looks pretty fucking awesome, and I saw Mark Strong in there so Im sold.

Cody w on Nov 10, 2010


..wait.. there were Na'vi in Great Britain during Roman empire? 😀 ..the trailer did give too much away..sigh...Hollywood

Intereseted on Nov 10, 2010


Looks like Centurion. Both in Great Britain? cool. 🙂 I love Roman/Greek/Trojan movies.

Jordan on Nov 10, 2010


Started off epic, then it turned into two guys on a trip. Give me big ROMAN battles!

Chad on Nov 10, 2010


@23 lol, I was thinking the same

krespartan045mrj45 on Nov 10, 2010


So basically it's a "sequel" to Centurion?

John Doe on Nov 10, 2010


i stopped watching half way through. Tatum actually looks good here and yeah, way too much was revealed.

Eli on Nov 10, 2010


Like 23 said, isn't this just a bit like Centurion? The Celts seem to dress weirder and weirder too, next they'll be like cyberpunks.

Crapola on Nov 10, 2010


Bad choice of actorssssss ahhhh ruins the whole movie...

Sam on Nov 11, 2010


What? No Sam Worthington? What a pity. This looks like it could be a good movie, if it didn't have Tatum and a PG-13 rating. When will they make a "good" epic that runs in the same vein as Braveheart, and Gladiator, or even Troy? Hopefully someday, but this doesn't look like it.

quazzimotto on Nov 11, 2010


Reminds me so much of Centurion..I am Italian and my major problem with this kind of movies is that none of the actors looks remotely like a Roman should look like.

Ambient on Nov 11, 2010


@Ambient....but sure you're going to hard put to get a full cast that looks like historic romans now. We're all too tall.

Nodin on Nov 11, 2010


Why does Jamie Bell keep doing minor roles as back-up to such poor actors? He could do so much more...

Emma on Nov 12, 2010


That is some of the flattest and uninspiring period drama acting I've ever seen. Disappointing.

YK on Nov 12, 2010


From that trailer I can say Jaime Bell is a good actor.. Get rid of Tatum, why does he keep getting jobs

mandarin on Nov 12, 2010


@9: it's very well known that romans of the 2nd century spoke english ...

bigbob on Nov 13, 2010

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