Watch: 'Fast Five' Teaser Trailer with Vin Diesel & Dwayne Johnson

December 14, 2010
Source: Facebook

Fast Five Trailer

"Next spring, this model is fully loaded." Vin Diesel as a car-stealin' ninja?! Universal has debuted the first trailer for Justin Lin's Fast Five, the fifth movie in their insanely successful Fast and the Furious franchise of high speed, high octane, highly mediocre movies. Vin Diesel premiered the trailer on his own Facebook and it's packed with plenty of TNA, lots of explosions, and more suped up cars than you can throw a stick at, as expected. As we also know, this stars Dwayne Johnson as well as Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris. I'm not really into this franchise at all, but that's just me. Watch and enjoy.

Watch the first teaser trailer for Justin Lin's Fast Five from YouTube:

Dom (Diesel) and his team of top racers find themselves on the wrong side of the law again as they try to switch lanes between a ruthless drug lord who wants them dead and a relentless federal agent (Johnson).

Fast Five is again directed by Taiwanese director Justin Lin, who previously helmed Better Luck Tomorrow, Spotlighting, Annapolis as well as Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and 2009's last sequel Fast & Furious. The screenplay was written by Chris Morgan, of Cellular, Wanted, Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious as well as the upcoming 47 Ronin. Universal is bringing Fast Five to theaters everywhere in 3D on April 29th next year.

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baller. can't wait

lego on Dec 14, 2010


hell yh i cant wait!

A5J4DX on Dec 14, 2010


looks like they ripped off some ideas from the dark knight in the beggining.

ChrisC5g on Dec 14, 2010


Now THAT'S some serious action right there!!! Are we sure Michael Bay didn't secretly direct this one?

John on Dec 14, 2010


I would have been more excited for this if Fast & Furious (4) hadn't been made. That was a mess of a film with bad CGI overkill and boring story. Admittedly the first film wasn't amazing but it had something to it, more grittiness to it. Sure it had bad acting and nonsense dialogue but it didn't feel as slick and empty as the following sequels.

harv on Dec 14, 2010


Like going back thinking from the first film....the characters have like....developed into fucking super crazy shit. haha but stilll it looks good, better than all of them actually. I like the 4th because it showed a gritty more dangerous fast and furious which came off of 3. even tho 3 was set the stepping stone for the series to make a high stakes movie with less cgi and more stunts

Darren on Dec 14, 2010


I know nobody really cares much about this franchise like yourself Alex, but its okay. If everybody liked the same thing, this world we live in would be boring and non cultural. I loved the first, hated the second, roughly digested the third, enjoyed the 4th and looking forward to the fifth. If they keep throwing in the original cast I'm there watching it. "Don't let what others say influence your decisions, its great to listen but its better to experience on your own, be your own critic and live a little..."

Rudy on Dec 14, 2010


First thought the little girl at the end was a puppetXD

Harry on Dec 14, 2010


How has Han been alive for two "sequels" now?

Jaf on Dec 14, 2010


This story line happens before the Tokyo Drift story line Jaf, that's why Han is still kicking and honestly i think he was the only good thing about Tokyo Drift that's why they keep showing him.

Rudy on Dec 14, 2010



Robbie on Dec 14, 2010


The timeline on these movies is crazy... gets confusing seeing han all the time haha.. cant wait!

Cory on Dec 14, 2010


gotta love Diesel's excitement, that alone makes me wanna see it. Question...How are they gonna re-introduce Rome's character? the sequel to The Fast and The Furious felt like a knock-off of the series...If the franchise went The Fast and The Furious, Fast and Furious, and now Fast Five it probably would be less bitter to the non-fans. I'm seeing, I've stuck with the franchise thus far.

Xerxex on Dec 14, 2010


A FORD GT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris on Dec 14, 2010


YEAH!!! This looks freakin sweet. These movies are never amazing, or hardly even good, but they're entertaining (except for 2F2F, which was pure garbage). And this looks like its loaded with insane action.

Chazzy on Dec 14, 2010


@3 yes burning money was originated by The Dark Knight LOL

nelson on Dec 14, 2010


the ending with the safe was great, cant wait for this

abcdefg on Dec 14, 2010



KING on Dec 14, 2010


I love these movies, but the timeline is all fucked up.

That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Dec 14, 2010


OMG! Sooooooo excited for this installment! A little confused about Han being a live, but I'll get over it. Looks like it's to be loaded with lots of action and awesome car chase scenes!! It's gonna be Grrrrreat!

Lacey on Dec 14, 2010


"One last job..." Ha ha h ah ha ha ah ah hhahaaaaah ahha. One last job til F&F 8. These films you could watch whilst on Temazepam and it wouldn't make a difference, switch off the brain and relax...

Crapola on Dec 14, 2010


The last movie was my favorite one. It felt ''real'', and im liking the direction this one is going in. I hope we get to see that silver GTR in action and the FordGT looks awesome!!!

big r on Dec 14, 2010


Vin Diesel and The Rock in the same movie? Guilt Pleasure.

Ninja master on Dec 14, 2010


Fast five?! Really? I think this franchise has some of the worst titles ever!

Ricardo on Dec 14, 2010


Though it may have some of the worst titles, it's always been a harmlessly fun series of movies. 🙂 Shame I couldn't manage to involved with any of these!

case on Dec 14, 2010



LW on Dec 14, 2010


HELL FUKEN YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see this time around there was no direct insult Mr. Vinny D, unless you imply "ninja" as some other word.

DaftPUNKFAN on Dec 14, 2010


this looks so fucking terrible

eric on Dec 14, 2010


I am not really going to say anything negative. These F&F movies have always been good pop corn flicks. Nothing more, nothing less. I will see it, but definitely an early bird showing.

David on Dec 14, 2010


I dunno...I just don't know...Some parts of the preview make it look like it's getting back to the original feel of the first film that people actually liked, then they cheese it up towards the end...driving a bang vault down the street and using it as a battering ram...come on! The reason people loved the first film is because it introduced us to the culture of street racing. They drove honda, acura, etc... the car that was a big deal in the first film was a toyota supra, not candy paint everything, incredible hulk cars and r34s found in junkyards in Nevada. Get back to basics! The producers and screen writers just don't get it. The franchise will always make money, and they will keep putting them out as a result...But its like the saw franchise. We keep going to them in the hopes they will get back to the type of film we enjoyed in the beginning. Feels like I'm watching a combination of Bourne Identity stunts, the Italian job, and the cheesiness of 2 fast 2 furious.... I still hope against hope its not as bad as parts 2, 3, and 4. I'll probably see it

Steven on Dec 14, 2010


A) Its about time The Rock and The Diesel did a flick together. I honestly didnt think it would be a F&F film... thought it mighta been a Riddick one. Oh well. B) The amalgamated cast of F&F 1 and 2? Sheee-it... I was hoping Lucas Black and Bow Wow would be in this. C) What.... no 3D? Come on guys... don't you know a film needs 3 things? Fast cars, T&A and 3D?? ... if a Step Up 3 could be 3D, why not this?? Oh well. I'm just gonna have to depend on IMAX and bomb ass dolby surround. I'll suffer through it.

Duane on Dec 14, 2010


Oh one more thing.... The Rock and Vin. Check. Stallone, Bruce and Arnie. Check. DeNiro and Pacino. Check. All I need now is Robin Williams and Jim Carrey in a flick, then Denzel and Will in a flick. Then I could die happy.

Duane on Dec 14, 2010


^^ 3D sucks monkey balls

DaftPUNKFAN on Dec 14, 2010


duane you're joking right?

Xerxex on Dec 14, 2010


HAN IS BACK!!!! Such a under used character in the the franchise. they need to give him a bigger role!!!

Roderick on Dec 14, 2010


Tyrese Gibson WTF were they thinking? please tell me a car goes out of control flips about 5 times scrapes 50 feet over cement with Tyrese Gibson under it.

Jimmy Love on Dec 14, 2010


Seriously?!? Tyrese. Fucking. Gibson!?! Seriously?!? He was the worst thing about 2f2f, and that's saying alot considering that movie was horrible. Between him, the cgi, the stupid plot, and the "chemistry" between him and Paul walker there was nothing redeemable about that movie... bra. It's like all these actors got their big break from this franchise, thought they were awesome, left, found out no one wants to seem them "act" and came crawling back to F&F when they realised its still making money. It's only a matter of time now until The Rock has trouble finding work. I don't care what anyone says, Tokyo Drift was still the best of the series. It had unknown actors, was pretty much all about the cars, and it really showcased a different lifestyle. And seriously?!? The fast five?!?!

Yorick Brown on Dec 14, 2010


@Jimmy Love I'm glad someone agrees with me.

Yorick Brown on Dec 14, 2010


Vin Diesel "We do 1 last job then we disappear...forever" That is until Furious 6 "Forever just wasn't long enough"

Jimmy Love on Dec 14, 2010


Looks good, but everybody should know that they filmed most of this in the Dominican Republic!

jah p on Dec 14, 2010


VIN DIESEL was nowhere to be found for 2 and 3 b/c he was too good for these types of movies... then he couldn't make it anywhere else... so then he came back for 4 and now self promoting 5 on his on FB page. that's just funny to me. sorry vin you are not getting my money.

Mikel on Dec 14, 2010


slo-mo on paul walker's stunt double jumping through the roof was a bit ridiculous.

Suk Kyu on Dec 14, 2010


there is a lot of jumping in the trailer.

I have no name on Dec 14, 2010


@43 the area reminds me of bad boys 2 with the hummer.... but the safe pulling down the streets, wild shit, haven't seen that action in a while... and the ford gt looks rad, but I rather see some foreign cars in there, but meh vroom vroom!

Matthew on Dec 14, 2010


bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do watcha gonna do when the rock's on you! hellz yeah, i will be entertained, it's silly but what the hell the rock and diesel in an action flick, it's my wet dream come true.

jimmyq on Dec 14, 2010


I hope Han is in it a lot more. IMO he was the best character in the entire franchise

silver on Dec 14, 2010


Looks freaking awesome. I don't even like this type of crap, but it's so over the top and Vin Dieselized that I can't help but want more.

Mark Drennan on Dec 14, 2010


POINTLESS in watching a Fast & Furious movie without Jeffrey Atkins in it. *sighs* Waste of time. "MONIIICCAAA!!!!" .

BinYe on Dec 14, 2010


ehh... I've seen the rest so i know one bored night ill check this out for free... if you catch... my... Drift hohoharhar

DoomCanoe on Dec 14, 2010


i see this is getting a 3d/imax release. do we know if it was filmed in 3d, or imax? i'll watch the bluray if not.

crumb on Dec 14, 2010


@ xerxex Hell to the yes. I thought the "Step up" line was a clear indication. Didn't mean to scare u there buddy 🙂

Duane on Dec 15, 2010


Eeeeeh... I liked the first movie because it's was kinda cool and fresh (I guess), hated all the sequels. For one, I am not a fan of those terribly ugly, plastic-y cars that look like a child ate a box of crayons and than vomited all over its Hot Wheels. Then, of course, the story and dialog in these movies are usually horrendous, so that really didn't leave much to look forward to for me. However, I am a big fan of Dwayne Johnson, and I will watch every movie with him where he is -not- wearing a tutu or driving kids around to catch a damn spaceship.

SuicidalOptimist on Dec 15, 2010


I liked all the movies, even 2 Fast 2 Furious, and I'm really excited for this one.

Lamar on Dec 15, 2010


Who cares if people don't like the F&F franchise anymore? I'm gonna see this movie just because its going to be an awesome action movie with incredible stunts and scenes.

John Crud on Dec 15, 2010


Looks good. Looks really good. I looking forward two how this fits in with the rest of the series. All this is supposed to happen before Tokyo Drift. FAST FIVE: Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, Vin Diesel Set Photos FAST FIVE: RioFilm brings Vin Diesel Sequel to Brazil

ProMovieBlogger on Dec 15, 2010


This looks so stupid...just like all the other furious films...I'm in.

Big Biskit on Dec 15, 2010


It's about damn time they put Vin and Dwayne in a movie together! However, who the hell keeps letting Paul Walker make movies? seriously? Top 3 worst actors alive: 1. Casper Van Dien 2. Paul Walker 3. Nicholas Cage (who is incapable of playing anything but Nicholas Cage) This will probably be a crap film but I will watch it and love it like I did the other 4. What can I say, crappy popcorn flicks are a guilty pleasure.

Tenacious V on Dec 15, 2010


didn't the asian guy died in the 3rd movie?

Khoa on Dec 15, 2010


I'm in.

Ells on Dec 17, 2010


i can´t wait. Han, is alive. how? i thought he is dead (tokyo drift) i even saw him in fast4. it´s coming real real fast!!!!!!

CM on Apr 21, 2011

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