Watch: First Full Trailer for 'Burlesque' with Christina Aguilera

August 4, 2010
Source: Vlicious

Burlesque Trailer

Get it while it's hot! We were tipped off on Twitter tonight with a link to a site called Vlicious featuring the first full, official trailer (or maybe no-so-official?) for Steven Antin's Burlesque, the Christina Aguilera and Cher musical about, you guessed it, a burlesque club (but only a PG-13 one). This looks pretty wild, like Moulin Rouge crossed with Chicago, if I have to make some other musical references. I'm not really into the Cher/Aguilera chemistry (or lack of), but this may be exactly what fans of those two have wanted to see. It's a bit low quality (it's now out in full high def) but it's still worth watching as our first real look at Burlesque.

Watch the first trailer for Steven Antin's musical Burlesque:

You can also watch the first Burlesque trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Burlesque is a contemporary musical where Aguilera plays an ambitious smalltown girl with a big voice who finds love, family and success in a Los Angeles neo-burlesque club. It was pitched as "Moulin Rouge meets Cabaret", and will use established songs that will be updated and worked into dance numbers. Cher, in her first movie musical ever, plays the owner of the financially strapped Sunset Strip nightclub. This is directed by Steven Antin, making his feature debut after acting on shows like "NYPD Blue" and producing "Pussycat Dolls" shows for The CW. Sony is bringing Burlesque to theaters Thanksgiving week, on November 24th.

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Ouch! It looked full of life yet it lacked heart. That's never a good thing.

Eli on Aug 4, 2010


Personally I am not a big fan of Cher at all, and I really hate it when singers try to jump into acting. That being said, I think this looks like an updated flashier less naked version of Showgirls. Moulin Rouge felt like it actually had some kind of story behind it, this is just Coyote Ugly all over again. This looks average at best, and if it actually amounts to anything I bet it is mostly Aguilera fans dragging their boy friends.

Dave on Aug 4, 2010


UGH CRINGING. This looks more like Fame to me.

Alice on Aug 4, 2010


My girlfriend and most of the gay community are going to love this film despite the fact that it makes a Brett Ratner film seem intelligent and artistic in comparison.

Chili Cheese Man on Aug 4, 2010


Watching the "Expendables" trailer makes everyone's dicks grow bigger, this makes all of our dicks into manginas.

Wilhelm von Sauerkraut on Aug 4, 2010


Uhmm... Pass. Thanks anyway. Can't stand Aguilera. Thinks the sun shines out of her own asshole.

tEDDY bESS on Aug 4, 2010


Umm, watching the expendables trailer (heavily muscled men sweating, grunting, and fighting) makes your dick grow bigger? oookay...

skag_boy on Aug 4, 2010


Showgirls without tits?

Guggenheimer on Aug 4, 2010


HORRIBLE. Sheesh. Is Cher really trying to pull off a bustier at 65? Aguilera can't act from what I can see of the two lines she stiffly and unconvincingly delivered. Hopefully she mostly sings and dances in this; which is up her alley. This looks like one long Pussy Cat Dolls music video with uglier chicks. Cliche' as hell.

KellyT on Aug 4, 2010


Chick flick! And doesn't seem to be any good at that either. Cheesy lines. An attempt to bring back 80's movies. I would rather dive into a pool of broken bottles. Naked.

Ostilad on Aug 5, 2010


Chick flick! And a bad one at that. Cheesy lines. Pathetic attempt to bring back the 80's small-towner-makes-it-big-in-big-city theme. I would rather dive into a pool of broken bottles... naked. Than watch this.

Ostilad on Aug 5, 2010


@5 Oh my god, YES! Cannot stop laughing... I love "Moulin Rouge" & I love Christina & I ADORE Stanley Tucci... But this looks horrendous. I don't even know if Cam Gigandet's horrible acting but incredible body can make me want to suffer through this.

Shannon on Aug 5, 2010


Why does Stanley Tucci always play the same roles? lol

Sean on Aug 5, 2010


thought it was better when it was called coyote ugly...

newguy on Aug 5, 2010


@2 Jennifer Hudson. Cher. Both Oscar winners. I'm thinking Hollywood does not agree with your hatred of singers going into acting.

ModernAmericanMan on Aug 5, 2010


Sorry but thats a shame for all burlesque dancers, girls and people all over the world. Music is just pop, pretty boring.

Matt on Aug 5, 2010


As a fan of Burlesque, this sucks so much it's unbelievable. Trust Cher & Christina to get in on this one. Despite some great actors involved. This will kill the great entertainment that is Burlesque, by getting every little numpty wanting to get involved. Alex, how could it be described as "Moulin Rouge crossed with Chicago" ?. More like stupid little pop singer, meets Showgirls.

Marty on Aug 5, 2010


🙁 Video has been removed! DANG IT!

lahirry on Aug 5, 2010


Christina’s delivery doesn’t seem very natural. Not sure I’ll see this one in the theater.

Amy on Aug 5, 2010


I just want to hear the music. 😀

SillySil on Aug 5, 2010


I would rather get a lap dance from a real stripper!................. it's cheaper

indyjack on Aug 5, 2010


I don't really get a burlesque vibe off this at all. It's still pretty popular now and from what I've seen of it it looks nothing like this. Here's Betty Page outshining Aguilera:

Crapola on Aug 6, 2010


I don't think Stanley Tucci gets enough love, he's a phenomenal actor.

peloquin on Aug 6, 2010


It's a movie about a small town, innocent, nice little girl, who dreams about making it big as a slut on some dumb ass stage in some dumb shit State. But when she overcomes her fears and obstacles, SHE LIKE, TOTALLY MAKES IT BIG TIME LOLZ!!11 Fucking shit of an idea for a shit of a movie.

nem on Aug 6, 2010

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