Watch: First Official Teaser Trailer for Wes Craven's 'Scream 4'

October 19, 2010
Source: ComingSoon

Scream 4 Teaser Trailer

Dimension Films, part of The Weinstein Company, has officially debuted the teaser trailer for Wes Craven's Scream 4 online after it showed at the perfectly titled Scream Awards this past weekend. This new version, found on ComingSoon, is slightly longer than the version shown at the awards, but is still just an early teaser re-introducing you to a massive cast that is probably going to be entirely killed off by the end. This gets a bit cheesy when Rory Culkin starts explaining exactly what's going on, but maybe that's the fun in this slasher series. This has a huge cast including most of the original "survivors", and Hayden Panettiere, so have fun!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Wes Craven's Scream 4:

You can also watch the first Scream 4 teaser trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Ten years have passed since the first series of killings, and Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who has put herself back together thanks in part to her writing, is visited by the infamous Ghostface Killer once again.

Scream 4 is once again directed by horror mastermind Wes Craven, of The Hills Have Eyes, Swamp Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Shocker, Red Eye and the original Scream trilogy. The screenplay was written by franchise creator Kevin Williamson, who wrote Scream 1 & 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. The Weinstein Company / Dimension Films is bringing Scream 4 to theaters in 3D on April 15th, 2011.

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Jaron Kacy on Oct 19, 2010



Singh on Oct 19, 2010



Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Oct 19, 2010


i'd rather be constipated.

Alejo on Oct 19, 2010


I've never seen any of the Scream film, but is this supposed to be some kind of comedy horror film?

SkaOreo on Oct 19, 2010



Sabes on Oct 19, 2010


Meh. Seems like a 90's horror flick, irony anyone?

Cruzer on Oct 19, 2010


Why don't we just get it over with... Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers vs. Scream dude vs. Jigsaw vs. Romero zombies vs. Damien vs. Ash vs. Christopher Walken vs. George W. Bush vs. Elvis vs. Jack Palance vs. Jack Bauer vs. the Terminator vs. Iron Man vs. Spiderman vs. Superman vs. Batman vs. Nancy Pelosi......etc etc That way we can get some original storylines out there and not make a weekend at the movies so boring.

OhPlease on Oct 19, 2010


So Gale Weathers is gonna die? seriousy? Does that mean Dewey is gonna die too? Is it because the two in real life are broken up? @6 kinda sorta. Looks sorta lame, who is Ghostface now? The first was her boyfriend and his friend, the second was her new boyfriends friend and the mother of Syndey's first boyfriend, then the third was her half brother a product of a gang rape... So what her half-sister is the new killer? or wait its gonna be Mr. Billington? or Mr. Anderton? or Jeremy "7.5" Kirk? would be the biggest twist ever! or is it Colonel Mustard in the library with a candle stick? that guy is insane. I'm out, probably see it on TV.

Xerxex on Oct 19, 2010


@OhPlease Batman hands down.

Xerxex on Oct 19, 2010


@8 yeah it is... i like 90's movie, but scream is a movie that doesnt really need to continue in my opinion the first 2 were good

Said on Oct 19, 2010


Damn. they got errbody in this movie.

Shelby on Oct 19, 2010


Worst trailer I've seen in a while, it seems like "scary movie 7" or something, just horrible!

Ricardo on Oct 19, 2010


People, stop frontin'. If you've watched the first three,you know damn well you're going to watch this one. No matter how lame it looks. Who knows, we might get a few laughs.

Stckman on Oct 19, 2010


Scary movie made Scream films a joke and i cant blame look how bad the trailer is

tazz on Oct 19, 2010



Solo Calrissian on Oct 19, 2010


Someone tell Wes Craven to retire. My Soul to Take was a joke. This looks like the same.

notalent on Oct 19, 2010



MiKe M? on Oct 19, 2010


@ #5: Now *that's* a great line, well done. You just about said all that needs to be said, for this trailer.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Oct 19, 2010


I just had to watch the teaser on Perez Hiltons site, because the one on yours isn't working. It looks okay in a nothing better to watch sort of way.

Crapola on Oct 19, 2010



filmfan111 on Oct 19, 2010


link isn't working.

Weird-Coma on Oct 19, 2010


idk i was interested at first until i heard about all the problems with the script. now im kinda on the fence. But i mean seriously what havent they done yet in these scream films?

cmo on Oct 19, 2010


Fix the link!

Ben on Oct 19, 2010


You can watch it on other sites... Mediocre trailer... but still... there is something exciting about this.

ryderup on Oct 20, 2010


what a steaming pile of shit.

deadpool72 on Oct 20, 2010


the killer...... is mark and her dad neil

awesomeaj on Oct 20, 2010


No more friggin sequels!! I'm tired of it. Lets see some original shit man! Godammit!

Trev on Oct 20, 2010


Oh 'Hollywood' will you please... just..... STOP?! 🙁

McQueen on Oct 20, 2010


I'm going to give this a chance. There is no way it can be worse than Scream 3. Besides, everyone who is being so critical needs to realize there are movies made for realism, there are movies made for entertainment, and there are movies made for both. This is solely for ENTERTAINMENT!!!! Besides, this series is move deserving of longevity than Saw. At least it has spread out its sequels unlike most other horror films that crank out sequel after sequel, year after year until they finally realized they jumped a mile of the shark two films back.

Matt on Oct 20, 2010


...I meant a mile OVER the shark two films back. One thing I do have to say though, this better not make too much fun of itself if it wants to be good. The extended teaser showed a scene where a girl answered the phone and heard Ghostface and handed it to her friend saying, "it's for you"...that was stupid. I know these scary movies focus on scary movies, but it cannot have comedy to the point of being too funny. If it does, I completely agree with #14....

Matt on Oct 20, 2010


This was a bad idea. It's the same story line from every movie. Killer calls Sidney, apparently she still doesn't have caller I.D., the killer stalks her and kills all of her friends.

King Aweasome on Oct 20, 2010


It looks like campy cheesy fun. I wouldn't pay 10 bucks to see it but I would sit at home with some friends and check it out. All you haters out there will probably see it too at some point. It's okay, don't be embarrassed to want to see a cheesy (maybe) crappy movie. It could be fun and you may even like it.

arjones on Oct 21, 2010


Is it weird that actually looks really good, I want to see it. I have a feeling the Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell cameos are the ones who die in the beginning of the movie, like Drew Barrymore did in the first.

The_Kid on Oct 21, 2010


In the words of the great Homer J Simpson..."BORING!!!" This series failed to be scary after the first 10 mins of the original its almost like watching the Scary Movie series accept this takes itself serious...

vegasdanny on Oct 22, 2010


Would you people please stop hating. All of you naysayers are just gonna go to the theater and watch it anyway. BTW, the only thing I found wrong with the third Scream was that Jamie Kennedy wasn't in it. Thankfully the old Scream writer is doing the writing, unlike Wes Craven who tried to write My Soul to Take. Good directing; bad writing.

lamar on Oct 22, 2010


If they want to surprise everyone, just stab Sydney in the head in the first half hour. PLUNK!

JL on Oct 25, 2010


I like popcorn.

Ellsworth on Oct 25, 2010

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