Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Disney's CG Animated 'Tangled'

June 10, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Tangled Teaser

We've been hearing bits and pieces about Disney's latest animated CGI film for years, but now first official teaser trailer is finally here. Tangled is Disney's fresh new take on the story of Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore. When she falls in love with a bandit who was passing by she must venture into the outside world for the first time to find him. This is obviously targeted towards boys, with the focus entirely on the bandit guy, but that said, it looks fun, almost like one of those classic 2D animated Disney adventures, but in CG (and 3D). Just because I love Disney, I'll be seeing this, but otherwise it's not the greatest trailer. Watch & enjoy!

Watch the very first teaser trailer for Disney's Tangled from YouTube:

You can watch the Tangled teaser trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Tangled is being co-directed by Nathan Greno (the head of story on Bolt) and Byron Howard (a co-director of Bolt). Providing voices for this are Mandy Moore (as Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (as Flynn), Donna Murphy and Ron Perlman. This new telling of the classic fairy tale will transport audiences "to a stunning CG fantasy world complete with the iconic tower, an evil witch, a gallant hero and of course the mysterious girl with the long golden tresses. Expect adventure, heart, humor, and hair, lots of hair." Disney is unveiling the movie limited first on November 12th, then will release Tangled nationwide in 3D on November 24th in the fall.

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Absolutely HORRID trailer. But Princess and the Frog was mis-advertized to, so maybe their marketing team is just incompetent and this will actually be good.

shadow on Jun 10, 2010


I bet it will be good. I finally looks like Disney has introduced some of Pixar's animation and detail quality. But we'll see if the story holds up.

J. Todd on Jun 10, 2010


yeah that looks bad but being im 28 im sure its funny to kids and theres nothing wrong with that. I agree with #1..The trailers for princess and the frog looked horrible to my girlfriend and I and when we finally rented it we loved it

Hale18 on Jun 10, 2010


Hey Alex, any idea when we'll get to see that Waking Sleeping Beauty documentary that reignited your nostalgia for Disney? I've been looking out for it since you're review, but it seems like it'll never see the light of day. I think watching that would be the best marketing promo for their animation studio so I don't understand why they're holding back.

peloquin on Jun 10, 2010


What are you guys talking about? That trailer was a riot! It has all the sweetness you'd expect from Disney... I guys maybe it wasn't choppy enough for you guys' tastes

antioch on Jun 10, 2010


#1 How was Princess and Frog mis-advertised? I haven't seen it yet.

Chad on Jun 10, 2010


Not great but it was ok in my eyes. Loved the smoldering look.

Nat on Jun 10, 2010


#4, WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY came out in limited release this past March

Boxoffice Marco on Jun 10, 2010


Looks nearly as good as Shrek 3, nearly because that was Oscar material.

Crapola on Jun 10, 2010


Everyone is going to hate me, but I laughed a lot at the physical humor, God help me. I love the character designs in this!

einah on Jun 10, 2010


Yeah, don't get the negative comments at all. I thought the trailer was quite good. And the animation is fantastic. Any of those awful "Shrek" movies could only hope to look this good.

Film Fan on Jun 10, 2010


Ugh, that was horrible. But it could very easily just be a horrible trailer. It's Disney, so I'm going to see it anyway, but it would be nice if I wasn't getting a High-School-Musical vibe from it (especially that god-awful music).

Mark on Jun 10, 2010


Without reading any of these comments the one thing I kept thinking while watching this trailer was how much it looked the animation in Shrek. For me one thing that always sets Disney animated films above and apart from other animation studios is their ability to not rely on familiar human appearances. UP, Lilo and Stitch, Princess and the Frog, Incredibles, etc. They really on the true notion of "caricature" which evokes more imagination out of the audience. You might think this is insignificant, and even irritating, but having to suspend reality just that little bit further engages the viewer that much further. In addition Disney's CGI animation department isn't doing Disney justice like its hand drawn animation always has. Pixar makes incredible films, Dreamworks makes subpar films, and Disney is just hitting par. So with this I expect a good movie, but nothing spectacular and I can already see that by the preview. Already relying on humor that is funny to adults, but over a child's head (here some smolder) should not be the mark of a Disney animated film. I'm not reveling in the glory days of Disney, just wishing they'd ground themselves in the philosophy that worked and will always work, and not insisting on pandering to a culture that is watered down with novelty. The one promise I do see out of this film is a hero and a princess on equal footing. Not that i have anything against the damsel in distress version of the classic Disney princess (girls tend to like them better anyway...despite what naive feminists who know little about children's culture say or may think)...however I do think having a variety of hero's and princesses a like is a great thing in animation.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jun 10, 2010


Well what the hell marco?! I want to see that film, any idea when it'll be out on DVD?

peloquin on Jun 10, 2010


I always thought that Rapunzel could be a great Disney movie, but this looks awful. Hopefully this trailer is nothing like the actual movie.

Stephen on Jun 10, 2010


not a fan of mandy moore (or her voice), but i am a fan of levi's. may end up seeing this anyway since i've literally seen every single disney film. gotta get with tradition i suppose.

thisain''sacellphone. on Jun 10, 2010


Disney is getting its butt kicked by pixar. With Toy Story 3 for Pixar and this for disney that doesn't look set to change...

dude... on Jun 11, 2010


@17... Disney bought Pixar back in 2006 so they're not really in competition. They remain a separate entity, but the money all goes to the same place, same thing they recently did with Marvel.

peloquin on Jun 11, 2010


I thought they said no more Shrek movies.

Eric on Jun 11, 2010


I think I see the strategy behind this. My two 10 & 8-yr-old boys wouldn't go near Princess & the Frog, but they thought this trailer was pretty awesome. I think this one was made specifically for a non-girly audience. I'll hold off my judgment on this until I see a 2nd trailer, which will probably be more indicative of what the actual movie will be like.

Nick on Jun 12, 2010


I thought this this trailer was o.k. I like the horse it could be a good laugh in places this film.

Cineprog on Jun 13, 2010


Working Title: "Marvel Comics' Medusa Goes (A) Blonde And (B) To A Renaissance Fair!"

Setebos on Jun 14, 2010


102 captures from the teaser can be found here: Cheers!

Scott on Jun 16, 2010


I don't know what all you guys were talking about. I though it looked pretty funny and good.

Eli on Jun 19, 2010


this looks okay. better than dreamworks, anyway (dreamworks is terrible.)

Blah-Blah-Blah on Jun 19, 2010


Hilarious by the looks of it.

Fisherr on Aug 2, 2010

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