Watch: First Teaser Trailer for Roland Joffé's There Be Dragons

September 15, 2010

There Be Dragons Trailer

Note: There are no dragons in this movie. I don't know why it's called There Be Dragons (someone care to explain?) but a new teaser trailer arrived online months ago but is just now circulating so I thought we'd feature it now. There Be Dragons is an epic action-adventure-drama set against the Spanish Civil War based on the true story of St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, the founder of Opus Dei. His own epic story is paired against the lives of fictional characters and the action background of the armed conflict. This has a big cast including: Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley, Olga Kurylenko, Rodrigo Santoro, Lily Cole and Dougray Scott. Enjoy!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Roland Joffé's There Be Dragons:

Traces the lives of two men, Josemaria Escriva (Cox) and Manolo Torres (Bentley), childhood friends who are separated by the political upheaval of pre-war Spain and end up on opposite sides once war erupts.

There Be Dragons is both written and directed by Oscar nominated British filmmaker Roland Joffé, of The Killing Fields, The Mission, City of Joy, The Scarlet Letter, Captivity and You and I. This was filmed mostly in Spain and Argentina last year and is currently in post-production. I'm not sure when we'll be seeing this considering it doesn't have a US distributor yet, but we'll keep you updated if you're interested. Thoughts?

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oh there will be dragons.

LP on Sep 15, 2010


"Here be dragons" is a phrase used to denote dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of the medieval practice of putting sea serpents and other mythological creatures in blank areas of maps. ... says Wikipedia.

Captain Deutschland on Sep 15, 2010


LoL @ #2, great disclaimer at the end. I was about to write that it was probably a metaphor for danger. Sounds like it is. On topic: the trailer looked pretty bad for such an interesting title.

Vet4Peace on Sep 15, 2010


hard to tell much from that - i can say i liked the look of the violent and dangerous nature of the war ravaged enviroments. seeing people hung from whatever is available really drives the message home that those were dangerous times. i just hope story and acting are good. i'd like to see this if it comes to the states.

beavis on Sep 15, 2010


oh, and i LOVED the end when the woman says: "nothing is final, jose maria - not even death".......AWESOME line!

beavis on Sep 15, 2010


corny line. confusing trailer... misleading.

Eli on Sep 15, 2010


#2 ... In that case, the saying 'Here be Dragons' could also describe The Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, The Republican party, Donald Trump, the NRA and that Florida preacher and his supporters.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 15, 2010


#7, it sounds like you are trolling, and I hope nobody feeds you. #2, good source info, i'll be using that.

Chad on Sep 15, 2010


Opus Dei propaganda... just as Left Behind was for Fundamental Christians and Battlefield Earth was for Scientologist... Seriously... read between the lines...

dreckent on Sep 15, 2010


#8 ... Not trolling, just telling it the way it is.

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 15, 2010


#8 Your comments would be very funny if they weren't true.

Annie on Sep 15, 2010


Annie, what you said doesn't make sense

Hattori Hanzo on Sep 15, 2010


Oops! You are right Hattori; my blond roots are showing. Let me rephrase that: #7 Your comments would be very funny if they weren't true. There ... That's better ..

Annie on Sep 15, 2010


#7 your comment isn't funny its stupid =D movie looks decent!

DoomCanoe on Sep 15, 2010


oh, i see there are a few idiots visiting today. #6 - eli, the line is only corny because it went WAY over your ability to understand it............just keep reading comics. #7 - you aren't "telling it like it is"........your comment isn't relevant to this movie at all - so it's spam and should be removed #11, 12, and 13 - even more spam. and annie was so quick to get her democratic party spam out there she wrote it wrong and had to correct it. why don't the 2 of you go to an MSNBC web page where you'd feel more at home. comment on the movie folks - or get out.

beavis on Sep 15, 2010


looks good. looks like they will make a civil war look like what it really is. violent and dirty.

never good on Sep 15, 2010


uhhh ....ok...

filmfan111 on Sep 15, 2010


#16 - yea, i picked up on that too...........i was really impressed with their shots of the civil war.

beavis on Sep 15, 2010


#8 and #15 - the real idiots are Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the rest of the Tea Party. Clearly you are one of them Just telling it the way it is.....

jedibilly on Sep 15, 2010


There was a saying that the edge of the earth is where there be dragons. This was back when the world was thought to be flat. I don't know how that figures into this movie

Julia on Sep 16, 2010


Wow. are you people retarded? Don Quixote. the answer is a Don Quixote reference. read a book.

Marc on Sep 21, 2010

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