Watch: First TV Spot for Kosinski's 'Tron Legacy' Hits the Web!

November 1, 2010

Tron Legacy

On last night's premiere episode of "The Walking Dead" on AMC (which everyone was hopefully watching), Disney debuted one of the very first early TV spots for Joseph (Joe) Kosinski's Tron Legacy that I've seen air. This was uploaded by, hence the tag, so send them the thanks. This TV spot contains mostly old footage from the latest trailer, give or take that awesome shot of five, count ’em five, lightcycles lining up on the grid to take on some bad "orange" guys. Yes, this still looks awesome. It's interesting to see how they're selling it at this stage, with solid TV spots like this hitting very wide demographics. Check it out!

Watch the first TV spot for Joseph Kosinski's Tron Legacy:

[flv: 598 336]

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father's disappearance and is pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years.

Tron Legacy is directed by first-time filmmaker Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay was co-written by Adam Horowitz ("Lost"), Richard Jefferies (Blood Tide, Living Hell), Edward Kitsis ("Lost"), and the director of the original movie, Steven Lisberger. This first got the greenlight last year because this early teaser played well at Comic-Con. Disney is bringing Tron Legacy to theaters in 3D starting on December 17th. You in?

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can't wait for this to come out. Had my ticket for about a month now, saw the original, looking forward to this one.

Mike McRorey on Nov 1, 2010


This has now been hyped into oblivion. Tbh it does not look that good.

Shoge on Nov 2, 2010


December, hurry your ass up!

Big Boss on Nov 2, 2010


Suh Weet.

Joe Gillis on Nov 2, 2010


I thought it was a little rushed, but they did get a lot in there. CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!

George on Nov 2, 2010


I've been looking forward to this but I'm a bit pessimestic now after that. I hope its not too much of an action formula stuck into a shiny new tron world.

Ross on Nov 2, 2010


This really doen't look that great, but I am looking forward to the film. Later today I will see the first private screening of next month's Narnia 3 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

David Sutton on Nov 2, 2010


Whateva. This looks awesome!

Bobby on Nov 2, 2010


Who uses a pager in 2010?

Shannon Kolvitz on Nov 2, 2010


Not really a wide demographic...with Tron your corr audience is fanboys geeks and nerds, most of those who are fans of The Walking Dead, genre lovers and the like, seem like the same kind of folksthey'd be targeting by putting up ads on this site. I will concede however that besides the fanboy scifi/horror lovers, the film has a broad appeal, given it's rating and Disney tie-in...but I really wonder if it'll be the big hit everyone is hoping for...the first clip doesn't inspire confidence in the cinematography and overall the worry is that this has less of a real audience than speed racer.

LINKFX on Nov 2, 2010


yeah , whats up with the pager?

cjstearns on Nov 2, 2010


What's the digital equivalent to wooden acting? "Sam!" "Dad!" That's some high quality delivered dialogue...Still want to see it though.

jamdolin on Nov 2, 2010


@9 and @10 saw the 20 minute preview and dont worry they explain/make fun of the pager.

krztov on Nov 2, 2010


This movie looks awesome, and everything about it looks awesome, and i know i am going to love it, but honestly, the only reason i'm going to go and see this movie, is to see the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Teaser Trailer during the movie trailer previews, before Tron Legacy starts playing after the movie trailer previews, when i go to see Tron Legacy on December 17th, which is when Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Teaser Trailer is released to theaters with Tron Legacy, and on the internet on the same day, if not, the Teaser Trailer will be released on the internet a few days later, after Tron Legacy comes to theaters on December 17th.

Sean on Nov 2, 2010


I fear over-saturation soon. Its time for me to start looking away from this movie and keep all the excitement for the actual full-length flick....

Voice of Reason on Nov 2, 2010


cant wait

A5J4DX on Nov 2, 2010


@ sean, your comment was the absolute most redundant comment ever written? Are you high?

LINKFX on Nov 2, 2010


Not a question, sorry about the ? mark.

LINKFX on Nov 2, 2010


You cannot oversell a movie. This is not being over saturated. If you're all ready to be depressed, I've got a little revelation for you: The vast majority of people out there have NO IDEA that they're making a Tron sequel. I would often bring it up to people, even just in the last couple of weeks, and they'd say "They're making a sequel to Tron!?". Now that there's a TV spot the majority of people out there are just now going to figure out that this movie exists. People like us who go to websites dedicated to film previews and industry news are in a very tiny minority. Maybe 0.1% of the movie-going population.

Squiggly_P on Nov 2, 2010



DaftPUNKFAN on Nov 2, 2010



ani on Nov 2, 2010


Sqiggly_P, who are you fucking talking to? Um, I think any reasonably intelligent person can agree with you on that, your revelation isn't special. We film nerds understand that the majority of people don't know about insider news. But I highly doubt your claim of us being .1 percent. The fact is, the movie industry is the heaviest traffic to these websites, followed then by fans, thats 10's of millions of people. That's a fucking fact. Sure the commenters like us are .1 percent, but websites like this and aintitcoolnews score millions of hits a day from all around the world. Entertainment Weekly is one of the most popular magazines and it is essentially the paper form of firstshowing and aintitcoolnews, a ton of people read that shit. Variety magazine is also extremely popular and widely read. California is the center of the film industry, more than half of the people of Southern California are employed in it, it is also the state with the most theaters and the highest attendance levels. And Tron has been marketed pretty heavily here for almost a year now. It's a sequel to a reasonably popular cult hit that is remembered fondly by many. I don't know where you're hailing from where people don't know about Tron yet. It has posters in theaters and trailers before other movies for several months now, movies like TOY STORY 3 which almost everyone fucking saw btw. So please stow it unless you know it.

LINKFX on Nov 3, 2010

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