Watch: Full Theatrical Trailer for Jack Black's 'Gulliver's Travels'

November 2, 2010
Source: Moviefone

Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver was a little guy with big dreams… And here we go again. Fox has debuted the full theatrical trailer on Moviefone for their upcoming high concept holiday comedy Gulliver's Travels starring a gigantic Jack Black as well as Amanda Peet, Emily Blunt, T.J. Miller and Jason Segel. The very first trailer debuted back in June and we didn't have many good things to say about it. This time, though, the only good things I have to say are that the visual effects look surprisingly well done, it all looks a lot better and much more seamless than it did five months ago. That said, I'm still not too sure if this will be that funny overall. Watch it below!

Watch the full theatrical trailer for Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels:

You can also watch the new Gulliver's Travels trailer in High Definition on Moviefone

Gulliver's Travels is directed by Rob Letterman, who is making his live-action debut after co-directing both Shark Tale and Monsters vs Aliens for DreamWorks Animation. The screenplay for this was written by Joe Stillman (Shrek, Shrek 2, Planet 51) and Nick Stoller (director/writer of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek). This is based on Jonathan Swift's classic story Gulliver's Travels first published in 1726. 20th Century Fox is bringing Gulliver's Travels to theaters in 3D and 2D on December 22nd this holiday.

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Not that anyone gives a shit, but I just wanted to say, based off the inane concept of Jack Black in Gulliver's Travels, I will never see this movie or watch any trailer for it. The poster is terrible enough. This is a stupid kid's movie, right?

LINKFX on Nov 2, 2010


Looks amazing , possibly up there with Scarface or Taxi Driver, I think JB will be getting some gold come Oscar night! Wooohoo.

Crapola on Nov 2, 2010


Gulliver meets AC/DC! Gulliver ROOOOOCKKKKKSSSSSSS! (kidding)

Manuel on Nov 2, 2010


that looks awful.

beavis on Nov 2, 2010


No, I like Black but no.

Xerxex on Nov 2, 2010


I smell a razzie.

FancyMonocle on Nov 2, 2010


Amanda Peet. Yum!

Bash on Nov 2, 2010


I'm a big Jack Black fan, but the poster alone made this look stupid. Then I saw this trailer, and in it I saw Billy Connolly and Jason Segel, and now nothing will stop me from seeing it.

Chocolate Supra on Nov 2, 2010


Lol at #3 i hope u meant you were kidding about mixing up ac/dc and kiss, and not being sarcastic that it rocks

abcdefg on Nov 2, 2010


I love you ever so much Mr. Black, but you need to please pick better roles. This looks pretty awful at the moment. I think he should go write The Pick of Destiny 2 instead lol (No joke).

Caitie on Nov 2, 2010



Joe Gillis on Nov 2, 2010


Wow...looks hilarious! That joke about people "looking up to him!" What a riot! Hold on tight to your seats this is going to be one wild comedy rollercoaster!

First World Problem on Nov 2, 2010


I'm part of the demographic that ths is aiming for so in my honest opinion , i'm gonna have to say netflix, only beacuse of Jack Black, Billy Connolly, and Jason Segel

max s. on Nov 2, 2010


lol dis look so good but i hope it dun't cum out at the same tim ass yogi bear lol dat wud suk lol i dun't want 2 hav 2 chuse lol i luved nite at teh museim n i hope dis is ass gud ass dat lol

Squiggly_P on Nov 2, 2010


I'm gonna see this.

peter T'Sas on Nov 2, 2010

16'll stream it when it gets to Netflix, which should be, like, 2 days after the overpriced DVD comes out.

The Credenza Kid on Nov 2, 2010


This not only looks stupid, it is stupid! The ones who will think this movie is great are the Tea Party people, you know-- STUPID! on Nov 3, 2010


You mean like people who put their email in the spot that says NAME! Call me stupid but I'm all for this!

Jimmy Love on Nov 3, 2010


#3- that is KISS, not ac/dc. I don't know how anyone could have confused those two.

uhh on Nov 3, 2010


I liked it up until they stole the idea of a Transformer from Shia’s movie. Lame. I might go see it because i admire Jack Black for taking his shirt off on screen and not being ashamed of his not being skinny.

Valerie Atherton on Nov 3, 2010


This kind of reminds of Bed Time Stories. Still, I thought this looks really funny!

Abe on Nov 3, 2010


if your a true Jack Black fan, then you'll watch any movie hes in!!

Said on Nov 3, 2010


#19 Jimmy Love, that's not even my real name, stupid!

jed on Nov 5, 2010


It's not gonna be that bad. In fact, I look forward to watching Guilliver's Travels. Jack Black *can* be pretty funny. Like Ben Stiller tied up by cowboys and Roman soldiers in Night at the Museum, now that was funny.

Torrent Download on Jan 10, 2011

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