Watch: Fun 'Take Me Home Tonight' Trailer with Topher Grace

December 14, 2010
Source: Apple

Take Me Home Tonight

You remember Suncoast Video, don't you? Similar to Sam Goody and Media Play and so on. Time for a blast from the past with this trailer! Previously known as Young Americans or Kids in America, Relativity Media has finally debuted a trailer on Apple for what they're now calling Take Me Home Tonight, a rockin' fun new 80's comedy starring Topher Grace as a college grad who tries to hook up with his dream girl, played by the always lovely Teresa Palmer, at a wild Labor Day weekend party. The cast also includes Anna Faris, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lucy Punch, Michael Biehn and Dan Fogler. It looks rather fun. Check it out below!

Watch the official trailer for Michael Dowse's Take Me Home Tonight:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the Take Me Home Tonight trailer in High Definition on Apple

Follows an aimless college grad (Grace) pursuing his dream girl at a wild Labor Day weekend party. He, his twin sister and their best friend struggle with their burgeoning adulthood over the course of the night.

Take Me Home Tonight is directed by Canadian filmmaker Michael Dowse, of indie comedy classics Fubar I & II and It's All Gone Pete Tong, as well as a few episodes of "The Foundation." The screenplay was written by Jackie Filgo & Jeff Filgo ("That 70s Show", Diary of a Wimpy Kid) from a story written by Topher Grace & Gordon Kaywin. Relativity Media is bringing Take Me Home Tonight to theaters starting on March 4th!

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the topher grace character is one any guy can relate to on some level. this looks like a fun watch.........i'm there!

beavis on Dec 14, 2010


Looks pretty good.

writebrained on Dec 14, 2010


Looks good, looks different !

Alex on Dec 14, 2010


Michael Biehn, 'nuff said. Trailer was good, nice to see Grace again.

Xerxex on Dec 14, 2010


I'm so glad there's been a small surge of movies about the 80's coming out. This one looks good<---So says the kid who grew up in the 80's.

ModernAmericanMan on Dec 14, 2010


I'm not knocking this movie, because it could be very good for all I know. But it is full of very old people playing very young people. So much so it's kind of a joke.

DRM on Dec 14, 2010


kind of like an 80's movie?...

ToK on Feb 13, 2011


They dont look old in the movie and thats why it doesnt matter. Anyway, this looks like a fun movie that might have some heart. Yay for hearts!

gmorra on Dec 14, 2010


This looks like its gonna be pretty good

ORionCOmplex on Dec 14, 2010


Movie with awesome 80s songs? Good enough for me! 🙂

MithunOnThe.Net on Dec 14, 2010


I loveeeeeeeeeeeee 80's flicks they try to emulate that SH*** with today and doesnt work! this feels like im watching and 80's flick! so cant wait!!

Pasmackie on Dec 14, 2010


Teresa Palmer looks like a much hotter version of Kristen Stewert and the movie looks pretty decent as well

Beltoballs on Dec 15, 2010


#6 this issue has existed for as long as movie-making has been going on......... why are you worried about it now? #9 - yea! and it doesn't get any more '80s than eddie money does it?

beavis on Dec 15, 2010


am actually interested had a ferris beuller vibe goin on

josh on Dec 15, 2010


Very John Hughes...I like.

GrandDoc on Dec 15, 2010


haha this looks awesome!

A5J4DX on Dec 15, 2010


@11 I know right?! I was thinking the same exact thing. And this looks worst that i thought it would be just from reading who was involved. Seriously, this guy alone ruined Spider Man 3 for me. Who in their right minds would cast this guy as Venom? It's beyond me. That and emo peter parker didn't help. And I hate Anna Faris, she's not funny at all.

Ricardo on Dec 15, 2010


Felt like a Superbad and Ferris Bueller's Day Off had a cinematic baby

Janny on Dec 15, 2010


Some parts looked excellent.... others looked worse. But I'm looking forward to it! But I have a hard time with topher grace... he canm NEVER play sympathatic.

ryderup on Dec 15, 2010


'wow, wrong again' haha this is gonna be gud

geneguru on Dec 15, 2010


Someone Help! Who is the actor at the 1:09 mark...the guy who says, "what happened to you, I thought you went to MIT?" It's driving me crazzyyyyy I know him from somewhere and I can't put a finger on it haha As for the movie - looks funny, I'm thinking more of a rental tho

DavesAllTheRave on Dec 15, 2010


It's funny how I liked 80's movies as a kid, the partying, the over the top outfits, the mid film dip with the glorious outcome. Then I realised I grew up in the 80's, mostly in second-hand 1970's clothes and avoiding heroin addicts and it wasn't until I hung out with some rich kids that I fully experienced the lunacy of children inspired and able to carry out the fantasy of 80's films that it all made sense. I think the cynicism of kids these days just doesn't make as fun a film, it all has to go pretty sour, maybe that's why the 80's keeps getting dug up...

Crapola on Dec 15, 2010


@20 It's Demetri Martin, from the MTV show "Important things with Demetri Martin". That's one funny dude.

Ricardo on Dec 15, 2010


looks like the 80s and Superbad has a child together. sold.

MumbaiWhore on Dec 15, 2010


Oh no not Topher Grace!

Jimmy Love on Dec 15, 2010


I don't see the point of making it the 80's...the only thing that I thought was amusing about that trailer was the fact that they were wearing stupid 80's style clothes...but I might watch it because Hutch is in it..

CLerksFan on Dec 15, 2010


I saw a screening of this a few months ago when it was still called Kids In America. It was okay. Where Adventureland succeeded in embracing 80's nostalgia, this movie was just a parody. Maybe they've got a better cut for the theatrical release.

CitizenGirl on Dec 15, 2010


it looks nice!

Susana on Dec 16, 2010


Looks like every high school/coming of age movie made in the 80's. Which i'm all about so i'll be watching!

budbud on Dec 19, 2010


License to Drive with the Corys 🙂

Ells on Dec 21, 2010

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