Watch: Hans Zimmer Performs Inception Score at its Premiere

July 14, 2010
Source: In Contention

Hans Zimmer

In an epic publicity stunt, legendary composer Hans Zimmer teamed up with guitarist Johnny Marr (of The Smiths) for a live performance of the score from Inception during the big glitzy, glamorous red carpet premiere held in Los Angeles last night for Christopher Nolan's new movie. I can personally attest to the fact that Zimmer's score for Inception, like all his scores for Nolan, is absolutely phenomenal and this would've been amazing to watch in person. That said, it was recorded live last night and our friends at In Contention found a playback video of the stream for your viewing/listening pleasure. Damn I love this score so much!

The video is pretty long, but if you skip ahead to the 8:30 minute mark, that's when things start up at the concert. Before then, there's footage of red carpet arrivals and interviews if you want to watch that as well.

Zimmer and Marr were essentially the entertainment for the afterparty of the Inception premiere. They were backed by a 20-piece orchestra and played live at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. I normally would tell you not to listen to the score before seeing the movie, as I think it's best to hear it in the context of the movie first, but this is just so awesome I say go for it, especially if you're a big Zimmer fan like I am. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of this soundtrack as soon as you watch the movie, it's totally worth it, not just because Zimmer is as talented as Chris Nolan, but it's one soundtrack that you will listen to over and over. There is actually an entire website for the score you can visit (and can buy copies of it) at:

Inception finally hits theaters on Friday and I'm hoping everyone is going to be seeing it this weekend. For more info on the concert performance with Zimmer, head over to In Contention. Another extra photo below.

Hans Zimmer - Inception Concert

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Poontoong on Jul 14, 2010


Zimmer is typically the most overrated composer in Hollywood, but his collaboration with Nolan brings out the subtle atmospheric David Julyan in him(the composer of the first Nolan films & the Prestige)

LINKFX on Jul 14, 2010


Overrated? I'd say he's one of the best. Pure genius. Up their with Elfman and Williams.

Poontoong on Jul 14, 2010


I agree he is overrated, but still good nonetheless. I only say that cause A LOT of his scores sound the same.

Sean on Jul 14, 2010


i love his work. it all sounds epic 😀

sNufFy SMASH on Jul 14, 2010


He barely writes anything anymore. It's all done by his underpaid team who have to do everything in his style I would guess he hasn't personally composed anything since the mid-nineties or so.

Greg on Jul 14, 2010


For those wondering, the song played in all the trailers isn't actually part of Zimmers score, you won't find it on his website. The song's called Mind Heist, by Zack Hemsey, you can check it out here

Pebbles on Jul 14, 2010


hans zimmer is good, howard shore is so much better though

8=D on Jul 15, 2010


Zimmer is a damn good composer. He is. BUT UHHH... HELLO, PEOPLE?! JOHNNY FUCKING MARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick Gligor on Jul 15, 2010


Christopher Young for the win 🙂

ryderup on Jul 15, 2010


All you guys that continue to say zimmer in the best are either very young or havent been listening closely. With few exceptions he barely composes anything anymore. He is just constantly rearranging his old music with new flourishes or even just adding an insturment or taking one away. All of his music sounds nearly exactly the same. And even then his style is ripped off from classical work, just like john williams. Its all ripped off from Richard Wagner or Maurice Ravel. And for the most part Zimmer uses a team of cronies to score his films for him, barely working on scoring a film by himself. If you pay attention to ilms that have scores you think may be composed by Zimmer because they have that sound thats familiar, but its not Zimmer, its usually one of the members of his team of composers that just copy his sound.

LinkfX on Jul 15, 2010


All of Hanz Zimmers work is epic and his protoge Steve Joblanski is certainly following in his footsteps.

RICH on Jul 15, 2010


I own about 65 soundtracks (just the orchestra kind) and it was Zimmer that got me started. Crimson Tide was the first one I bought. Other favorite of mine from him are Gladiator, Batman Begins, Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur. Good stuff. Love just about everything he does.

jjboldt on Jul 15, 2010


Anything with Zimmer's name attached has been good, no GREAT. Youtube 'Agressive Expansion.' Makes me wanna punch someone in the face and waterboy tackle the next person I see.

Solo Calrissian on Jul 15, 2010


I'm trying to avoid all reviews and featurettes, now that the movie is upon us, but fuck me, I had to check this out. Man, what a great score! Should make for an intense movie experience when watching this sumbitch on the biggest screen I can find. I'm actually going to go to the theater to see it. No DL's for this cowboy. Oddly enough the last time I made this same pact, the movie in question was....Dark Knight. I'm excited as hell to check this out. I cannot wait!

DLM Entertainment on Jul 15, 2010


Yes right, all Zimmer scores sounds the same. No imagination. Just tricks. His best was probably one of his firsts, for "Fools of Fortune". But then, his musics for "Backfraft," "Black Rain," "Pacific Heights" until now just are about the sames... No imagination, no creativity, just recipes. And mostly the musics are even not orchestrated by him. And now with "Inception" we hear "Backdraft" again, "Black Rain" again... Please Hans Zimmer, stop masturbating, this is now an overdose of musical poorness with, the worst, some feeling of pretention. Poor Edith Piaf, that rendition of "Non, je ne regrette rien" must make her turn her in her grave. If rated, Obviously Hans Zimmer is OVERRATED.

Sylvain (from Paris) on Jul 15, 2010


Zimmer has ghost composers, a few actually.

Wonwon on Jul 17, 2010



Eli on Jul 20, 2010


Sir Hans Zimmer is a legend,period! The person who can make simple music and transform into something deep and emotional and layered!

mprashanth911 on Aug 7, 2010


thank u maan 😀

Sonic_syrus on Jan 18, 2011

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