Watch: Hilarious Official Trailer for 'Cedar Rapids' with Ed Helms

December 22, 2010

Cedar Rapids

"Laurels. Super awesome." Here comes our first look at the next potential indie comedy breakout hit? Fox Searchlight has debuted the official trailer on Apple for Miguel Arteta's Cedar Rapids - an indie comedy starring Ed Helms as a hometown insurance agent who's never left the town he grew up in until he finally went on a trip to the biggest city he's ever been to - Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Ohhh yes this looks oh so fun. It's premiering at Sundance in January and I can't wait to see it. The supporting cast includes John C. Reilly, Sigourney Weaver, Alia Shawkat, Anne Heche, Rob Corddry, Thomas Lennon and others. Watch it below!

Watch the first official trailer for Miguel Arteta's Cedar Rapids:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch the new Cedar Rapids trailer in High Definition on Apple

A naive Midwesterner insurance agent travels to a big-city convention in an effort to save his co-workers.

Cedar Rapids is directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Miguel Arteta, of indie flicks Chuck & Buck, The Good Girl and Youth in Revolt previously. The screenplay was written by newcomer Phil Johnston, of A Thousand Words, Flightless Birds and Ghosts/Aliens previously. Fox Searchlight produced and is distributing the film, which will be premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival in January. Cedar Rapids will then hit limited theaters starting on February 11th, 2011 after the fest. I definitely can't wait to see this! What about you?

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Chocolate Vanilla love sandwich. Anne Heche is looking good. Non-gangsta black guy talking gangsta. John C. Reilly. Ed Helms screaming like a girl. all these things are so awesome, that I am officially in!

Xerxex on Dec 22, 2010



Diogo Alves on Dec 22, 2010


2 bags – super awesome!

casshern on Dec 22, 2010


Lets go Hawks!

Ned on Dec 22, 2010


The Hangover meets SuperBad.

Bash on Dec 22, 2010


SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT, every actor in the wire will never be known by there actual names.

Cody w on Dec 22, 2010


count me in...BIG TIME!!!!!!!!

Jericho on Dec 22, 2010


thought i recognized that chick, alia shawkat needs to be in more movies

harrison on Dec 22, 2010


Leaving Las Vegas meets 40 Year Old Virgin meets the 2nd season of South Park.

ModernAmericanMan on Dec 22, 2010


John C. Reilly with another amazingly funny character! ann heche looking VERY good and ed helms acting like the total innocent in the "big city".........i'm there opening night!!

beavis on Dec 22, 2010


Looks so freakin good. I cannot wait.

Chazzy on Dec 22, 2010


Comment removed by moderator.

crumb on Dec 22, 2010


Ok..this is one of these times that i truly believe that all previous comments are totally, utterly and downright phony (not to mention the trailer presentation...). They are more fake than Bush's reasoning about the existence of WMD's in Iraq. Gives you a proper idea to what extent people will go to sell you something. Now..if these comments are indeed true, then i'm afraid they are all in a very bad taste.

MajesticXIII on Dec 23, 2010


Wow Majestic. You can't just say "I won't see this movie.", "Doesn't look good to me." or anything like that? You had to step on everyone's comments and own opinions. I actually thought it was funny and has an interesting cast that made me want to keep a look out for this movie.

erokwillb on Dec 23, 2010


Looks crap.

cyckat on Dec 23, 2010



Silencio! on Dec 23, 2010


#15 - agreed. the movie looks like it'll make people laugh. #14, if you can't let yourself go and enjoy a wild comedy then i feel sorry for you.

beavis on Dec 23, 2010


hey majestic, just how high is that soap box? id hate to see what you call a good day in your life. good luck with that douchebag mentality too.

AC on Dec 23, 2010


You had me at Stephen Root.

NYF on Dec 23, 2010


And the award for the biggest Troll comment goes to...................Majestic! Looks funny! On my watch list.

McWilly on Dec 23, 2010


looks awesome cant wait! ty fs!

A5J4DX on Dec 23, 2010



That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Dec 23, 2010


looks awesome....ed helms please

highlite11 on Dec 24, 2010


Looks hilarious!! It's about time John C. Reilly got back on the comedy horse, cuz Talladega Nights was boring... #14 = Perfect Jerk.

Conrad The Great! on Dec 24, 2010


Kinda' feel like I've seen all of the funny parts and, well, they weren't all that funny.

writebrained on Dec 25, 2010


I like this trailer. Gives me good feelings in my body. I know its been said, but the Omar stuff was excellent.

Cracky on Dec 25, 2010


Looks good but that trailer showed the whole movie.

eruthephenom on Dec 25, 2010


# 1 said it all! I would have had enough with John C. Reilly!

leinergroove on Dec 27, 2010


Honestly, this really looks pretty "meh." I only chuckled once, at the Omar reference, because that guy was so good in The Wire as the sleazy corrupt senator. "Sheeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiit"

Stutz on Dec 28, 2010

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