Watch: Official Trailer for James L. Brooks' Film 'How Do You Know'

August 12, 2010
Source: Yahoo

How Do You Know Trailer

He's back! After laying low for about six years (since Spanglish in 2004), director James L. Brooks is back once again with a new romantic comedy titled How Do You Know (formerly known as Everything You've Got). The first trailer has finally debuted on Yahoo. How Do You Know stars Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson(!) and Owen Wilson. This is a very long trailer (almost three minutes), but that seems to be the popular trend nowadays with complicated comedies, as there's a lot of the story they want to show. That said, this looks fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Gotta love James L. Brooks!

Watch the first official trailer for James L. Brooks' How Do You Know from YouTube:

You can also watch the How Do You Know trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

A new romantic comedy about a love triangle between professional softball player Lisa Jorgenson (Reese Witherspoon), a failed corporate exec (Paul Rudd), and a major-league baseball pitcher (Owen Wilson).

How Do You Know is the latest feature film written and directed by American filmmaker and Oscar winner James L. Brooks, of films like Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News, I'll Do Anything, As Good as It Gets and Spanglish. It was shot last year mostly in Philadelphia and Washington DC. Sony is bringing How Do You Know to theaters everywhere starting on December 17th this holiday season. Anyone interested?

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I'm not quite sure what I just saw... but I know I saw something... I guess I need for it to soak in... yeah... that's it.

Ellsworth on Aug 12, 2010


Gotta say, this might be the only rom com i see in theaters.

korm on Aug 12, 2010


Okay let me get rid of this abnormally large toothy grin I have spread across my face and say: This looks pretty good. Rudd as furthered his legacy of being 100% un-hateable, and Witherspoon is looking great and Wilson is still funny. I have now come to the conclusion that Just when I thought that this kind of plot couldn't possibly be any dumber, it goes and does something as wonderful as that trailer... and totally redeem's itself! Yes I am totally sold!

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2010


I'll make it easy for her... pick Rudd.

LW on Aug 12, 2010


Agreed, I wouldnt normally go for this..... but Rudd, Reece, & Wilson seem to compliment each other and the trailer makes me smile : )

McWilly on Aug 12, 2010


i'd see "the romantics" before this. this has a good cast and i understand it's supposed to be light-hearted romantic fluff...........i'm just not a huge romcom person; and, it needs some kind of unique edge to it to catch my attention. by the way - xerxex, you were right about "rachel getting married"..........i didn't like it. i thought the acting and pacing were awful. - and i still don't think ann hathaway can act.

beavis on Aug 12, 2010


this looks like another crappy attempt at a romantic comedy. . . for shit

mike on Aug 12, 2010


+5 for Paul Rudd. +3 for Jack Nicholson in a supporting role. +2 for Herc from The Wire. -27 for Reese Witherspoon. That leaves us with -17... not happening.

Kevin on Aug 12, 2010


aw! you just knocked me off cloud 9 beavis thanks! joking. I think one day she'll surprise you.

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2010


#6... I wouldn't call this "fluff." Most romantic comedies are, yes. But Jim Brooks is one of the only guys who knows how to do them right. Terms of Endearment... you call that fluff?

Shane on Aug 12, 2010


I visited the set of this movie last summer and got to meet Paul Rudd! The first scene they show in the trailer is on the street where I met him.

CalebH2010 on Aug 12, 2010


This looks awesome. It has a charm that I can't even describe. AND i'm saying this after just seeing expendables (which was ridiculous!).

Gary M on Aug 13, 2010


anyone know the song in the beginning and at the end?

song? on Aug 13, 2010


LW number 4 take that back...she's going to pick wilson obviously!

geneguru on Aug 13, 2010


#10 - sorry........but, yes - this looks exactly like fluff. and i'm not saying that's bad - but, it just looks like a movie people will watch and forget about before they even get home from the theatre. i think this movie would be more interesting if the plot were done with the witherspoon character trying to decide between a man and a woman (tather than the conventional 2 men). i think the trailer of "lovely still" (which just went up on the site) looks SO much better than this. and as far as acting? i'd rather see landau and burstyn (with support from wood and banks) than this group.

beavis on Aug 13, 2010


sorry- my post has an error........i meant support from SCOTT, not wood. i don't know where i came up with wood?????

beavis on Aug 13, 2010


I thought it looked interesting. I'm still getting used to Rudd though.

Eli on Aug 13, 2010


you know for a long time on IMDB Owen Wilson had a writing credit for As Good As It Gets, but the movie only says he produced. Anybody know anything about that? And does this happen to be the same James L. Brooks that produces on The Simpsons?

John Stamos on Aug 13, 2010


Eli how is it one can just know be getting used to Rudd? The guy holds the crown for being un-hateable! That is baloney!

Xerxex on Aug 13, 2010


Why Paul Rudd Why!>?? Also, I didn't hate the trailer until that song started playing. Who picks this shit?

Napping Duck on Aug 13, 2010


James L. Brooks is officially and forever the king of horrible movie titles.

Mike on Aug 13, 2010


I mean I saw him in a really bad movie years ago and never really got around to appreciating him. It was with Michele Phiefer who must have definately needed a paycheck. I Will Never Be Yours.

Eli on Aug 13, 2010


Witherspoon is a fine actress, but she gets less attractive every year. I think she might need to put on about ten pounds to fill out her face. That being said, this looks pretty good.

kitano0 on Aug 13, 2010


You, Me, and Dupree 2

Bob Saget on Aug 14, 2010


James Brooks is clearly losing his touch. Maybe he should go back to TV and TV only. Because, I don't know, the pacing of this movie looks pretty awful.

Film Fan on Aug 14, 2010


@xerxex some funny stuff there. Rudd is unhatable...and as for the movie...dammit...good trailer for a romcom...and i'll watch it with my girlfriend. good trailer great cast and...uh...thanks Alex.

chilin on Aug 16, 2010


The song at the end is by Brendan James called "The Lucky Ones". His stuff's awesome! Here, I found his website:

almightyviolin on Aug 18, 2010


The song at the end is called "The Lucky Ones" by Brendan James. He's awesome! I found his site too

Aliro on Aug 19, 2010


Reese without makeup? Not working

CookieMOnster on Aug 28, 2010


the last line is what did if for me the whole thing was nice and charming but that line just made me lol

neonblue120 on Oct 10, 2010


@#13-- the song in the beginning is "Finishline" by Fanfarlo

Donkey Odie on Oct 24, 2010


omg, thank you # 31 sooo much! i love that song and i haven't heard it in a while, and i was dying not knowing what it was. thank you thank you thank you(:

Loaloa on Nov 22, 2010


Reece is such a darling.

Koowie on May 10, 2011

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