Watch: One Last Trailer for Paramount's 'Paranormal Activity 2'

October 2, 2010
Source: Apple

Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

What does that guy and his baby, as seen above, have to do with Paranormal Activity 2? Ohhh you just wait and see! Even after sending out creepy viral videos and featuring multiple trailers with hidden footage, there's yet another new trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 that has just debuted. Apple has debuted a full 62 second final theatrical trailer that actually teases the story, not just the gimmicky ghost scares, this time. As you'll see, this is about a family that's being haunted and that damn baby again. I like that it's a new family, and the dog, baby, and pool camera do up the ante, but will the gimmick pay off a second time? Have fun!

Watch the final theatrical trailer for Tod Williams's Paranormal Activity 2:

[flv: 598 338]

You can also watch the final trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 in High Definition on Apple

Paranormal Activity 2 is directed by American filmmaker Tod Williams, otherwise known as Kip Williams, who previously directed indie flicks The Adventures of Sebastian Cole and The Door in the Floor. The script was written by producer/writer Michael R. Perry, who has mostly worked in TV writing for shows like "The Guardian", "Stephen King's Dead Zone", "Law & Order: SVU." This is a sequel to the original Paranormal Activity shot by Oren Peli at his own home on a budget of $15,000. Paramount will be bringing Paranormal Activity 2 to theaters on October 22nd, a week before Saw 3D opens. Official site:

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Paranormal INactivity. Seriously, it's just a poor Big Brother imitation with no weight. I'd rather watch Cannibal Holocaust with my nuts in a vice. Possibly the worst youtube video of all time, because that's all the original one was.

Blarg on Oct 2, 2010


Okay I will admit that baby lifting up on its own was a little creepy. I still don't think the overall film will be good though... we'll see.

Cruzer on Oct 2, 2010


the first one was a dud. and this looks like more of the same. i'm still wondering who these audiences (from the first movie) were that said the first movie was so scary?...........because it wasn't.

beavis on Oct 2, 2010


Lol....seriously? come ooonnn.

Cody w on Oct 2, 2010


It seems like they took the scary scenes from the first one and just added a dog and a baby.

Brian Ricci on Oct 2, 2010


looks fun.

Whocares on Oct 2, 2010


I'm sure a lot of us will be lining up for this one! 🙂

Spider on Oct 2, 2010


The Hunter becomes the hunter. Eat the baby.

Crapola on Oct 2, 2010


Nothing better happen to that dog!

Chad on Oct 2, 2010


lol. Eat the baby. Man, the first one was way scary. I mean sure it was one giant gimmick, but I didn't know that going in, expecting another typical lame "horror" movie and I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to that other shit, it's awesome. This one as far as I can tell, this one's gonna be good as the first, or hilariously awful. Either way i'm satisfied. I mean it's probably gonna be bad, and if it is, it's gonna be just SO bad.

Da Man on Oct 2, 2010


I wont go see a movie with any dog that gets killed. Maybe this dog wont die but I'm not taking chances. It was bad enough when Will Smith's character killed his dog in "I Am Legend". I know, I'm a wuss. LOL!

jedibilly on Oct 2, 2010


Meh, acting looks absolutely awful. Hated the first one, wasn't even scary. This is yet another example of an unnecessary sequel.

notalent on Oct 2, 2010


Since i was able to see a little bit more of this movie i think it looks alright

King Aweasome on Oct 2, 2010


I got chills all the way down to my heels

John on Oct 2, 2010


These movies are for people (like myself) who can give themselves over to their imagination while watching a film. By setting it in a "real world" situation, you immediately identify with your own life, your own apartment, your own children, pets, etc. Of course, if you give yourself over to your imagination for a film, but the movie fails to stimulate it, your skepticism kicks in and you start questioning everything that happens in the movie. But if it does stimulate your imagination, it sticks with you. For me, movies like this are about your initial experience, so watching them more than once takes away from that. You are no longer caught off guard by what you are watching. I watched Blair Witch Project a second time and thought it was not nearly as good as I thought it was the first time I saw it, and I imagine I'd say the same thing about Paranormal Activity. That's also the inherent trap in making a sequel to a movie like this. If it's too much like the first, you get that "I saw this already and now I even think less of the first one" reaction. If it's too different, you get the "This is nothing like the first one, why even make a sequel?" reaction. Blair Witch 2 suffered from the second reaction. This one might suffer from the first. But if it balances it just right in between the two, we might end up with another unique experience that catches us off guard and stimulates our imagination.

Outlaw on Oct 2, 2010


I haven't seen the first one, so I would be seeing this with fresh eyes without the expectations. If I see the the first one before this one, would it ruin the experience for me when I do see the 2nd one? Hmmmm.... I'm in a bit of a quandary.

arjones on Oct 2, 2010


i liked the first one,i thought it was alright. i like movies that cost fuck all to make & take shit loads at the cinema. i just hoping it doesn't go the same way as the blair witch,the first one was alright but as soon as the sequel was given a bigger budget it turned out shit.

deadpool72 on Oct 2, 2010


Is that the same house as the first one?

CCavins on Oct 2, 2010


First PA was good and creepy. This looks like more of the same, just with added characters. Will likely bring in the bucks.

they're heeere on Oct 2, 2010


I found it interesting that the baby was pulled by the invisible force against the wall of the crib. More like a giant force of gravity rather than someone picking him up. And wasn't the burnt picture from the first movie? So does that mean this is Katie's (the woman from the first film) childhood? Prequel's annoy me.

Samuris on Oct 2, 2010


Ugh...I hated the first and the idea of making a second. This is like Blair Witch only they stuck to the same format so at least there's that....I guess. Still, what's this have? Nothing new and only scenes of shit jumping out at you to scare you. Wow. I might as well watch those stupid distraction videos on YouTube. That's the same intelligence that took to make this movie.

tra la la la la di da on Oct 2, 2010


Umm..well I watched the first one, there were a few thrills but I felt that it was a waste of my money to go and watch it in the theater. There is nothing this next movie will do any better than the first. I mean, we all know what's going on, what will happen and most likely how it will end, Duh! Whatever other movie gets released on the same weekend will crush PA2..who wants to see what will basically be a rerun of the first movie? Boring!

Taylor on Oct 2, 2010


As a young parent of a 3 year old this freaks me out a lot. Nothin' scarrier than not being able to protect ones child. I'm in.

Dresden on Oct 3, 2010


yeah i'll see it, just so i can say i did and give an honest opinion, i thought the first one was more creepy then scary so my hopes will be evened out

Jericho on Oct 3, 2010


GOD DAMN BLAIR WITCH 1 WAS AWESOME! im'a watch it right now

DoomCanoe on Oct 4, 2010


"The first movie wasn't scary. Nothing happened. Blah blah blah" That's what made it scary. The suspense, knowing something about to happen but not knowing what. The movie had me jumping at every squeak of the floorboards, and every slight movement of a door. This second movie looks sick.

Andrew Geczy on Oct 4, 2010


this looks better than the first one!! im such a sucker for ghost shit, cuz im so into the paranormal, thats y i loved the first one soo much lol

Tana on Oct 4, 2010


umm ok thats it?? not even scary and im scared of anything paranormal!

huh? on Oct 4, 2010


Granted this trailer doesn't look as enthralling as the first one was, however I am sure most of the nay-sayers here will be seeing it regardless of how they felt about the trailer. It is a profiteering scheme to as fast as they possibly can release another title similar to the original or create a sequel. If you have problems with THAT then I would write the movie companies who release these films and let them know your concern about the lack of originality looming in the major movie industry these days. If you dont go to see it then they wont make a third, but then if they didnt do that then what would you all have to complain about?

Hairu on Oct 5, 2010


I am curious to know what the people who didnt think paranormal activity was scary actually think is a really scary movie. I love to get scared during movies, which is why I loved the first one so much. If the people who think that the first one wasnt at all scary could share which movie truly freaked them out, that would be awesome

jd on Oct 5, 2010


Im probably going to go see this, but it looks so lame, and its not a sequel...looks more like a remake. How is it a sequel when there is no one from the first film, and it doesnt even follow-up on the first, its just anything creepy movie....

Mathew on Oct 5, 2010


this is awesome!!!!

sammi on Oct 7, 2010


please please please can someone tell me if the little doggy gets killed or injured becuase i dont know if i can cope with that!! thankss xx

Becky on Oct 18, 2010


I want to know the same thing - does that dog get killed? I'm so tired of them killing off pets in movies to make some stupid point.

kris10km on Oct 20, 2010

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