Watch: Promo Trailer for David Schwimmer's New Indie 'Trust'

August 2, 2010
Source: The Playlist

Trust Trailer

Although actor David Schwimmer was loved on "Friends" as Ross, his filmmaking career hasn't been as illustrious, to say the least. Schwimmer's first film was the 2007 romantic comedy Run Fatboy Run, which I didn't really care for. He's following that up with a new drama/thriller called Trust, starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener as parents of a daughter (played by Liana Liberato) who is targeted by "an online sexual predator." "We're chatting Dad…" This is so painfully cheesy yet trying to be scary at the same time, I'm not impressed, at all. Why isn't this straight-to-TV? Watch a new promo trailer (via The Playlist) below.

Watch the first trailer for David Schwimmer's Trust:

Schwimmer departs from his comedic roots in this drama that examines the aftermath of a young girl's seduction by an online sexual predator. Owen and Keener are perfectly cast as the grieving parents, but newcomer Liberato's slow-burning self-realization and climactic breakdown is undeniably heartrending.

Trust is directed by actor-turned-filmmaker David Schwimmer, who last directed Run Fatboy Run as well as some episodes of "Friends" and "Little Britain USA" most recently. The screenplay was written by first-timer Andy Bellin and Robert Festinger (of only In the Bedroom). This is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival this fall. Trust does not have a US distributor yet, but will likely be picking one up at TIFF if it all goes well.

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I kept waiting for them to say "Coming soon to Lifetime Movie Network"

Mutt on Aug 2, 2010


Oh yeah. I was gonna support David on this one but it sounded like garbage and didn't look too much better. run fatboy run was pretty funny but only a little entertaining to me. I don't know how Clive Owen got involved... well maybe. He's been in a lot of really shitty movies lately except The International.

Eli on Aug 2, 2010


run fatboy run was a great movie screw you for not liking it but this movie looks like poop.

sickdoghats on Aug 2, 2010


definitely looks like direct to DVD quality.

Cmurder on Aug 2, 2010


even clive owen cant save this crap

harrison on Aug 2, 2010


What's so bad about this? I think it looks like the typical thriller and no one's really covered the online predator angle yet. Seeing the government's process , which never seems to be able to catch these people, should be fascinating if handled correctly and Owen and Keener being involved tells me the script can't be that bad. I thought Run Fatboy Run was pretty good too so are people just hating on this due to their distaste for Schwimmer and friends?

peloquin on Aug 2, 2010


Didn't look that bad. Lifetime movies are always shot with those soap opera-esque cameras and this doesn't look anything like that. Regardless the acting seems decent, another trait Lifetime movies lack...

Sean on Aug 2, 2010


i love clive oven. but i fell asleep halfway through that trailer. consequences will never be the same.

Logan on Aug 2, 2010


How to Catch a Predator with Clive Owen.

f on Aug 2, 2010


Clive Owen needs to get a new agent - his recent role choices have been poor. Time for Inside Man 2 to get back on track.

Bash on Aug 2, 2010


I wish I could be in hollywood right now. I'd do everything I can to make sure this kind of crap doesn't keep happening.

Eli on Aug 2, 2010


I really like Clive Owen, but this looks like a piece of shit.

John Doe on Aug 2, 2010


I read that wrong and was waiting for Schwimmer to be shown as the predator.

Brian Ricci on Aug 2, 2010


It's really pathetic all these comments seeing that it looks like other typical Hollywood thrillers that are released to the cinema. It's just because you were predisposed to dislike it by our friend up there. Grow your own opinion.

j on Aug 2, 2010


I think Schwimmer was such a bore in "Friends", don't expect him to be any useful as an director either. Both Clive Owen and Catherine Keener have done good stuff so I don't understand why they have become involved in this.

Me on Aug 3, 2010


For real, not even Clive Owen can save this. #14 Maybe its because he had the right idea, anyone can see this looks like trash, though I do agree with you that the authors opinion sometimes makes people turn into lemmings.

Cody w on Aug 3, 2010


i watched this twice due to the negative comments - and, it doesn't look that bad. i think it's worth a watch. (although i'm not a big clive owen fan) alex, while i agree this could easily be a tv drama, i don't think it's trying to be scary - and why do you say it's "painfuly cheesy"? "charlie st. cloud" is painfully cheesy - this doesn't look that way at all. it seems to be telling a story of a family being torn apart by a tragic event. (kind of like "reservation road" or "ordinary people")

beavis on Aug 3, 2010


@5 Harrison, u said it pal... as much as i like Clive (that's right, we go by first name basis), i can't see this to be an amazing movie. I work in a media company and before the split, we had a entertainment distribution where we bought films and distributed in Canada...i'll tell ya, some of the big shots buying the film are only into making matter how bad the movie will be, if it's appealing to the mainstream audience, then bring it on!! i haven't seen RUN FATBOY RUN (doesnt seem like a blockbuster hit) but we distributed that...but that looked interesting (only cuz i like simon pegg).

chilin on Aug 3, 2010


Ok, I had thought the review was harsh before I saw the trailer but I do have to admit, it doesn't look impressive. But I am a Clive Owen fan and there must be something to the script to have attracted him, right? Fingers crossed for it to be a good movie with a bad trailer...

Pinar on Aug 3, 2010

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