Watch: Sam Neill in the Trailer for Another Ice Age Movie: ICE

October 28, 2010
Source: Quiet Earth

ICE Trailer

Is Sam Neill trying to make a comeback through indie action movies? That or he just needed to earn some extra money. Yep, it's The Day After Tomorrow all over again. Quiet Earth found a trailer for a movie called ICE that literally has the exact same plot as The Day After Tomorrow - a guy gets separated from his loved ones, crazy new ice age ravages the world, covering the UK in hundreds of feet of snow. And then it becomes an action movie. I can't quite decide if this looks better or worse than The Day After Tomorrow, but maybe I'll give it a shot because it's British and has a good cast: Stephen Moyer, Richard Roxburgh, Claire Forlani.

Watch the trailer for Nick Copus' environmental action movie ICE:

Environmentalist Thom Archer warns of a new ice age and points a finger at sinister energy giant Halo, who is drilling on the Greenland Glacier and causing it to melt. But his warnings are all ignored. So Thom realizes he must fight for his survival and the survival of Earth on his own. Based on James Follett's novel.

ICE is directed by British filmmaker Nick Copus, who's making his feature debut after working in TV for a while. The screenplay was written by fellow TV veteran Ray Harding. This was produced by Powercorp, the same company behind Crusoe and the UK's Day of the Triffids, and was shot entirely in New Zealand. We're not sure when to expect this, since it seems like an indie or straight-to-DVD release, but we'll let you know.

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Looks terrible

I have no name on Oct 28, 2010


The Day After Tomorrow > ICE

zzz on Oct 28, 2010


Things I like, most of the case, specifically Claire Corlani and the guy from True Blood. Also, it appears they they show more enviornment stuff and less people drama. Things I don't like, that they show a lot of people drama, i feel the rig is going to be a central location, and maybe a repititve storyline. But, I'd probably watch it, on dvd.

Chad on Oct 28, 2010


Whatchu talking about? Sam Neill gets plenty of work spruking "Meat and Livestock Australia" here on TV and he gets to work with oragutangs again. "Meat - you'd be silly not to eat it''.

John Q Arbuckle on Oct 28, 2010


I could film frozen dog turds in stop-motion with a script by a 4 year old and it would be better than DAY AFTER TOMMOROW. about setting the bar low....

uberman on Oct 28, 2010


the 'action' looks terrible, and yea borderline ripoff but i rather enjoyed 'the day after tomorow' would like to see sam neill in more, lets get another jurassic park goin damnit

harrison on Oct 28, 2010


is this a sci fi channel movie?

ocp on Oct 28, 2010


The Day After Tomorrow sucked, so why bother?

peter T'Sas on Oct 28, 2010


Trash, I think that's what things like this are called... Why is this even on here?

Mark on Oct 28, 2010


I think a feature-length "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" would be better... This looks like a 70's era "ABC Movie of the Week.

The Credenza Kid on Oct 29, 2010


tv movie, geezos

Crapola on Oct 29, 2010


Haha. This looked cheap like hell. What the fuck.

ryderup on Oct 29, 2010


This film looks awesome, I loved The Day After Tomorrow, I hope it's as good as that, nothing like a great disaster movie, if you don't like disaster movies go watch the X Factor.

Steve on Oct 29, 2010


Holy shit... Patrick effin Bergin? So that's what happens to dudes when they beat up on Julia Roberts on screen.

Duane on Oct 29, 2010


The Day After Tomorrow is better.

Robbie on Oct 29, 2010


the the story and acting don't look good at all - but the outdoor scenery looks pretty good and some of the action looks ok - i'll watch it as a rent (hopefully instant-watch off of netflix).

beavis on Oct 29, 2010


Piece. of. Crap.

l.21 on Oct 29, 2010


Nice to see London at the centre of this rather than New York, but yeah The Day AFter Tomorrow all over again - wonder if this was hard to sell given that movie has already released?

RUSE on Oct 29, 2010


if it was still about an ice age but minus the enviromentalist scare tactics shit it might have me interested but otherwise I couldn't be fucked. Global warming or climate change as they like to call it now is a load of shit just to make us all slaves.

DiR3cT on Oct 29, 2010


DiR3cT - haha. You make me laugh. I bet you're american.

ryderup on Oct 29, 2010


i'm with you No. 19 Hopefully in this one they won't be running from frost in a city where a pack of wolves has magically survived what everyone else couldn't. Day After Tomorrow was horrendous so I can't imagine this will be any better - unless they all start blowing each other away or something to survive

antioch on Oct 29, 2010


This is the second movie after Skyline to use the Transformers sound and credits.

Kevin on Oct 29, 2010



dr.doom on Oct 29, 2010


I love Sam neil. The tudors = epic But this movie doesnt look very good. I'm sure Sammy will do a fine job with what he has though.

filmfan111 on Oct 30, 2010


#13 take a loaded 12 gauge put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. Hurry up before you contaminate the rest of the human race with your sperm.

JohnDoe on Oct 30, 2010


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA wow does that look stupid. Why do they keep trying to say global warming will cause another ice age? It's not true and everybody knows it. An action movie as silly environmentalist propaganda that no one will go to.

Stephen on Oct 30, 2010


Poor Sam... He deserves something better. Anyway, I'm afraid I'll have to watch it. Anything for Sam Neill 😉

Mninha on Nov 13, 2010


Clair Forlani, Patrick Bergin, Stephen Moyer, and Sam Neill starring in... "Turn Your Head and Look"

J-Jo on Feb 17, 2011

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