Watch: Santa Claus is Pissed in Official 'Rare Exports' Trailer

September 9, 2010
Source: Twitch

Rare Exports Trailer

Forget everything you know about Santa Claus… It's all lies. Are you ready for an early Christmas present? You've probably heard about this (or knew we'd one day see it) but there is a film coming out this year that is a horror about Santa Claus. He's apparently a deranged killer who doesn't like when you're naughty, or something like that. Twitch has debuted a trailer for Rare Exports, a Finnish horror fantasy with Peeter Jakobi as Santa Claus, written and directed by Jalmari Helander. It actually looks surprisingly quite good, at least it has strong visuals, and I can't wait to see Santa go crazy on these people. It's in English, check it out.

Watch the first official trailer for Jalmari Helander's Rare Exports from YouTube:

A movie for those who think they don't believe in Santa Claus anymore… In the depths of the Korvatunturi mountains, 486M deep, lies the closest ever guarded secret of Christmas… The time has come to dig it up!

Rare Exports is written and directed by Finnish filmmaker Jalmari Helander, who actually adapted his own award winning short films into this full-length feature. It was shot on an estimated budget of €2 million late last year. This does not have a US distributor yet, but will premiering at the Toronto Film Festival as well as Fantastic Fest in Austin later this month. You can visit the Facebook page for the film or the official website located at: Don't know if everyone digs this, but I can't wait to see it. Who else?

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😀 very very nice indeed

Jeff Spicoli on Sep 9, 2010


trailer looks pretty cool, it didnt give to much away and builds a fair bit of suspence. Man i want to know more about this movie. Some how deep down i always knew santa was a deranged psychopath with homicidal tendencies. sweet.

Rudolph on Sep 9, 2010


Certainly looks a lot better than "Santa's Slay." I'm looking forward to this.

FancyMonocle on Sep 9, 2010


Ho-Ho-Holy shit, that looks fun!

Voice of Reason on Sep 9, 2010


Ho-Ho-Ho this Will bring Nightmares to Kids over Xams.

cineprog on Sep 9, 2010


If you liked this trailer, you might also enjoy these two short films. I used to share these as digital christmas cards. Though they are a few years old, it's still the same concept and characters. Here they are:

N. W. Mathiassen on Sep 9, 2010


ho ho ho - anyone else thinking of John Goodman on Futurama?

harm on Sep 9, 2010


Santa's Slay.... wow. I really wanted Goldberg to have a career. But, what makes someone make a movie like that? sorry bill, its never gonna happen. it's automotive TV for the duration. As a whole, the idea of Santa Claus as anything other than jolly and gift-giving just turns me off to the idea. dont get me wrong... the whole genre of mixed archetypes (abe lincoln, pride and prejudice, etc) is cool. this however doesnt sound cool

Goliad on Sep 9, 2010


Looks fun, and have a merry f*ckin christmas bitches!!!!

Cruzer on Sep 9, 2010


That trailer alone will make up for the movie if it ends up sucking dirt.

Wokkiee on Sep 9, 2010



zzz on Sep 9, 2010


wow...I'm going to go see this

Jericho on Sep 9, 2010


You are invited to visit TheSantaClausFoundation dot org.

Santa Claus on Sep 9, 2010


#8 Yea I thought the same thing! "ho, ho, ho... Merry Xmas!"

Paul on Sep 9, 2010


what a strange looking movie!... I'm in!

Daiteechu on Sep 9, 2010


lol, great trailer. I'll see it.

Xerxex on Sep 9, 2010


Hahahahaha! What the hell was that?!

Kevin on Sep 9, 2010



That Awesome Norwegian Dude on Sep 9, 2010


ok this look effin sweet!!!!

Matte Blac on Sep 9, 2010


weird al yankovic's the night santa went crazy now made into a movie

max s. on Sep 9, 2010


I have been waiting for this for a very long time. The original youtube videos were priceless.

Cracky on Sep 9, 2010


somehow i get the feeling that santa being a killer is the "hook" of this film........and once you watch the whole thing - it'll end up just being another bad movie with a sensationalist idea. i have to agree with #9........i'd rather have movies about santa be fun fantasy.

beavis on Sep 9, 2010


WTF?! I'm curious only because of that horde coming? I'm assuming those are the, gulp, elves?

Johnny Neat on Sep 10, 2010


@8 totally thought of that episode. Ve have Santa Klaus. Merry Xmas MotherF**kers hahaha !

1544K on Sep 10, 2010


After I saw the horde, the trailer had me. I hope this turns out well.

Hey Wowza on Sep 10, 2010


This looks fantastic!

Risk on Sep 11, 2010


Does Lee Majors come to save the day?

goudos on Sep 12, 2010


If you hate your young kids, you'll take them to this movie without warning them first.

Greedo on Sep 15, 2010


It was an amazing movie!

Ponyo on Nov 17, 2011

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