Watch: Second Aural Teaser for Fincher's The Social Network

July 8, 2010

The Social Network

This time there's visuals! I'm very intrigued by the marketing tactics Sony is using to tease David Fincher's The Social Network, the Facebook movie starring Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg. The first teaser that debuted a month ago featured nothing besides a bunch of audio clips and a simple visual sequence, but no footage. This second trailer (found via Collider) also features mainly audio clips, but now with some chat footage to go along with it. And damn does it sound epic. The chat borders on being cheesy, but when it gets to that final "you better lawyer up, because I'm coming back for everything" line, I'm hooked. Check it out.

Watch the second teaser trailer for David Fincher's The Social Network from YouTube:

The Social Network is directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker David Fincher, of superb films like Alien 3, Se7en, The Game, Fight Club, Panic Room, Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button previously. The script was written by screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin, of A Few Good Men, "The West Wing", and Charlie Wilson's War previously. It's based on Ben Mezrich's novel titled The Accidental Billionaires, about the founding of Facebook: "A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal." Sony is bringing The Social Network to theaters starting on October 1st this fall. For more info and updates, visit the official website.

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That didn't stay up long.

adam on Jul 8, 2010


If there was a dislike button I would be all over it right now. Cultural America just hit a new rock bottom...yay a movie about social sites. I guess people don't spend enough time on Facebook yet. pffffft.

dislike on Jul 8, 2010



Robbie on Jul 8, 2010


Are you kidding me? that was sooo lame! And the way the "new spiderman" said his lines, that was just bad. I'm still waiting for the movie, i like Fincher's work, but this marketing is really not doing it for me...

Ricardo on Jul 8, 2010


I'm both intrigued and confused by the marketing strategy for this film.

FancyMonocle on Jul 8, 2010


Being that is is a Fincher movie I am going to give it a shot. But even more so with Trent Reznor doing the soundtrack I am sold on that factor alone.

Raymond on Jul 8, 2010


edit: It's working alright. Screens are going to fast, can't keep up.

Robbie on Jul 8, 2010


No where near as engaging as the fist teaser, but intriguing trailer here.

buddhistwisdom7 on Jul 8, 2010


While it's up for the next minute, feel free to post Alex:

Scott on Jul 8, 2010


wow sony is reallyyy being tight on this new trailer,i cant find it anywere lol its not like this movie is gonna be good anyway

FallenSpider on Jul 8, 2010


I'm REALLY amazed at the idiocy of some of the people who post here, or let alone on the internet about films they know barely nothing about. Is hating on something without grasping the content really the best you can do people? "It's a movie about social sites, Cultural america has hit a new lowwww Oh noes" Before you spew dumb s**t like that, first consider who is behind the film, both the WRITER and the DIRECTOR. Second, consider thinking "outside the box" for once in your life...that just MAYBE this film's core ISN'T about social networking sites? Have you thought about that?

sedna on Jul 8, 2010


#11 I agree. I think this will be a great 21.

Steffan on Jul 8, 2010


@11- it wouldnt be the internet without those people. Aha!

weecho on Jul 8, 2010


Just because Finchers involved doesn't make it gold just look at panic room, that was an atrocity! and alien 3 is just eh compared to the first to films, Benjamin button was just ok So yeah knowing who's involved in it i still don't care because the subject matter is not interesting. I dont care about the douche bag who invented facebook or who he screwed over in the process, what would be interesting is something about who's gonna fix facebook.

Jimmy Love on Jul 8, 2010


I'm totally going to Facebook my Twitter about this, then make a blog post on my iPhone. Then stab some children.

Crapola on Jul 8, 2010


@14. "Fincher acknowledged Panic Room as a more mainstream thriller, describing the film as "[basically] a date movie" and a "really good B movie" about "two people trapped in a closet" on the DVD's audio commentary" atrocity is you being stupid by spewing s^8t without having done the research. Two, if you really are calling Panic Room an atrocity then you haven't seen a lot of films in your life. "So yeah knowing who's involved in it i still don't care because the subject matter is not interesting" The subject matter isn't interesting TO YOU. Then don't moan. "I dont care about the douche bag who invented facebook or who he screwed over in the process" Again, what are you doing posting here? Go something better to do where you actually DO CARE about "what would be interesting is something about who's gonna fix facebook." You sound like one of those teens who spend every other second checking their own facebook, with very little friends (which is actually fine - yet how many of them ARE your true friends) but hoping to get their numbers up in the hundreds like some of the people they do know. Listen, what the f*9k are you doing here, seriously.

sedna on Jul 8, 2010


this looks cool. reminds me of the bill gates situation with microsoft and stuff. like it or not facebook is a big deal and it's interesting to see a story about the inner workings of something with a huge cultural impact. the net is srs business yall

real talk on Jul 8, 2010


this looks cool. reminds me of the bill gates situation with microsoft and stuff. like it or not facebook is a big deal and it's interesting to see a story about the inner workings of something with a huge cultural impact. the net is srs business yall

real talk on Jul 8, 2010


@ #16. Well done!

McQueen on Jul 8, 2010


so when are they gonna make a movie about a douche bag like you, then i can complain about that one to lol and i didn't need to Research the fact that panic room sucked! and you making points of other peoples points just proves how much of a douche bag you really are and its shit not s^8t and fuck not f*9K fucking text has ruined good foul language! Oh and excuse someone for having an opinion other than your own, you aren't the center of the universe. and if you don't like people bashing crap for what it is, then stay away from the internet I don't get my panties in a bunch if someone say they hated a movie that i like, but at least Ive seen them. a really good b movie! that's laughable it sucked, call a spade a spade and how do you know what i sound like? Sedna? trying to start shit on a forum you sound like the diaper butt

Jimmy Love on Jul 8, 2010


Sedna, you're the one embarassing your self, just chill for a minute. It is as if someone is creating a movie you made, jeez. And how is saying something bad about a movie from the trailer different from saying something good? Neither of you have seen the movie! And what if Fincher is behind it? This trailer/teaser, whatever isn't good at all. The movie might very well surprises us, but this trailers...they're bad...

Ricardo on Jul 8, 2010


Talk about somebody getting pissed. Chill out Jimmy, you're getting your "panties in a bunch" over some hard facts you can't handle. Smoke some weed kiddo.

sedna on Jul 8, 2010


I was too distracted by Justin Timberlake's whiny, nasally voice to comprehend anything else in that teaser. He is such a terrible actor. I really don't know how he gets cast in movies.

michellemarieb on Jul 8, 2010


First, I think this is a story that needs a movie, because as cheesy as it sounds MySpace, Napster, and Facebook are some of the defining developments of this generations. Napster changed the music industry and social networking websites are in the process of changing how people relate, communicate, and share ideas. It's not just insignificant teenagers stuff anymore. Dare I say it for fear of the wrath of opinion, but this stuff is doing for the internet what the car did for industry back in the day. With all of that said I think what this trailer did is effectively neuter the importance of the story, but pigeon toeing it into exactly what I'm saying it isn't.....essentially a cheesy story about kids and their virtual lives. The chat idea, although interesting, makes the film seem about that very idea. Basically people arguing over the internet about who's cooler, doing nothing, and talking about nothing of value. This movie ultimately will be about more than that. It has to be, or it wouldn't be being directed by Fincher. It would be some lighthearted teen comedy starring Hilary Duff, or Miley Cyrus.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jul 8, 2010


@sedna You have to understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. i majored in sociology (which isn't the most best or practical major) and i see things from outside the box from time to time but at the same time i'm not as interested in this movie. maybe because i don't have facebook, i don't "tweet" but simply, there's nothing really engaging in the story except a lawsuit waiting to happen. That's what i got from the teaser. Perhaps a documentary would've better suited this film. If you want ppl to think outside the box, you yourself have to think that way. i'm pretty sure you've seen bad films. let's say you saw a trailer and it looks like utter garbage, there will be someone to disagree with you and say it looks like an art piece. now can you say that, they're thinking outside the box?

chilin on Jul 9, 2010


I hate Facebook and think a movie about the computer geek who invented it sounds sooooooo boring. Finch hasn't done good work for years now. Trent Reznor doing the soundtrack makes it an even more of a snoozer. I guy's old and hasn't dome a good album since the mid 90s. Now, all his songs sound the same.

violet on Jul 13, 2010


Hollywood is officially out of ideas.

HAtefulImmigrant on Sep 17, 2010

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