Watch: Teaser Trailer for Disney's Beauty and the Beast in 3D

July 27, 2010
Source: SlashFilm

Beauty and the Beast in 3D

I know what you're thinking - why watch a trailer for a 3D re-release of a movie in 2D online? You're right, you don't have to watch this, but if anything it should be a nostalgic kick in the butt for anyone who grew up with this movie. Found by SlashFilm is this teaser trailer for Disney's Beauty and the Beast in 3D, their long-delayed upcoming re-release of the animated Disney classic. It's one of the first 2D animated movies to get a 3D conversion, but I can tell you it looks gorgeous. They went back to the original files to convert and if you saw the Toy Story 1 & 2 last year, you know it'll be a great theatrical experience. Watch the teaser below!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Disney's Beauty and the Beast in 3D re-release:

Beauty and the Beast's original team of filmmakers, including producer Don Hahn (also of Waking Sleeping Beauty) and co-directors Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale, returned to oversee the 3D conversion. "By going back to the original animation files, which have been carefully archived for 17 years, and using the separate background, effects and character animation elements, we're able to come up with a fun and unique 3D experience for existing and new fans of the film." I saw footage from this way back in 2009 and it looked truly gorgeous, but the initial re-release was delayed until early 2011. Beauty and the Beast was originally released in 1991 and has made over $171 million since then. Just wait until you actually watch this in 3D!

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Of all the shit that comes out of Hollywood, Disney always seems to be the most innovative. I can't say I'm looking foward to this, but kudos to the guys and gals behind it.

Eli on Jul 27, 2010


Lol, shit-- I'm excited. Ready to get my Gaston on. Fucking boosh.

Cracky on Jul 27, 2010


My love for this film, tells me not to click play, and I'm gonna listen to it, Beauty and the Beast remains one of my all time favorite films and a 3-D re-release is a sick, sick, sick joke. So fuck off bastard version of a classic! what's next a 3-D re-release of the Godfather!?

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2010


xerxex it's in the works as we speak. Everyone wants to ruin their eyes that badly and for what?

Eli on Jul 27, 2010


The dimness of 3D will totally ruin the vibrant and majestic colors of the original art work.

germs on Jul 27, 2010


My eyes now have aids. My little sister loved the original, but she's pretty daft that way. Alex, sometimes I honestly wonder if you paid to sell this shit.

Crapola on Jul 27, 2010


Xerxex - Firstshowing's resident anti-3D crusader. Thats not an attack by the way, I hate 3D as much as you. Keep up the great work.

Al on Jul 27, 2010


I'm with you xerxex! Nothing ruins a movie for me like 3D does.

antioch on Jul 27, 2010


aw thanks Al. I knew I would eventaully find my purpose in life!

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2010


@Eli don't even joke like that man!

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2010


I was actually super excited about this, but wtf happened with the animation? It looks like bad cel shading with shitty photoshop backgrounds.

Chris on Jul 27, 2010


The song in the trailer sounds pretty dated now... I've noticed that in a lot of Disney movies, though. The only (animated) movie that really seems to hold up is The Lion King.

Tofer on Jul 27, 2010


another 3-d film,that was a fucking surprise. when will this 3-d buzz end ?

deadpool72 on Jul 27, 2010


@ 13 sadly, i dont think it will. i will only like 3d if they get it right, like they do at disney land and really make it feel like 3d, but thats not gana happen so there gana keep trying wish is so stupid! oh, and i totally agree with xerxex!

cheezy c on Jul 27, 2010


I love you too Xerxex, you are an unflinching warrior on an anti-3d crusade. I raise a toast to you and your passionate dismissal of a gimmicky trend. Reselling people the same old crap in 3d is insane, are people really that stupid? Well, the answer is yes.

Crapola on Jul 27, 2010


Wow this horribly draw film gets it's own 3D release. Andreas Deja, the animator of Gaston says of all the animated films he worked on this one has bad drawings. Hmmm... I guess people that have childhood nostalgia will go see this. I will just watch my DVD.

John on Jul 27, 2010


Boooo hoooo! Some people don't enjoy 3D and therefor releasing a movie in 3D is a travesty. Never mind the 3D hype, when will the BITCHING end? So far no one has strapped a person down and forced them to watch 3D... and every movie that I have seen released in 3D has also been available at regular price in 2D! With SHORTER line ups! I hate "dancing with the stars", but I don't strut around the water cooler pontificating on the inferiority of reality TV and judging the people who enjoy it! Disney re-releases it classics all the time. My bet is this, and most Blu Rays that come out in the near future will have both 3D and 2D versions, just as Disney/Pixar has been releasing both wide and full screen versions of their movies in one package. HEAVEN FORBID SOMEONE STILL ENJOY FULL SCREEN! THE HORROR! the horror... Seriously, Xerxex and everyone else licking his hindquarters.... build a bridge and get over it.

gonnarentit on Jul 27, 2010


@18, gonnarentit I co-sign. 3D really is just an option and while it is mostly just tacked on these days in some cases the effect can become really exhilarating. How To Train Your Dragon comes to mind.

Frame on Jul 27, 2010


18, the bitching will stop when they stop the 3D. We feel threatened because pretty soon, unfortunately, it won't be an option. Its a money grab, the studios know the public who actually likes 3D is in the minority, but they want that extra money. In terms of ticket sales, Dark Knight and Avatar are about even. But Avatar appears to beat DK by 200 million because of the extra cost.

Al on Jul 27, 2010


Gonnarentit you are an enemy in my battle to stop 3-D, I will destroy anyone who wishes 3-D well, prepare for war! Frame do not fall to the evil clutches of this gimmick known as "3-D" 2-D is forever the correct formant for the silverscreen! Seriously though 3-D is nauseating, and a waste of money. and as Al said the bitching will stop when 3-D vanishes from cinema.

Xerxex on Jul 27, 2010



feeheeheeheeny on Jul 27, 2010


yeah, a movie could really suck but then ppl are just blown away by the 3d and think that was the best thing they've ever seen. Thats not true film making!

cheezy c on Jul 27, 2010


oh please..... I like 3D. But seriously?

Aimee on Jul 27, 2010


#18 I have an IMAX near me and it's a miracle if I can watch a movie without going blind or having a hunk of shit plastic on my face. All of the other screens are subpar and Id have to drive 25 miles to hit up another theater. And yes, full screen can burn along with pan and scan.

L on Jul 28, 2010


Love that song.

casting couch on Jul 28, 2010


@18 gonnarentit, i was strapped down. i was forced to watch a movie in 3D. In fact, the movie was about 3D in 3D. then they surgically removed my eyes and replaced it with 3D lences hoping that i may view the world in "3D vision" and it wasn't even the black was the red and green lenses. but then they forgot that they had removed my eyes thus relieving me of the pain and suffering but just giving me enough time to log on to my computer to hear my friend read all the comments. he then helped me place my fingers on my qwerty keyboard custom made with braille so that i may post this comment. and also ad;kmf'ad;lamd;alfm 's ;dl;ad damn fingers weren't on the "F" and "J"...good day. xerxex - u have my support.

chilin on Jul 28, 2010


Didn't this come out 4 or 5 yrs ago? My sister & I drove to Houston to watch it on a big screen (maybe IMAX?) at the Edwards theatre. This was well before 3D was so common but the quality of the 3D effects on this was really disappointing - even with 3D glasses on, there were blurs, especially around Belle's dress. I'm really sick of the 3D conversions.

Christy on Jul 29, 2010


I guess the Broadway show and the video games and..... weren't enough.... 3D... Seriously... I mean SERIOUSLY?

Ells on Jul 29, 2010


I can't wait to see this, I loved the original, and I have no problem saying that "I would love to see it in 3-D"

Jimbone on Jul 30, 2010


I'm completely amused by the 3D-2D war. I like 3D but at the same time don't see it as a legit excuse to re-release a classic. Like Xerxex said, The Godfather in 3D? Now we can watch Sonny get blasted like we were there shooting him! SWEET! Not really. What makes those movies classics is that they didn't need all that BS hype and gimmicks. Movies that have nothing to offer but eye candy, I think they need 3D, they won't sell on story alone. Basically, if you don't want to think while watching a movie, go 3D. If you want to sit there staring at all the flashy lights and colors with your tongue hanging out, go 3D. If not, then don't.

Ariel on Aug 2, 2010


I'm just gonna wait for the diamond edition in Oct.

daniel f on Aug 5, 2010


Just finished watching it in 3D. Doesn't work. It's warpy and looks terrible. The multi-planning sequence loose their subtlety and look like cut-outs. There are a few sequences done well, and it would be nice to see a new traditionally animated film in 3D, but this film clearly wasn't made with 3D in mind. The bulk of the film was done very poorly. In the end credit sequence the sketches are dimensionalised really well though. They looked awesome.

Mark on Aug 29, 2010


I am so excited this movie was always my favorite.... and in high school i got to play belle. most exciting day ever..... when does this come out i want to see it

jenn on Oct 10, 2010

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