Watch This: Behind-the-Scenes of A Nightmare on Elm Street

January 5, 2010
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Nightmare on Elm Street

Found on the newly released The Final Destination Blu-Ray (which I hope no one is buying) is a behind-the-scenes featurette for Platinum Dunes' remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. We've already seen a trailer for this, but this video give us a look at the "man behind the mask" Jackie Earle Haley, who plays Freddy Krueger. It's a bad bootleg of the footage but it's still pretty cool to see. Maybe it's just because I'm not a Nightmare on Elm Street purist, but I think this could be really cool. I love the style and look of it, at least, and it seems intense and really crazy, which is perfect. I guess we'll know soon enough if it's any good.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video for A Nightmare on Elm Street:

A new reimagining of the horror icon Freddy Krueger, a serial-killer who wields a glove with four blades embedded in the fingers and kills people inside their dreams, resulting in their real death in reality, too.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is directed by first-time filmmaker Samuel Bayer, who got his start directing commercials. The screenplay was co-written by Eric Heisserer and Wesley Strick (The Saint, Doom). This is a remake of Wes Craven's original Nightmare on Elm Street horror classic from 1984. New Line / Warner Brothers is bringing A Nightmare on Elm Street to theaters on April 30th just before summer arrives.

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Love the behind the scenes features!!

Luke on Jan 5, 2010


Not bad!

tankmaster on Jan 6, 2010


Is going to be very hard for some people, like myself, to accept any other actor as Freddy Krueger. Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger as much as Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker and Christopher Reeve was Superman. Jackie Earle Haley has big shoes to fill. Good luck.

Baron the Curse on Jan 6, 2010


The idiots who support this film should be flushed out of existence. The film is going to be a poor travesty and only appeal to the freaks who believe Avatar is the greatest movie ever made. Sad times we live in.

Dr. Gonzo on Jan 6, 2010


And judging from that abysmal behind the scenes footage, this is nothing more than a terrible, generic teen slasher film. At least the original had sympathetic characters with some level of sophistication, not to mention a unique plot. This is just another chain in the generic market with 'uber-stylization' and bland characters with plots that can't even engage the lock on a toilet door.

Dr. Gonzo on Jan 6, 2010


Too similiar to the original for me to respect it. Will suck and if they made Freddy behave and look so similiar to Englund they should have kept him and kept the original timeline. I respected Niespels TCM03 because it took the original and made something different out of it. Not to mention that TCM was a "dead franschise". NOES does NOT need a remake. They could have kept it running. Just put in in present day and have Freddy return. Market it as a new film to get new fans but still have it loosely tied to the original films. This remake is NOT needed. But when they decided to remake it they should have gone back to the core/original idead/Script and not base it on what was done in the first film. Freddy should have had a different look, maybe going with Wes original idea of having Freddy being an elderly man?

ryderup on Jan 6, 2010


I can see why some of you are bothered by this; the idea that a great movie is being remade and that it might might turn out terrible, but I say they seem to be doing it the right way. The idea of a remake that wasn't so great can be scary, but I think that the Nightmare sequels were worst for the series than this will be, because those lost almost all the dark tones and feelings that the first gave us while this may only be a remake to us I can promise you my nine year old nephew has no idea who Freddy Kreuger is (yes I concent to minors watching R-rated movies), and with the improving effects I look at this as a chance to get him to see something I loved as a child while seeing how they faired myself... plus I need more Freddy so stop worrying so much lol.

MrSammich on Jan 6, 2010


"Nightmare" may not have been a dead franchise, but it was certainly on life support. I personally think that going back and putting a modern spin on THIS horror genre is solely needed. As noted, the make-up can be upgraded and less cartoony. And the studios doesn't have to pull the same punches as studios had to in the mid 80s with Freddy's crimes. Also, the dream sequences have the potential to be much more disturbing with the effects of the 21st century with a creative team less concerned with Freddy's quips and one-liners. And come on, how can you NOT see that final scene with the hat double take and go, "Ooooooooh. That's creeeeeeeepy." I'm not a huge horror fan and I'm fairly excited about this movie.

Eric on Jan 6, 2010


#3 & 4 - I couldn't say it any better myself guys. It's pure travesty. Now it's good they're giving it a modern spin, I don't disagree but I feel they are trying hard to keep as Mr. Englund. Now I bet people would be more pump to see this if Mr. Robert Englund was continuing his character he help create. I'll wait for it to come out in HBO.

blue & orange NY on Jan 6, 2010


I have no problem with this. If anyone can pull off Freddy just as well as Englund, it's probably Jackie Earle Haley. Also, as #7 said, most of the Nightmare sequels SUCKED big time (except for Freddy vs. Jason, which was totally awesome). A remake won't hurt the franchise at all - most of which has aged terribly. At worst it'll be like the remake of Friday the 13th: generic, not terrible but not great, and in the end, totally harmless when it comes to the main character. Freddy will always be Freddy, regardless of the quality of this film. Actually, thinking on it, I see the re-casting of Freddy as flattering. It shows that the character has grown beyond just one actor, like Dracula or Frankenstein's monster. We'll always remember Englund as Freddy just as we'll always remember Lugosi as Dracula, but that doesn't mean that other actors can't play the part too.

Gill on Jan 6, 2010


@ #5 " At least the original had sympathetic characters with some level of sophistication, not to mention a unique plot." Sympathetic charaters?! Those kids were not that far removed from their Friday the 13 counterparts I.E. you can choke them with a cordless phone, you know what I mean? Typical 80s cheese and nothing was "sophisticated" about them; aside from Nancy, those kids were in the flick to die... horribly. The only thing that was unique about the original was the introduction of Freddy as the dream killer but the concept of killing people in their dreams was already explored in a movie called Dreamscape which proceeded NOES. After that, the original was a straight slasher film... a clever and very creepy one... but nonetheless a slasher flick. I'm a big NOES fan. The original was the only one I really enjoyed but the 15 sequels that followed really killed it. I have no proble with this remake. Yes I would have loved to see Robert Englund in this because I agree, he is the only true Freddy but Jakie is going to be awesome in this.

The Rob on Jan 6, 2010


This is a Platinum Dunes remake, and this footage reeks of it. I am a big fan of NOES, and I must say that I am unimpressed here. NOES was a fairly original concept, and had a very unique execution for its time. That is why so many people know Freddy, even people who don't care for horror films. I feel like this remake is getting no original input. What I mean is it is following the same formula that all the Platinum Dunes remakes follow. One name actor, the rest virtual unknowns coupled with a stale script that is a shadow of the original film. Voila, you have another one of these failed remakes. As long as there are people who will go see these failures, Hollywood will keep churning them out. I can only hope that I am wrong, and this movie is fantastic. Bottom line, just because special FX got better does not mean that a movie should be remade. End of story.

Professor Brian O'Bilivion on Jan 6, 2010


I'm psyched. I loved the Friday the 13th remake. I thought Chainsaw was pretty good. Ryan Reynolds was handsome in Amityville though I've never seen the orginal. The Fog was a joke. The Hitcher was a joke. Anyone want to hang out?

Brian Ricci on Jan 6, 2010


Unimpressed.....someone said above that Wes craven had an idea of going back to use Robert Englund (who IS Freddy) and seeing the character as an old man...could have been creepy and disturbing! Cant see the point of an almost direct remake? using the same scenes (such as the bath tub)...seems lazy.

vegasdanny on Jan 6, 2010


I did watch the video it gave you some tit bits but it was not that impressive. The makeup looked interesting on Jackie Early Haley. But I tend to go back to the original with Robert Englund. I myself why they have had to do another Reboot of A nightmare on Elm Street Can it am improved on the original.

Cineprog on Jan 6, 2010


@ 14 Wouldn't people be upset if those iconic scenes weren't in a retelling of story of Freddy? I understand the laziness part but I can see some people getting REAL pissed off if the girl wasn't drug up the wall in her sleep while her boyfriend was in the room you know? I'm excited for the film. I hope for the best but, no one will really know how it goes until it plays on the screen. So we shall all see...those who go and watch it that is!

Lahirry on Jan 6, 2010


I love the orginal Nightmare. But you know I hated the orginal StarTrek movie but look at that remake it came out pretty good. If i was remakeing one of the most famous horror movies of all time i wouldnt show the best stuff in the trailer. Because if you make it look to good in the trialer then you go and see it and it sucks you will be upset. But if you dont show to much in the trailer only what you know about the films before. Then you go see it and you like the new version of it you come out of it like that wasnt so bad at all

Craig on Jan 6, 2010


Nice end scene.

Fisherr on Jan 6, 2010


Face looks like shit, could have done better , voice is good, but he never looked like a midget !

Kevin on Jan 6, 2010


"I personally think that going back and putting a modern spin on THIS horror genre is solely needed. As noted, the make-up can be upgraded and less cartoony. And the studios doesn't have to pull the same punches as studios had to in the mid 80s with Freddy's crimes. Also, the dream sequences have the potential to be much more disturbing with the effects of the 21st century with a creative team less concerned with Freddy's quips and one-liners." That is not a valid reason to remake instead of just picking up the series in its original timeline. This is so not needed.

ryderup on Jan 6, 2010


@13 I'll hang out with you.

The Rob on Jan 6, 2010


The character Freddy Kruger is perfect. The Aspect of killing someone in their dreams is the perfect psychological setting, the mind be do some pretty amazing and fucked up things, films like Hellraiser, Sublime, Memento, A cCockwork Orange, and Naked Lunch have done wonders for psychological films the world over and still to this day can shake you to the core and if this remake can instill the feeling of the those films then it can be a really crazy movie.

Xerxex on Jan 6, 2010


@everyone: Robert Englund ain't Freddy any more! so get over it!

DoomCanoe on Jan 6, 2010


Should've just made anither sequel, there's no way it's going to come close to the original with the low budget, grittyness and a actually scary movie. I can see them replacing England if they're starting over the series. Hate to see them make a change after the 2nd movie of the new series.(what) If someone can do it it's Haley.

Frightened Inmate #2 on Jan 6, 2010


Are you saying that a "bootleg", i.e, illegal recording, is provided on a major studio-released DVD that is being sold to the public like any other DVD? WTF? Must have turned into a reverse-parallel universe.

Cufford on Jan 6, 2010


the effects will be amazing , but as for Haley come on this aint warshack from watchmen ppl lol . he looks like shit as freddy, and yes england wont come back , but how about they stop making remakes and reboots seems like there out of ideas, o but wait lets just keep them coming with marvel super heros loll

Kevin on Jan 6, 2010


@26 Lol. "Warshack".

gill on Jan 6, 2010


Having a sequel to the last one , New Nightmare that wes craven did with him in it, they should make a sequel to that one, he looked crazy and sick in that one ! thats a better idea, o with todays effects aswell lol

Kevin on Jan 6, 2010


#11 - Compare the original characters of NOES to that of any latter-day generic teen horror flick. There is a difference. There's actual ACTING rather than running around in skimpy outfits for your facebook crowd.

deadzombie99@hotmail.com on Jan 7, 2010


Please stop saying NOES was and original concept go back and look at DREAMSCAPE with Dennis Quaid and you'll see NOES was a direct rip off of that movie. That doesn't take away the fact that NOES was a awesome movie but the complete template had already been written.

nktwrk on Jan 7, 2010


I loved NOES. It scared the pants off of me. I think some of the sequels were good, and others were *so* bad, if they were a horse, they would've been shot. (Don't worry you animal lovers, no horses were harmed in the making of this post.) But, I think that this re-make *will* be good, if for nothing more than the fact that they hired Mr. Haley to play Freddy. No one can *really* replace Robert Englund, because he will live forever in our minds as Freddy (the actor may see this as good and bad...typecasting sucks in H-wood), but I think Haley will definitely give him a run for his money. Great, underrated actor. and @Dr. Gonzo....dude, you're creepy. It's NOES, for frag's sake. Really. Get a life man.

dukeofcurl on Jan 8, 2010


@23...i agree with you, people need to get over the fact that Robert Englund is no longer Freddy.

guh on Jan 12, 2010

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