Watch This: Comic-Con Trailer for AMC's 'The Walking Dead'

August 24, 2010
Source: SlashFilm

The Walking Dead

I'm breaking all of our rules today to feature this totally badass (recut) version of the Comic-Con trailer for AMC's adaptation of the comic series The Walking Dead. We don't normally talk about TV at all, but this is one show that I think deserves the time in the spotlight for being one of the latest to break the rules of the TV world as one of the first series about a zombie pandemic. This trailer is a beefy, five-minute look at the undead-filled world Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist), as director of the pilot, has crafted for the show. I can't wait to see this, it's one show I will be going out of my way to watch!

Watch the full Comic-Con trailer for AMC's The Walking Dead:

AMC's newest fall series "The Walking Dead", based on Robert Kirkman's incredibly popular comic book series that began in 2003 published by Image Comics, tells the story of the weeks and months that follow a pandemic zombie apocalypse. Old world Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) travels with his family and a small group of survivors, constantly in search of a safe and secure home. Frank Darabont directed the pilot episode, which debuts on Halloween, October 31st, later this fall. Other series directors include Ernest R. Dickerson and Swedish director Johan Renck. Check out the official Walking Dead website at

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Please - it starts off as a BLATANT 23 DAYS LATER ripoff!

Josiah Rizzo on Aug 24, 2010


Wow... 28 Days Later, I'm an idiot. ha.

Josiah Rizzo on Aug 24, 2010


Well check the story first. It just starts that way. I was surprised myself when I first read the comic book. A bit of drama

mandarin on Aug 24, 2010


Great zombie fun on tv!!!! i'll be in front of the tv on oct. 31. i just hope it's not on till 10:00pm (after "family" time). #1 + 2 .........can't you just enjoy something for what it is?

beavis on Aug 24, 2010


oh. thanks alex - you do a good job bringing us good stuff like this. i'd heard of the show but didn't know it was this "zombietastic"!!

beavis on Aug 24, 2010


@1 ever read the comic?

Duck on Aug 24, 2010


Yeah, the whole basic premise is ripped off, from 28 Days Later; but that doesn't mean the series won't be well done. When you stop and think, The Sopranos was basically covered already, by The Godfather and Goodfellas; but the characters were well written and the first three seasons, in particular were some, of the best television, of the last twenty years. I'll definitely give Walking Dead a shot; I like Darabont as a director and this trailer looks interesting.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Aug 24, 2010


28 Days Later and The Walking Dead both came out around the same time so neither ripped off each other. And plus, it's just the opening of the show/comic, there are no other direct parallels. The main reason the comic exists to tell a zombie survival story over the course of a long time. Robert Kirkman, the writer, said that the thing he hated most about zombie movies were that they ended. He wanted to see what would happen to these people over the long term. The TV show is hopefully going to last long enough to do that as well.

samir on Aug 24, 2010


I can understand all the lame comments regarding 28 Days Later, seeing as how this trailer focused significantly on the hospital part, but honestly thats so miniscule compared to the length of the series that its more of a jumping off point. Once you're done with the first issue, all similarities between this and 28 Days Later are gone (besides the theme obviously). This is my favorite comic of all time, and they seemed to do a good (not perfect) job of capturing it. Can't wait.

Al on Aug 24, 2010


i will be so watching this especially if its @ 10 pm after my family time...

lupe on Aug 24, 2010


I'd also like to point out that hitting a spike strip, no matter what speed, would not flip your car.....thats one dumb thing I wish they wouldn't have added.

Al on Aug 24, 2010


@11 I believe they used special michael bay spike strips.

DPing on Aug 24, 2010


Unsettlingly intreaguing.... looks like and HBO show for sure. Hopefully it's got a good pace and has legs for more than 1 season!!!

Solo Calrissian on Aug 24, 2010


#13 - agreed. i really enjoyed "carnivale" on HBO.........but they cancelled it after 2 seasons.

beavis on Aug 24, 2010


OMG! It's a TV(Cable) series!? This is a first. I'll buy the DvD so I can watch episodes back to back. Because I can't stand waiting for a next episode after a cliffhanger. Looks entertaining!

Jedibilly on Aug 24, 2010


@1 no similarities at all, he got shoot in duty, the otherguy got hit in a mopet, he woke up trying to find his family, the 28 days guys family already dead, this one seems to have even better CGI, hopefully the new true blood is here, i got a feeling this tv show may start a new zombietrend and move the vampires out of the way. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU twilight

PinkSushit on Aug 24, 2010


@15 episodes back to back may be fulfilling, but the end of season cliffhanger may literrally makes you to hang yourself, well you decide, if this show becoems a hit, they may stretch it like lost for a 5 or 8 years, i suggest you wait till then XD

PinkSushit on Aug 24, 2010


No way, Jose. This is not a rip off of 28 Days Later. I promise. Soon after he awakes, it takes a whole other storyline. There is an incredible amount of character building, a fantastic evolving story, twists and turns and things you wouldn't expect (not to say 28DL didn't have that, it's just done so smoothly in this series). The comics were really great. I am so thankful that AMC has picked this up. This looks wonderful, IMO.

Cracky on Aug 24, 2010


Every zombie movie is a rip off of every other one. who cares, its zombies!

PJ H on Aug 24, 2010


Sweet, Im a sucka for some zombie action. Should be a good series. I will watch and have good time with it. Thanks Alex! Oh and good luck with all the complaining, hope everything works out for you guys. 🙂

McWilly on Aug 24, 2010


then 28 days later ripped off resident evil 2.. i mean c'mon, im all for something original but finally a concept zombie fans have always wanted, can a show about zombies last and stay entertaining over the course of 15 or so episodes? or even multiple seasons? how many people thought lost could last so long? a show about people stuck on an island with no gilligan? 6 seasons.

harrison on Aug 24, 2010


I thought 28 days later ripped of the original Day of the Triffid tv series, where the main character woke up in the hospital to find the world changed.

Hmm on Aug 24, 2010


Come on guys, this is based on an awesome comic book series that may have arrived a year after 28 Days Later first hit theaters, but it's still its own original thing. They're probably just trying to sell the show, but I've heard it's great, no need to argue about who/what it ripped off.

Alex Billington on Aug 24, 2010


okay just because he wakes up in a hospital doesn't mean its a rip off. first of all he got shot. the guy in 28 days later was in coma for some other reason. and read the comic. and # 22 your right.

Josh on Aug 24, 2010


Im sooooo excited for this. It looks well directed and the story even though it may be based on a graphic novel or a mix with 28 Days later the important thing is its a ZOMBIE series!!! Im all about it. I don't know about everyone else but I'm sick of all the teen vampire/werewolf crap on tv right now. A zombie show is exactly what we need right now.

jrock1109 on Aug 24, 2010


Sadly, I've never read the comics. I may have to before checking this out. Something tells me the horse doesn't do so well =(

Tether on Aug 24, 2010


oh shit #6! 28 Days Later... came out 2 whole years before The Walking Dead was first published nice try though you almost had him. Sucks. The first comic was published in 2004, check publishing dates not what the introduction paragraph on WikiPedia says. 28 Days Later... was released in 2002. So frankly who cares if #1&2 had read the comic or not. It is still a blatant rip off of 28 Days Later... or at least the waking up in a hospital alone after a zombie pandemic part is.

c on Aug 24, 2010


And Alex yes there is a reason to argue about if it is a ripoff or not. I don't want to see the same zombie stuff over and over again. If this is going to be a ripoff there is no reason to watch it as I've already seen it.

c on Aug 24, 2010


This is a TV Show????? I... am... so... happy (tears)...

Dreckent on Aug 24, 2010


Looks good. Just wish they had done it in black and white like the comic. One of the best comics out there right now. Here's hoping they don't screw it up to bad.

Ozzy0069 on Aug 24, 2010


First up, for those that are bitching about it, you do know that 28 days later wasn't a zombie movie right? If you think it is go and rewatch it a bit more carefully. The Walking Dead series stories are very different to any other zombie fare that has been released before. Anyone that has read the books and that will see the TV series will find out pretty quickly why TWD is unique. Either way if you judge something before you've even seen it your comments aren't worth the time wasted writing them.

AJ on Aug 24, 2010


May I remind everyone that "28 Days Later" WAS NOT A ZOMBIE MOVIE!!!! None of those victims were dead, it was a RAGE VIRUS. Jeez you people need to get your shit together!!

Conrad The Great on Aug 24, 2010


Thank you #32 you took the words right out of my mouth!

xaudioprox on Aug 24, 2010


@#31 & #32, exactly. Thanks guys for clearing that up. And also strippers are NOT whores. They simply dance and swing from brass poles and give lap dances to lonely sexually horny men for a couple of dollars. But they are NOT whores.

John Doe on Aug 25, 2010


*...sexually frustrated...*

John Doe on Aug 25, 2010


The beginning of that trailer looked awful like some internet spoof video.

Me on Aug 25, 2010


I was unable to watch that but is the sheriff guy Andrew Lincoln?

napoleonblownapart on Aug 25, 2010


I'm kind of thinking 'too much zombie' on television and movies lately. But then again, it's isn't well done most of the time. If anyone can do it, Darabont can.

Neal on Aug 25, 2010


Thanks for bringing this trailer to, Alex. I have been waiting to see what this looks like. The graphic novels were a lot of fun. What's with all of the 28 days later talk? The Dead Trilogy did it before all of them and it was better anyways. It's all about zombie fun.

L on Aug 25, 2010


The comic was planned before 28 days later and only the coma is the same. Jesus Christ, you might as well say every movie that has gangsters in it was ripped off from The Public Enemy or Little Caesar. The comic is really unique and the television show looks like it will follow it closely.

Chris Roberts on Aug 25, 2010


Actually Kirkman wrote the beginning first for the graphic novel but shelved it when 28 days later came out knowing that people would think he stole. He later said what the hell and kept the beginning. The series is still ongoing and is very well written. It is just really depressing.

Phil on Aug 25, 2010


#32 Conrad the Great, You obviously don't have a clue what you're talking about. Just because they aren't reanimated corpses doesn't mean they aren't zombies. There are mulitple kinds of zombies, not just the flesh eating kind. Example: mindless consumers who buy what they see on tv (see Dawn of the Dead), people who endlessly blog or 'tweet' about their day to day bullshit that no one cares about, etc. In haiti, there is a long-held superstition about zombies that, believe it or not, is based in reality. There is a toxin found in several species of puffer or blow fish called tetrodotoxin which can be deadly, but in non-lethal amounts can cause paralysis, amnesia, and can render vital signs almost undetectable so as to make the victim appear dead, so that when the effects wear off, it's as if they are the walking dead. Haitian witch doctors, known as bokor, made complex powders using these kinds of chemicals which can be found in marine toads, certain tree frogs, the aforementioned puffer fish, and a plant called Datura Stramonium a.k.a. jimson weed or zombie cucumber. There are real accounts of people who had been administered this powder possibly by having it blown in their face and inhaled who were buried alive, or taken away to be used as work slaves. I read a story once about a woman whose son had been believed to be dead and was buried and years later she saw him alive and knew it was him because of a distinguising scar he had. So you see, zombies don't have to meet your narrow minded qualifications. Next time, do some research before you decide to be a know-it-all.

JL on Aug 25, 2010


p.s. YOU get YOUR shit together

JL on Aug 25, 2010


Also, does seeing this make anyone think World War Z would be better handled in an HBO or Showtime series than in one feature length film?

JL on Aug 25, 2010


WOW JL are you F'n kidding me??? Thats got to be the most ignorant rebuttal I've ever read here! WTF does Haitian Voo Doo have to do with fictitious plots of a movie or a TV show? The only thing remotely close to 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead is the opening sequence. Other than that they both take two totally different paths. I guess you never read the comic otherwise you would know what the hell your talking about. Try not to over think things next time because you really make yourself look stupid when you do.

xaudioprox on Aug 25, 2010


Seriously looking forward to it.

Johnny Neat on Aug 25, 2010


Obvious trolls are obvious. They didn't read the book and are making rash presumptions. For those 3 of you who are blindly against it, go ahead, don't watch it, we don't want you to, you don't deserve it. The gimmick of waking up to a zombie apocalypse which could be described as a premise for 28 Days Later, is no where near a premise for Walking Dead. If season 1 mirrors the first omnibus, than the entire first season should be considered the beginning. Honestly just to catch up with what Kirkman has written thus far, it would take about 6 or 7 seasons. On an unrelated note, it'd be interesting in seeing how they keep Carl the same age over that stretch of time.

Al on Aug 25, 2010


@47--that's my biggest worry. Chances are they won't get the the prison until the end of season 2, season 3 would entirely the prison, and season 4 (assuming this is post-prison) just wouldn't ring true as it did in the comics if Carl is 15 years old.

rAdam on Aug 25, 2010


I'm now officially sick of vampires, werewolves, and zombies. So, up next, I guess ... mummies?

Sam on Aug 25, 2010


@ 49: Mummies was soo 1999 (hahaha!). I dunno, anyone who's on the "ripped off" 28 days later kick should read the walking dead graphic novel, zombie survival guide, World war Z (or even The Road). the trailer seemed to stay true to THAT style vs. the 28-days /Weeks later, Zach Snyder, Zombieland Zombies.... Seems to be a alot more humanity and strife to stay alive instead of splatterhouse action, though Zombieland was AWESOME and one of my fav movies of late.

Solo Calrissian on Aug 25, 2010


I hope the Horsey is okay.

Chad on Aug 25, 2010


Japan already has a zombie series called "High School of the Dead" so I will DEFINITELY be checking this out.

lamar on Aug 25, 2010


Can't wait to see this. I can't believe a TV series like this is being made. It will be awesome!

Mark on Aug 25, 2010


Excited. Read the graphic novel. Only thing was the song choice at the end. Didn't fit for me.

ZedsDead on Aug 25, 2010


hi, anyone know the title of music in this clip ? it's country?

Emiliano on Aug 26, 2010


PLEASE NOTE - 28 Days Later hospital wakeup scene WAS based on The Day of the Triffids, first published in 1951 ![ Blindness also copied John Wyndhams story!]

PHIL on Aug 26, 2010


@45 xaudioprox, You apparently didn't even understand my rebuttal. I never said a single thing about similarities between 28 days later and Walking Dead. I was demonstrating to Conrad the Great that there is more than one definition for the word 'zombie,' dumbass. He said 28 days later wasn't a zombie movie. That was what provoked my counter point. Not the argument that the hospital scene was ripping off 28 days later. I don't even care. The infected of that movie may not have died, stood back up, shambled around slowly and tried to eat people, but they definitely exhibited other zombie behaviors. Did you take notice of the fact that no one in the horde attacked one another, or that their entire activity centered around one imperative: the need to tear, bite, and beat the uninfected to death out of uncontrollable rage? It's not that different than living dead zombies, when the biggest similarity is that they are entirely and exclusively hostile to healthy, living people. What's really ignorant is that you missed the entire point of my argument, and then criticized it with a remark that was totally off the subject.

JL on Aug 26, 2010


Looks good. You zombie nuts eh? And yer original story lines...

Crapola on Aug 26, 2010


robert kirkman is the man! how that guy writes so many different titles and manages to make them all GOOD is beyond me.

Brian Barajas on Aug 26, 2010


Oh no. The horse cops it! As the zombies swarm over the tank you can see a separate group of zombies feeding on it in the top left of the shot.

John J on Aug 28, 2010


@JL I understand what you wrote and 28 days later has nothing to do with zombies so your rebuttal is still ignorant. I don't care what zombies behaviors you think they exhibited they're NOT zombies and the movie has nothing to do with or about zombies. And obviously you didn't get my point that the only similarities about the walking dead and 28 days in the opening sequence. nice try though you still look stupid!

xaudioprox on Aug 29, 2010


Good to see Jim Carrey back on TV ( 3:36)

ConnachtFan on Aug 30, 2010


im so stoked! finally something entertaining on TV other then Snookie of course

DoomCanoe on Aug 30, 2010


I. Am. Going. To. Pee myself.

HOLYOHMIGAWD on Sep 3, 2010


@Josiah Rizzo, 28 days later ripped off its beginning from Day of the Triffids!!

kenan on Sep 9, 2010


@32 Didn't the guy in the trailer say it was a virus in this show too? I guess that makes xaudioprox look like a dipshit too then huh? hahahahahhaha

andrew on Oct 7, 2010


I get that it's probably nothing like 28 days later, but there are a LOT of similarities IN THE TRAILER to 28 days later. The hospital part. The going to a house that is supposed to be safe but isn't. The talking to survivors who tell him all about what's going on because he has no idea, where he explains why he has no idea. The sniping of zombies from a window (that was a deleted scene from 28 days later) in the same fashion as the guy did. The debate about whether to hurt a child in what appears to be an isolated encounter. The stopping of transmissions (I know that one's obvious, but it's still a big event in 28 days later). The camping of people just outside a major city... I mean the trailer is basically 28 days later condensed into 4 and a half minutes lol. I get that the show/comic book itself might not be similar at all, but the choice of scenes in the trailer makes it seem as though they will be very similar. So all you fanboys - give it a rest. All you's who are judging the show based on a trailer and not several full length episodes - give it a rest!

andrew on Oct 7, 2010


#9 - not only that. Kirkman has stated many times that his story was written way before 28 Days Later came out. It's very reasonable to accept this as truth, because there are few months between the two releases, because Kirkman was more of an independent creator in need of illustrators and because it takes time to produce a comic book that way. I'll go and say the similarities - which are superficial, considering the extent - are absolutely coincidental. As seen on his other works, Kirkman would never need to rip off anything. The guy's a master.

godzilla_foil on Oct 24, 2010


Living with 'The Walking Dead' ::

Rick Chung on Oct 29, 2010

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