Watch This: Creepy Mexican Sci-Fi Film 'Seres: Genesis' Trailer

August 28, 2010
Source: YouTube

Seres: Genesis Trailer

There's a Mexican sci-fi film called Seres: Genesis that's becoming a cult hit but no one has heard of it up in the US. Seres: Genesis is only the first film in a sci-fi series based on a Mexican graphic novel series that has everything from flying saucers to mysticism to archaeologists in action to UFO hunters, and lots of (low budget) special effects. A trailer with subtitles recently arrived online because indie distributor 24 frames picked up the film (via Heat Vision) and will be bringing it to the US in late October. This looks pretty cool, but honestly it has a SyFy Channel feel to it that I can't get past. But I still might check it out. Watch below!

Watch the official trailer for Angel Mario Huerta's Seres: Genesis:

When a young girl is found amid the wreckage of an accident caused by an alien craft, Mariel (Alejandra Barros), head of a secretive high tech organization investigating the paranormal, must solve the riddle of a message the girl delivers that suggests humanity is on the verge of extermination by a hostile alien force.

Seres: Genesis is directed by up-and-coming Mexican filmmaker Angel Mario Huerta, whose first film was Inspiración, which was so successful in the northern part of Mexico, he became known as El Cine Regio. The story was devised by Huerta & Armando Guajardo and the script was written by Roberto Martín Martínez T. 24 frames will be bringing Seres: Genesis to limited theaters in October, so stay tuned if you're interested!

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That actually doesnt look that bad

Primo1 on Aug 28, 2010



Gabs on Aug 28, 2010


Oh hell yes, this is my cup of tea already!

Robbie on Aug 28, 2010


fucking aliens. almost shit my pants

reeft on Aug 28, 2010


It doesn't look quite as bad as your average Syfy production, but it still doesn't look particularly great either. That said, I'm thrilled that there are so many sci-fi movies in production right now. A few of them are bound to be good.

Craig on Aug 28, 2010


facepalmed at the little kids voice at the end how cliche can this shit get

sadf on Aug 28, 2010


This, at least, seems watchable; unlike, 99% of SyFy fare. I'll be checkin' this flick out! 🙂

Spider on Aug 28, 2010


Ay, caramba! This looks bad. Mexico should stick to what they do best - exporting narcotics into America. Leave the movies to the people who know what they're doing.

tEDDY bESS on Aug 28, 2010


IGNORANT, thats not what mexico do best!!!!

... on Apr 25, 2011


I agree teddy, and let the "Americans" stick to what YOU do best, consume all narcotics that pass through Mexico, who is idiot the one who sell it or the one who inhale it.

Italian_IN_Mexico090909 on May 8, 2011


yeah i agree Mexico should stick into exporting narcotics into America where the Americans ask for them actually, you know America consumes Mexicans provide the bridge because the narcotics actually comes from South Americans, LOL!

teddykiller on Jun 8, 2011


This looks fuckin sick...I'll definitely be seeing this. I thought it looked like it had a nice size budget, and couldn't tell it was an indie at all.

peloquin on Aug 28, 2010


looked alright,i'd watch it.

deadpool72 on Aug 29, 2010


If possible I would try and have intergalactic intercourse with the aliens, just to mess with their cow abducting minds.

Bobby Davro on Aug 29, 2010


This is what season 5 of Weeds should have been like...well that and more selling weed.

Brad on Aug 29, 2010


Reminded me of Mexican X-Files LOL

Jacob Crim on Aug 29, 2010


Hehe, I kinda dig the aliens actually, sorta like grown-up E.T.'s

John I.G> on Aug 29, 2010


totally unrealistic. their aliens didn't even speak english.

marlo on Aug 29, 2010


why does the aliens need to speak english???

... on Apr 25, 2011


Right Aliens and all the galaxy should speak english, how can they did not think of it, idiot, lets look better Rambo, he speaks a very nice English hahahahaha

Anatote on May 8, 2011


In interesting film, is mexican, but maybe is different in your focus. I see you in the theater…

Jonathan Uribe on Aug 29, 2010


yeah it seem watchabale

trey m on Aug 30, 2010


I'm in.

ProMovieBlogger on Aug 30, 2010


Chupacabra 2000?

GabrielPalmer on Aug 30, 2010


I agree #13 it did look like X-Files and I loved that show! I think I'll see this too. It looks fun.

arjones on Aug 30, 2010


The mexican actor are usually horrible actors like on spanish TV soap and series. I'm not sure how they act in this movie.

jedibilly on Aug 30, 2010


Right rambo is very handsome

Ramiro1929 on May 8, 2011


It looks better than a Syfy movie, dude. It looks actually kind of cool.

Lar on Aug 31, 2010


I think that people are accustomed to see sy fy movies of better quality... but I know that this will be a gigant step of sy fy mexican movies... It couldnt be a nice qualilty of visual effects, but nice quality in story and original ideas.. I have already read the graphical novel.. And I like it 🙂

hebersco on Sep 22, 2010


i am from mexico, yesterday was the premiere and let me tell you something... Series genesis SUCKS! Don´t spend your money watching this creepy movie... if you ant to see it, watch online... i am very disappointed...

tanat on Sep 24, 2010


Save your money. It is hands down the worst film I've seen in a long time. The story doesn't make any sense... at all!!! Let me explain: Film starts insinuating that it has something to do with mayans and aliens... then makes you believe it will be about an american military conspiracy... then, it looks like it is about aliens but then it takes an Indiana Jones twist to visit a mayan temple to pick up a stone dildo, then it is about a type of bacteria an asteroid brought to Earth that is killing people, and then it looks like is about aliens again, but there are 3 types of aliens now. Then a child from another terror movie makes a cameo appearance and delivers a message from the aliens (which was written in the stone dildo)... then the main characters suddenly decide to chase the aliens (yes, the go in looking for alien spaceships in caves) and then some aliens attack our heroes in the cave then other aliens appear out of nowhere and attack the first aliens and then, to make it even more puzzling, two of the main characters fall in love.... OK, did you understand anything at all? Well, neither did I. The point of this movie is that there is NO point at all. You know the film is about something but the director fails to communicate what the movie is about... it's a bloody confusing mess. (Looks like it is about aliens after all). Acting is... well... it is so bad you have to see it to believe it. But if you see it you'll wish you didn't. Classic catch 23. As well, somebody forgot to pause the background music during the editing because 80% of the time there was loud action type music in the background.. even when there was no action. The music is not bad though, however it feels out of place, crossfades between two different tunes were made suggests that the sound editor finished succesfully reading chapter one of "Movie Sound Editing in 60 minutes". As well, some of the micing for the actor's voice sounds like it was recorded with a mobile phone inside someones trouser's. A p*rn movie has better mic positioning than this. You know how there are some movies that are SO bad that they are somewhat good and entertaining just for laughs? This is so bad... it ain't funny. At all. For me 80 minutes of this was enough... I walked out before it ended. It is a shame, I had such high hopes for this film to succeed (I really did) as I'm currently living in Monterrey. This was supposed to be a stepping stone for the regional movie industry to make a name for itself. It is a disaster. I want my 80 minutes back, Mr Huerta.

Dnalord on Sep 25, 2010


does budget matters? we've seen lots of shitty american movies with a marvelous cast, a huge budget , and an enormous failure in cinemas. nice try mexicans! keep working on it!

wangdu wangdak on Oct 10, 2010


Very bad Film, don´t even spend your money! HORRIBLE! And actually the film is being removed from cinemas in Mexico very slowly and it apparently it will last only last 3 weeks in BO.

El Analista on Oct 11, 2010


I agree, better expend you money on american shit.

Luis_anaya_VV on May 8, 2011


Your comment is shit!!!

Hola on Jan 12, 2011


Looks good

Jjcholding on Feb 21, 2011


Where can i see or buy or well i don't want to go there but you know ... obtain the movie from if you know what i mean, damn.

Tedykiller on Jun 8, 2011


Looks kinda like the movie Knowing only less exiting.

David on Jan 7, 2012


David, even though like ugly as "Knowing", or "Prince of Darkness" (for me the worst movie I have ever seen), it has to be like a theme of debate, or to comment between friends... I do want to see it ... but I haven't found it for download.... every site they say they have it, it asks for a credit card... if only these sites ask for paypal instead.... have a nice one David... if you find it for free please share or vice versa... I'll keep looking to download it...

Gustavo Aran on Jan 11, 2012

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