Watch This: Lisa Cholodenko's 'The Kids Are All Right' Trailer

April 8, 2010
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The Kids Are All Right Trailer

Focus Features has premiered the official trailer for Lisa Cholodenko's Sundance comedy sensation The Kids Are All Right starring Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Annette Bening, Mia Wasikowska, and Josh Hutcherson. This is a bit of a hard sell because it's about a lesbian family and their children who decide to bring their real father into the family because they were both conceived by artificial insemination, however, they do make this very light and cheery. It was also Brandon's #3 favorite film of Sundance and many, many critics loved it. So take their word for it and check this out, you may find that it looks entertaining after all.

Watch the official trailer for Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids Are All Right:

[flv: 598 316]

You can also watch The Kids Are All Right trailer in High Definition on Apple

The Kids Are All Right was both co-written and directed by Columbia University Film School graduate Lisa Cholodenko, who's first feature film was the 1998 indie High Art followed by Laurel Canyon in 2002. She co-wrote the screenplay with Stuart Blumberg, who also helped write Keeping the Faith and The Girl Next Door previously. The film first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It was picked up by Focus Features for US distribution during the festival. Focus is bringing The Kids Are All Right to limited theaters starting on July 7th this summer. I expect this to be remembered right through to awards season.

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looks good, I half expected "A preachy, preachy, preaching machine" story.

Xerxex on Apr 8, 2010


Mark Ruffalo looks like a handsome version of David Cross. I'm just sayin...

asgsff on Apr 8, 2010


I like it, I have been interested in this film for a while, as I am a fan of Benning, Moore, and I like Wasikowska. Don't really know Ruffalo but he seems cool.

M on Apr 9, 2010


I like this trailer but my main concern is there are going to market it wrong. I know it will be funny but I think it will be a bit more dramatic than they are letting on.

Movieraider321 on Apr 9, 2010


What is the market for this? It looks good, just not sure where it belongs really. On that basis i reckon it's gonna struggle.

Dude... on Apr 9, 2010


i like this trailer and want to see the movie..........but i have to agree with #5 on the market for this. it'll be interesting to see how they find their audience for this film.

beavis on Apr 9, 2010


I gree with #6#, it will be a tough market to sell this film. you have like the subject matter in the first place.

Cineprog on Apr 9, 2010



Roger on Apr 9, 2010


Whether this film ends up being good or bad it's still such a relief to see a film like this make to the big screen. To answer the marketing question, I hope they go the route of Broke Back Mountain and keep it incredibly vague in hopes of luring in the billy bobs who want to see some hot lesbians kissing and the right wingers who want to inflate (and ironically help publicize) how this movie is the devils work. The people (including myself) who already see that this is a breath of fresh air depicting a modern family will go and see this regardless and don't need it marketed towards us. On a side note, this easily could have been a no big name NC-17 rated film that the MPAA deemed inappropriate but the fact that you have Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and Mia Wasikowska show's they have some strong supporters. The fact that this is rated R show's a failure in the system because you know those "everyday mothers" over at the MPAA found the subject matter to be just too taboo, and from the preview there is little which reveals anything beyond a little language and some female to female kissing. Notice the kids in the movie are both 18, if they were younger this probably would have never seen the light of day and never make it to a theater outside of your local indie spot. Check out "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" to see what's wrong with this and why my panties are in a knot.

Ridiculoid on Apr 9, 2010


Should have been called DONOR DAD.

M on Apr 9, 2010


I agree totally #9 and I think this is a great cast and I really wanna see it. A movie like this that is funny and portrays a could be life scenerio is better than say New Moon that obviously uses sex appeal in an effort to sell tickets to teens. Those "everyday Mothers" should be more worried about that than something that is funny and inspiring.

arjones on Apr 12, 2010


This looks like it will be a good, solid film about a family. I don't think they need to downplay or upplay the fact that there are two moms - this doesn't appear to be a pro-gay rights movie, which if that's how they market it, could turn a lot of people off. I definitely want to see this when it comes out.

Emma on Apr 12, 2010

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