Watch This: New Red Band Trailer for She's Out of My League

January 30, 2010

She's Out of My League Trailer

We featured the very first trailer for She's Out of My League just a few weeks ago and I guess at the time I thought it would be a PG-13 cheesy comedy, but boy was I wrong. Paramount has just debuted a red band trailer for the movie and it's a lot more raunchier, dirtier, and crude than I ever thought it would be. Sure, as expected, this red band includes more profanity and sexuality in hopes of getting horny teens in theaters, but I was begged by Ethan to run it because it's a lot funnier than that first trailer. He's definitely right about that. But will this be any good? I'm still not sure. That dinner table scene was pretty funny, though.

Watch the foul-mouthed red band trailer for She's Out of My League from YouTube:

An average joe (Jay Baruchel) who works as a TSA security guard meets the perfect woman (Alice Eve), but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends & family begins to pick away at the relationship.

She's Out of My League is directed by actor/writer/director Jim Field Smith of a few short films previously. He is making his feature directorial debut with this film. The screenplay was co-written by Sean Anders and John Morris (both of Never Been Thawed and Sex Drive previously). Paramount is bringing She's Out of My League to theaters everywhere starting on March 12th. It may not be for everyone, but will you see this?

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Lol....the last part literally translates to 'blowjob'...this looks really fun.

mark on Jan 30, 2010


this looks funny as hell, I had no interest in seeing this until now.

The_Kid on Jan 30, 2010


wow this looks so good. the table scene and the last scene were just funny as hell!

Seani on Jan 30, 2010



NeoSlyfer on Jan 30, 2010


Interesting I agree, somehow pushing the envelope of dumb romantic-comedic Hollywood. In a good sense, yes.

Bo on Jan 30, 2010


The end of that trailer had me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!!

Chris @ on Jan 30, 2010


Is he really a 5? He's more like a 6 or 6.5 to me in a non-gay way of saying

dave on Jan 30, 2010


Heavy! great trailer. i don't tend to rate or go to movies like this, but this may break that duck.

Tee Max on Jan 30, 2010


Really? A lot more funnier? Did you take 5th grade english?

Jay-z on Jan 30, 2010


"Well fuck you!" Love it, I'm in!

Xerxex on Jan 30, 2010


hahahah that last scene was hilarious

harrison on Jan 30, 2010


After seeing the Red Band I'm not really sure what to make of this. I mean haven't we seen this before? And to be honest I only had to laugh once. That last scene was funny. But then again, I'll probably give a try.

Yonix on Jan 30, 2010


This looks hilarious! Good to see Jay getting a starring role, since nobody watched Undeclared.

theotherbluth on Jan 30, 2010


Ok, If a comedy trailer gets a snort laugh at the end, well I think that says it all. I'll be checking this one out.

Jeff C. on Jan 30, 2010


dave, at #7 - no offense dude, but i don't think there IS a non-gay way of saying that. on the movie: GREAT! first "diary of a wimpy kid" and now this - it's been a good week!

beavis on Jan 30, 2010


HAHAHA! Looks a stupid kind of way.

dweeb on Jan 30, 2010


Looks great....btw that curly haired guy is Hud from Cloverfield HA!

Cody on Jan 30, 2010


thanks for showing us the whole movie, now i have no need to see this!

L1A on Jan 30, 2010


lol the guy shaving his package.. You're all Moodles.

JimD on Jan 30, 2010


Noticed a lot of people are constantly asking "Is Jay really a 5?" Well, yes and no. See, most guys judge the "number of attractiveness" by appearance only. Jay is probably, looks wise, closer to a 6 or a 7. It's because he has the dweeby, unsure, twitchy, awkward around girls attitude that he's downgraded to a 5. At least this is my thoughts on the matter.

Muffin on Jan 31, 2010


yes. a movie isn't funny unless it has a guy shavin' some other guys balls... so creative and inventive. they should get the oscar for best screenplay for sure ...what a world

josh on Jan 31, 2010


Wow it's been awhile since I actually laughed at a trailer. That last part caught me off guard. Not bad, I wouldn't have cared about this at all normally. Well done.

Mark D on Jan 31, 2010


Thanks to #15 and #20 for your views on my comment 😀 I take the personality traits on board which lead to your score decreasing.

dave on Jan 31, 2010


I thought Sex Drive was really underrated, and this may be one of those comedies that slips by only to be caught later. I don't even remember Sex Drive playing in theaters here, but on DVD, boom. This trailer gives me hope that this will be as good or better.

Scotty97 on Jan 31, 2010


This had me at Debra Jo Rupp's "Fuck you!"

Duane on Feb 1, 2010


#7 don't worry if you meant it in a gay way, this is 2010! Now that trailer has predictable stuff...nothing exciting about it!

Bliss on Feb 1, 2010



Brian on Feb 1, 2010


This one is actually funnier than the first trailer you guys released, lol.

Voice123 - Trailer Voice Over on Feb 1, 2010


did he say shitty tits? lol

rob on Feb 3, 2010


I'm in.. I was in from day one

Ells on Feb 3, 2010


2:10 FTW

Phil on Feb 5, 2010


Great funny film, totally Lol'd and nearly ROLF'd

Crapola on Mar 21, 2010

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