Watch This: First Official Trailer for Marvel's 'Thor' Unleashed

December 10, 2010
Source: Yahoo

Marvel's Thor Teaser Trailer

"I will end this!" We know there was a bootleg Comic-Con trailer out for a while, but Paramount has finally debuted the first packed teaser trailer for Marvel's Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh, starring Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder. The trailer comes from Yahoo and is a must watch, even if you're not that familiar with this superhero. I think this looks awesome, despite the costumes; it looks like it'll be epic and exciting. The cast also includes: Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgård, Ray Stevenson, Rene Russo and Tom Hiddleston as the mysterious Loki. Watch below.

Watch the first official teaser trailer for Marvel's Thor movie from YouTube:

The powerful but arrogant immortal warrior Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he quickly becomes one of their finest defenders.

Marvel's Thor is directed by British actor/director Kenneth Branagh, who previously directed Shakespeare adaptations like Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet, as well as the films Love's Labour's Lost, The Magic Flute and Sleuth. The script was written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz (Agent Cody Banks, "Fringe") and Don Payne (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer) from a story by J. Michael Straczynski and Mark Protosevich. Paramount is bringing Marvel's Thor to theaters in 3D starting May 6th next summer.

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It said I could be first.

Ryn on Dec 10, 2010


omg epic cant wait!

A5J4DX on Dec 10, 2010


Enough with the 3D crap already! Still, this is starting to look much better than I had originally anticipated. Starting to get excited about it now.

Tenacious V on Dec 10, 2010


teaser? I saw the whole movie there.

phil on Dec 10, 2010


Amazing!! I came from nerdy excitement.

Daniel Felts on Dec 10, 2010


Looks good, not really excited about the 3D though. . . .

lola on Dec 10, 2010


Better than what I thought it would be. Im interested now.

Ryn on Dec 10, 2010


Looks amazing. Never been a huge Thor fan myself, but between the visuals and star filled it looks pretty epic. Between the star filled cast and the great visuals I just hope it doesn't lack in story. I hope we have another Iron Man in the making!

Ludoc63 on Dec 10, 2010


bad ass

nelson on Dec 10, 2010


Alex... I'm not sure you understand the meaning of the phrase "teaser trailer". What I just watched was most certainly NOT a teaser... it was just an actual full-length trailer.

Kevin on Dec 10, 2010


omg hail gods of war!!!!!!!

8=D on Dec 10, 2010


Hail to the hammer!!!

Brandon on Dec 10, 2010



NYF on Dec 10, 2010


he really wasnt swinging at anything at the end there was he. lawl. looked like one of those failblog facepalm moments. still looks pretty good though.

lego on Dec 10, 2010


Some of the script sounds odd, but amazing none the less!

Jonah on Dec 10, 2010


The scene of Thor throwing the hammer through the Frost Giant's face and seeing it return made the trailer. Thor brings the pain! The scene of him sending up destructive shock waves by pounding the ground was awesome too.

Uriah on Dec 10, 2010



beavis on Dec 10, 2010


UGH and it has to be ruined with 3d 🙁

CCavins on Dec 10, 2010


epic yo

croniccris on Dec 10, 2010


Is Hemsworth using his Aussie accent? I know Thor, at least in the animated movies, always has a English accent, but his accent sounded a bit off in this trailer.

David on Dec 10, 2010


thor looks amazing better than green lantern trailer. may only get beaten by the captain america trailer.

DR.DOOM on Dec 10, 2010


"Holy Shit, Batman, your Batterang can't do THAT!"

big sandwich on Dec 10, 2010


If you don't care to watch it in 3-D, I'm sure you could find a 2-D screening...

Eh on Dec 10, 2010


ok...NOW im interested

Jericho on Dec 10, 2010


That looked BADASS! Consider me sold...Green Lantern on the other hand looks like an ass sandwhich

Geoff on Dec 10, 2010


Doesn't look bad however I was expecting something more from Kenneth Branagh. This looks like an a-typical comic book film that any director could have made. I was hopeful that Kenneth Branagh would make something different given his previous films. Also lastly Natalie Portman looked a little out of place, even these small clips give me the feeling that she doesn't belong in the film. Not sure what it is but she doesn't match the rest of it.

harv on Dec 10, 2010


@#14 I noticed that too. I can only imagine the scene after he lands and realizes he hasn't hit anything...awkward...."take hammer, walk away, nobody noticed, you're still the man, go grab natalie"

Ricardo on Dec 10, 2010


BY ODIN'S BRISTLING BEARD THAT WAS FUCKING EPIC! I am look waay more forward to this than say Transformers

NeoSLyfer on Dec 10, 2010


Mjlonir is now officially the sexiest set piece alive 🙂

NeoSLyfer on Dec 10, 2010


Am I the only one who's not excited about this? The trailer was kinda.. eh.. bland.

nem on Dec 10, 2010


Epic, maybe. Great, a long shot. There is too much intensive nature and not enough story - almost as if Michael Bay was co-producing. As is in all teaser trailers, it does a great job of getting one excited, and hopefully the full-length version compliments this in the deeper aspects of Thor.

Sota-POP on Dec 10, 2010


I still don't understand the hatred people have for 3D. They don't just release these films in 3D. It must be a bandwagon full of people that like to hate something that the majority enjoys as a casual time passer. It would be different if they were only releasing it on reel to reel and not digital, but making a film in 3D doesn't have that much* pull on the outcome of the movie. Someone, without juvenile hostility, tell me why people cry over movies coming out in 3D. *Except for those scenes that are made so people can drool over the spear stabbing them in the forehead.

Why? on Dec 10, 2010



jah p on Dec 10, 2010


Earth is "Time Out" and Natalie Portman likes Thor's big hammer.

writebrained on Dec 10, 2010


Comicbook fanboys will love this that is already over 1 million people lol

NeoSLyfer on Dec 10, 2010



McWilly on Dec 10, 2010


Looked like a generic blockbuster to me. Perhaps I'll get a "grown up" trailer later on, but this one's for the masses. I'd be seriously doubtful, if I wasn't sure of Branagh delivering a good story... okay more like hopeful. Okay so the only movie he directed that I've seen is Frankenstein, but it was a great movie.

Akirakorn on Dec 10, 2010


OH NO!!!!! It's in 3d and 2d but everybody complains that they don't have a choice. Go see it in 2d if that's what you want and stop stop stop complaining about 3d.

robert on Dec 10, 2010


Teaser Trailer? I saw this trailer months ago.

Last Son on Dec 10, 2010


nice. didnt know portman was in this

harrison on Dec 10, 2010


underwhelmed. :/ @Why? the advocates of 3-D are trying to make it become the norm, we cannot allow it to do so.

Xerxex on Dec 10, 2010


I'll tell you why why because 3D IS the band wagon! you casual people jumped on the band wagon first by eating it right up! The hate of 3D comes from EVERYTHING being 3D now. and for people who have never seen any merit to 3D the constant 3D being rammed down our throats is both insulting and annoying. 3D does not make a movie good! a good movie makes a movie good! special writers or directors they dont make it good either, sometimes they help it along and its not always the story that makes a movie good, but story IS the best possible chance of a movie being good. and how much the movie makes at the box office is one of the worst indicators of how good a movie is just look at the bayformers movies! now those deserve 3D! But 3D by itself will never make a movie good, it wont even enhance a movie, because to much needs changed to make 3D work(quick throw something at the screen!) 3D sucks and in the next 2 years after all the trend riding movies come out, the trend will end! but this time it needs to stay buried! Oh and that trailer looks great LOL

Jimmy Love on Dec 10, 2010


and to think there use to be petitions to Hollywood so they wouldn't have voices in movies...or with color we have online crap about much?

Jericho on Dec 10, 2010


Better then the screenshots. But please. 2D only.

filmfan111 on Dec 10, 2010


@43 3d will never make a bad movie good, but it never makes a movie bad either. Look at tron or any of the recent animated movies, they look great in 3d and make the experience better. The godfather or any other good dramas will never be in 3d so calm down and enjoy the trend while it lasts. Bashing 3d doesn't make you look like you have good taste in movies, you look like a tool trying too hard to have a mature opinion.

abcdefg on Dec 10, 2010


TRON will be an EPIC fail. It will make lots of money, but it fails to live up to the OG Tron from the early 80s. Will I see it, sure, for its spectacular eye candy. Will I enjoy it? Absolutely not. All of you prepare to lose $10, $15, $20 when you drop your hard earned cash on this POS come next week. Huzzah!!!

Mike Balrog on Dec 10, 2010


10000x better than the asstastic Green Lantern trailer. Can't wait to see it. Prolly check it out in 2D though. Piss on 3D.

Jasn on Dec 10, 2010


I seriously can't be the only person here thinking this movie looks like garbage....... can I?

Chazzy on Dec 10, 2010


ummmm...... stupid but, then again, Thor isn't on the "greatest of all time" list anyway

josh on Dec 10, 2010


This looks terrible.

Jimmy on Dec 10, 2010


Since it was directed by some English Labour cultural marxist, I'm surprised that Thor was even played by a Germanic actor. Somehow the Germanic mythic headquarters had asians and blacks thrown in there too! How multicultural! Becuase Germanic people aren't allowed to have their own myths nowdays. If a movie about Germanic myths is made, all of those self hating English, drowning in cultural marxism, should be banned from working on any part of the movie.

Phil on Dec 10, 2010


@Tenacious V: Not to sound like a jerk, will also be shown in 2D in theaters. Didn't you catch that at the very end? It isn't going to be 3D everywhere--you do have a choice. @Jimmy Love: Oh, knock it off! You hate 3D? Okay, fine--your choice. But did you ever stop to notice (or did the thought ever run through your head) that they also show the films in 2D as well? That you can also choose to see them in 2D? The option NOT to see them in 3D is there already! And no, not "everything" is being released in 3D...I don't see a 3D release for BLACK SWAN, do you? Put down the broad brush already....

Marc McKenzie on Dec 10, 2010


@Mike Balrog: Wrong thread, buddy. Unless you somehow confused TRON with THOR. How that happened...I dunno. But hey, that's just your opinion (uninformed, since...well, did you even see the bloody film yet?).

Marc McKenzie on Dec 10, 2010


@54. First of all, this movie isn't based on Germanic myths. Its based on Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's comic book interpretation of those myths. Stan and Jack took many liberties with Norse legends and in their universe, Asgardians are a race of beings who inpired Norse worship and aspects of their culture, they aren't Norse themselves (or even from Earth for that matter). As such, they coud "look" like any race. The film seems to be playing up the angle that Asgardians are an alien/parrallel dimentional race who is so technologically/physiologically advanced that we percieve them to be magical. Kinda like if we showed uo in the middle ages with an iPad. A race like this is likely enlightened beyond race. Too bad we aren't.

Uriah on Dec 10, 2010


Looks cool.

JimD on Dec 10, 2010


@33 the hate for 3D is the price gouging and the fact that it adds nothing to the immersion or enjoyment of most films. Oh did I mention the price gouging..

JimD on Dec 10, 2010


@49 I'm with you all the way. From the offset I didn't think it sounded like a good idea, but I was hoping it would end up looking like a worthwhile way to spend my time and their millions of dollars to make. Nope.

MrKelly on Dec 11, 2010


Looks good but the story is not like in the comics. Sad. But I will watch it.

Millus on Dec 11, 2010


natalie portman running priceless 😛

46and2 on Dec 11, 2010


Looks like fan-flick to me. Or maybe I'm just through with superhero movies.

Peter on Dec 11, 2010


Wait. So how is this new from the leak that came out months ago? We already saw this plus more! or more like we already saw the whole movie lol. Sweet tho

LifeLiquid on Dec 11, 2010


I had high hopes for Thor. This trailer was pretty bad though...

T on Dec 11, 2010


This. Looks. Like. Shit. Man that was bad and bland. Looked like some cheap TV-series. Seems to be filled with bad acting too, and he didn't look to be fighting like a god... Like #63 said, looks like a fan-film.

ryderup on Dec 11, 2010


this was written by 2 people, 1 from agent cody banks, 1 from my super ex girlfriend..then directed by a shakespearean thespian. when they all met i wonder whose eyes rolled first

boondock saint on Dec 11, 2010


I came...

Lagoya on Dec 11, 2010


Another comic-book movie. Thanks, but I think I'll pass.

Have Hope on Dec 11, 2010


Looks awesome, but I think it's gonna be a bit of a disappointment.

Robbie on Dec 11, 2010


But fucking hell, Hopkins is epic.

Robbie on Dec 11, 2010


I doub't this will be a sucess at the box office.

ryderup on Dec 11, 2010


#73 is definitely a trolling

NeoSLyfer on Dec 11, 2010


Actually, im suprised I was surprised by this -- I was expecting a lot worse, but it looks much better than Green Lantern! Thor-A! Thor-A! Thor-A!

Fox on Dec 11, 2010


I'm sure it will be good popcorn fun. What can one expect? What I find interesting is how quickly people are willing to crucify a film based solely on a trailer. A films' success is far from determined by a single trailer for a film. I think folks need to relax and wait and see what critics and fans say first about the film in its entire.

ModernAmericanMan on Dec 11, 2010


I agree with Thor... stupid earth =_=... with it's stupid trees and stuff... hmmph.

LW on Dec 11, 2010


This will do well at the box office probably but it looked like garbage. Portman is awesome so I'll consider watching it even after reading bad reviews about it.

Eli on Dec 11, 2010


Here's to hoping this movie will deliver some supreme greatness. Also: Righteous hammerthrow into that asshole's face. I lol'd/loved it.

Cracky on Dec 11, 2010


All these comic book hero movies that have come out in the last 10 yrs. or so does cause one to kinda roll their eyes. I still think it's kinda cool to see them though if they're done well because all we had when I was a kid was the comic books and a few scattered t.v shows and toons. I enjoy taking my kid to see this stuff and it's fun for both of us.

arjones on Dec 11, 2010


@42 - underwhelmed? I wish I could be a cool hater too. I figure all I need is an IQ drop, a macbook and a prius

Geoff on Dec 11, 2010


I'm trying hard to be interested in this one. I was big into comics growing up, but Thor was never one of the ones I liked, I guess.

dRailer on Dec 11, 2010


same as #75!

dave on Dec 11, 2010


looks ass kicking good

justin on Dec 11, 2010


looks many robot wars he have to watch every year? i prefer TR3 and Steel Gets Real instead of THOR!!! im sure thor is a boring movie because teaser showed that.

Bob on Dec 11, 2010


Im sure "Thor" will suck at boxoffice!!! this is some kind of Bobylon A.D or Cronicles of Reddick or Pitch Black or other shitt!!!!

smith on Dec 11, 2010


Hey Mark wow you listed 1 movie that's not 3D. and alphabet you seem like 3D band wagon tool! so were even! and yes we all realize they show the movies in 2D, we can read! but I for one am not gonna be first in line to jump off the bridge like all the trend kiddies!

Jimmy Love on Dec 11, 2010


We've seen these scenes before, nothing new, nothing extraordianry. Should be better than Ghost Rider though, so it's got that going for it.

jamdolin on Dec 11, 2010


WOW his body is incredible.

Brian Ricci on Dec 11, 2010


looks like a rip off of Spiderman, Need some new Ideas guys

Derp on Dec 11, 2010


I'd gladly let hollwood suck me for all I have... in terms of material for quality films. I'm full of ideas for hollywood, they just make you go through a bunch of crap before you can make a decent film. I may switch soley to pitching my ideas to game developers. Those guys are way hotter and younger, thus easier to be around. HAHA. I kid.

Eli on Dec 11, 2010


@17 beavis, totally meh.

butthead on Dec 11, 2010


@93 & 17 You can times meh by three now.

DiR3cT on Dec 11, 2010


amazing...WAIT!..3d! NO WAY!....I hope the 3d doesnt suck.

Micah on Dec 11, 2010


Underwhelmed....stupid......looks terrible....blah, blah, blah. Shut up all you haters! Every damn time some of you idiots have to come on here and be all arrogant and pious as if you are above whatever you are posting about. It gets old. Sorry films like this are not sophisticated enough for you. Just stay out. This is one of the better trailers Ive seen for a superhero movie. The Green Lantern one was okay and this one catches your attention more. Still ever since X-men 3 came out with a freakin awesome trailer only to produce a so-so movie, I know I can't get too excited from these previews. So for what it's worth, this was an impressive trailer.

jjboldt on Dec 11, 2010


jjboldt c'mon aren't we allowed to be underwhelmed? I mean the trailer was pretty bland...I'm still hopeful but the trailer wasn't that great.

Xerxex on Dec 12, 2010


Not bad. Although the Asgard scenes look far superior to the comparatively dull Earth scenes. Here's hoping this is not a repeat of Clash of the Titans messy screenplay.

Mjolnir on Dec 12, 2010


Well Kenneth Branagh has another Marvelhit and so much the better for us...Only him with his experience in theatre and movies could pull off something like this "I will end this" Whoa! All the girls who were not interested in this movies were interested from 1:46 . Have you seen this...and I'm no homo. I'm somewhat disappointed there is not much eye candy as far as the women are concerned...No curves. Alice Eve would have been perfect in this!!!!! So much better than Green Lantern as far as the visual effects are concerned. How Mjöllnir flows is awesome!!! I've been picturing this since I started reading the comics ages ago!!!! Let's watch it again!

I am on Dec 12, 2010


#43 I agree that 3D does not make a movie good; however, have you considered that this was a go(o)d movie 😉 therefore 3D fits!!! I can't wait to see how Loki brings destruction Yeah the hammer ground and lightning is another awesome feature!!! Hope it makes Chris Hemsworth, a god in Hollywood 🙂 Talented guy, have you seen work with Branagh in the Wallander adaptation?? He is great too in dramas!

I am on Dec 12, 2010


Looks better than I thought it would, it'll still be ridiculous, but I'll definitely watch it.

Crapola on Dec 12, 2010


hmm not sure... it looks like a movie made for television.. the acting was bad.. the set was ok.. the fight scenes, on earth, were not edited carefully (imop). The costumes, well, Alex already mentioned about that. I don't think they made the right choice in putting Branagh as the director.. But the effects were amazing and definitely better than GL.. Finally, is it just me or Anthony Hopkins is just too small to play as Odin. Still hoping they will do some good editing.. though I am DC fan, I am interested to watch this movie..

fredrick on Dec 12, 2010


WOW! I didn't know Natalie Portman would be in this!! Now I'm excited.

Lincoln on Dec 12, 2010


Better than the Green Lantern teaser

Darren on Dec 12, 2010


Stupid childish movie!"! please do not censor comments" !!! ur a producer for tHoR??? this is a very stupid movie and will suck in box office soon!!! wait and see...

Edward on Dec 12, 2010


Yeah, didn't see much more than was in the Comic Con trailer...and now I'm less impressed than I was in August. Highly stylized but pretty boring looking (Chronicles of Riddick anyone??) Although, I am glad to see I'm not the only one who confused why Natalie Portman is in this movie. Still, it's too early to be hating guys.

Marc on Dec 12, 2010


I'm excited. I love how as you get further down the thread everyone gets more and more hateful.

Risk on Dec 12, 2010


3D is coming for everything. the industry needs something to keep people from bootlegging shit. i am actually really excited for this and the 3D. I bet EVERYONE in here who bitches about 3D loved Avatar. This is why this site is bothersome sometimes. Assholes come on here to bitch about the same shit every time. and this is the first comic book movie thread that hasn't said anything about TDK yet. slackers! (sarcasm)

Jesus on Dec 12, 2010


haters will hate...bunch of ignorant people reaching a conclusion on a 2 minute clip... on topic, looks how i expected it to look...which is pretty good, comes down to the writing...

ray on Dec 12, 2010


Hey jesus careful with that broad generalization, quite a few of us FS users hated Avatar due to its lack of a compelling story line and its reliance on special effects and gimmicky 3-D. Ray that's what trailers are for, you see a trailer you make a decision on whether it looks good or not.

Xerxex on Dec 12, 2010


I had very little interest in this. But this trailer was freaking great. Thor could work in the world theyve created for the movies. Im totally stoked on the whole thing.

Mark D on Dec 12, 2010


looks like a lot of action and less story and acting

jim on Dec 13, 2010


Well.. I'm interested. May the forces of valhalla come upon us.

Gregor Eisenhorn on Dec 13, 2010


@Jimmy Love: I think your assessment of 3D is laser precise. After seeing Avatar first on IMAX 3D, then in my (well equipped) home theater, it was bounds better (imo) and stood surprisingly well on it's own in 2D (course, I'm a sci-fi fanatic). It saddens me greatly that I'd doubt I'll be able to find a decent theater screening Tron (or Thor) in 2D and will be forced to further pad the coffers of the 3D pushers. After Tron, I think I'll just have to wait till BD releases.

bozo on Dec 13, 2010


Right on, Xerx! my gut says see it, but not in 3D. I'm a fan of movies and I'm willing to suspend reality for a couple hrs, but I'm not afraid to be critical of the stupid ones either. This does look better than GL I will say (This one alteast feels like it's not trying too hard to like Iron man). Time'll tell. Let's just hope not too mouch more is revealed in future trailers.

Solo Calrissian on Dec 13, 2010


#50 & 51, ok so you don't like it, who cares, do you really have to go out of your way to make sure everyone who reads your comments knows you don't like it or are you just two dicks who need someone to respond to your asshole comments cause your miserable and depressed?

Big Joe Grizzly on Dec 13, 2010


will you people stop saying "epic" about everything? you sound like a big batch of morons

real talk on Dec 13, 2010


I'm seeing it too Solo, I'm just going in with lowered expectations.

Xerxex on Dec 13, 2010


#116: Maybe that's the case, Big Joe. Of course, in their own minds (maybe) they can make better films than anyone in Hollywood (but somehow, they haven't yet made it to film school yet). It's sad but true...thanks to the web, some people are now God in their own minds---all knowing, all powerful, and capable of doing everything better than everyone else. Too bad they cannot get off their asses to actually DO something, mind you...

Marc McKenzie on Dec 13, 2010


@ 117 sticks and stones. Did I mention this movie is going to be fricken EPIC!

Uriah on Dec 13, 2010


Thor is HOT! lol Looking forward to seeing this. I think 3D is a rip off, though, so I hope to find it in 2D.

Lacey on Dec 13, 2010


Anthony Hopkins playing the role of the ancient Viking God Odin, This shall be interesting! I cant wait to see the giant hammer too!

Eva on Dec 16, 2010


For all of you who say this looks like crap....Bravo! This looks totally predictable and lame. Thor is a very gay superhero. Anthony Hopkins is always playing Anthony Hopkins...getting a little old. Natalie is the female equivalent of Keanu. Of course there will be some action, but the mystical hero falling to Earth using his magical hammer is freaking lame. Leave it for comics and cartoons.

Waste of Time on Dec 17, 2010


Only an early trailer, not bad but smells funny. I will remain optimistic.

JayC on Dec 20, 2010


This looks epicly more fantastic than I was expecting. Watched back to back w/ Green Lantern, methinks this trailer sells a finer tale.

Joey D. on Dec 26, 2010


I am disappointed! I so wanted at least an approximation of the Marvel origin.... Where is crippled Don Blake? Where is finding the walking stick in the cave? Where is Thor's one major weakness.....keep him from touching his hammer for a minute or two and he turns back to being human??? I hate sword and sorcery type movies and Conan type I guess I am stuffed!

FOOM on Dec 30, 2010


You had me at boomarang hammer

John.E on Dec 31, 2010


The trailer looks good and augurs well for the film which is just around the corner now. As an Aussie science fiction writer I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original Journey into Mystery of August 1962. If you get a chance check out some of my Marvel (mainly Odin and Thor) fan fiction. Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:

Anonymous on Jan 7, 2011


I think "JayC put it best, "...not bad but smells funny. I will remain optimistic."

Dmos1183 on Jan 18, 2011

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