Watch: New Official Trailer for The Debt Starring Helen Mirren

July 20, 2010
Source: Yahoo

The Debt Trailer

Miramax has debuted a new official trailer for The Debt on Yahoo, the upcoming dramatic action-thriller starring Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington, plus Ciarán Hinds, Tom Wilkinson, Jessica Chastain. We just featured a first look photo for this yesterday, and it's great to actually see a trailer so quickly after. The film tells two stories, one a flashback about a secret mission to kill a Nazi war criminal, and a modern story about an attempt to uncover the truth about the criminal's potential resurfacing. This looks good, I just hope it's not boring to watch. At least it has a damn good cast. Watch this below and let us know what you think?

Watch the first official trailer for John Madden's The Debt:

[flv: 598 254]

You can also watch the official trailer for The Debt in High Definition on Yahoo

In 1965, three Israeli Mossad agents on a secret mission kill a notorious Nazi war criminal. Now, 30 years later, a man claiming to be the Nazi has surfaced and a former agent must go undercover to get the truth.

The Debt is directed by British filmmaker John Madden, of Ethan Frome, Shakespeare in Love, Proof and Killshot previously. This is a remake of an Israeli film called HaHov. It was rewritten by Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman (of Kick-Ass and Stardust) as well as the original writers Ido Rosenblum & Assaf Bernstein. Miramax Films is bringing The Debt to limited theaters on December 29th this year. Who wants to see it?

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Wow! This looked incredible! Worthington hopefully can be taken seriously now. He didn't seem to be in the trailer that much where it counted but... I hope this does well. Wilkinson is a dangerous guy too. He's so much fun to watch because he's so diabolical.

Eli on Jul 20, 2010


ooh getting a Munich vibe from this, and that's a good thing! The cast is great, Chastain I'm unfamiliar with (Enlighten me please!?) Worthington seems to be finding his groove and Csokas is just spectacular on screen. Correct me if I'm wrong but Mirren, Wilkinson, and Ciarán Hinds play them in later years and the film is told in flashback format?

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2010


well it looks as if I should read the entire article before asking a useless question...damn.

Xerxex on Jul 20, 2010


lol @ ^. but this looks amazing

lego on Jul 20, 2010


See Jolene (2008) for Jessica Chastain in the leading role, her performance there is strong in my opinion as is in some way the story which ends with a girl of somewhat 25 years with at least one full life behind.

Bo on Jul 21, 2010


WOW...........incredible!............this looks like it could be the best film i've seen all year.

beavis on Jul 21, 2010


Me! the concept sounds intriguing - the problem is the cast though - I've seen enough Worthington.

dom on Jul 21, 2010


Definitely an interesting trailer. And the cast alone probably makes this a movie worth watching. Now I've got another movie to add to my radar for this awards season.

Brady on Jul 21, 2010



John Doe on Jul 21, 2010


Thanks Bo! I'll check that out.

Xerxex on Jul 21, 2010


i think it says a lot about who frequents this site by what i've seen amazing trailer like this gets (at this point) 11 comments while just an info article stating that the riddler will be the villian in the next batman (and JGL may be the one to play the part) gets (currently) 84 comments. i'm all for checking out the info on batman too!.........but don't some of those people like great films that aren't about superheros or comics?

beavis on Jul 21, 2010


Aw c'mon Beavis this film looks way too serious to comment on. Cinema is all about fantasy and superheroes, trailers like this bring me down to think that in real life the world is heavy. Transformers 10 here we come yeaaaaaaaah. It looks pretty grim this film, but I bet when they are younger there are some good moments that will make it all the more worse when they start chopping each other up in the future. Fun times.

Crapola on Jul 21, 2010


I do Beavis! I DO! YAY!!!!!

Xerxex on Jul 21, 2010


i know you do, xerxex......and i'm not making these comments to be "stuffy" - there are sooooooo many good movies that don't get noticed. this is an excellent site to see many different (and excellent) trailers; yet, most people don't seem interested wanting to take advantage. crapola - yes i like the kinds of movies you speak of - hell, i watched "human centipede" a month ago just to see if it was as shockingly good as some said (it wasn't - it blew hard although i LOVED the actor who portrayed the doctor)........but there are MANY movies (and serious isn't bad) that are excellent. this trailer reminds me of "munich". that was serious subject matter, but it was EXCELLENT. both of the "elizabeth" movies with cate blanchett weren't about superheros or fantasy but they were wonderful movies. "the good shepherd" was serious subject matter - and it was very entertaining. "doubt" was not about a superhero or comic - it was about a very sensitive and serious subject......and was a FANTASTIC movie. "the boy in the striped pajamas" was another movie with very serious subject matter........ and people should see it. hey, i like batman, ironman, kick-ass; the "harold and kumar" movies...........but there are many other good movies in different genres too. give them a chance!

beavis on Jul 21, 2010


Well Beavis I think a lot people judge what they want to click on by skimming the title and picture of the article. Sorry but it took me a while to watch this trailer, but simply put, people want exciting not an old woman looking at a needle. I promise you more people would have watched this trailer had Alex put a picture of the girl putting the guy in a hold on the ground. But yea, this movie looks pretty good and I'll probably see it in theatres.

Aaron on Jul 22, 2010


Yep Beavis, that's the way man, there has to be every type of film, I personally enjoy watching terrible scifi films late at night, but also would watch a film like the one above. Mostly the cinema used to be for escapism and glamour, I was kindo of joking about fantasy/superheroes, even though I love that world, but I think nowadays normal television offers enough glamour with the celebrity culture pushed on people. Funny that people would actually venture forth to a cinema to witness reality where in the past they escaped a dull working life to see one hour of technicolour escapism. This might not make much sense it's been a long day.

Crapola on Jul 22, 2010


I wasn't sure I would have the chance to see this after Miramax went under. Looks about as good as I'd hoped it be. Not sure if I can buy Ciaran Hinds as an older Sam Worthington, but apart from that, it looks really good. Oh, and Xerxex, in response to your question in post # 2: Mirren, Hinds, and Wilkinson do play the older versions of the characters, but I do not know if the story is told in flashback.

Corran Horn on Jul 25, 2010


Amazing movie...i want to see the first one too Bernstein version.. about Beavis comment...yes i think a regular guy want to see more about The expendables or a flick like that but him dont want to see this kind of movies, like australian animal kingdom for example ...and i think is just more easy to watch..Thanks to First Showing I can see in Latinoamerica, these kind of trailers..and investigate more about them. Thank you. an take it easy guys,... Cine exists for thinking but for relax too. How it say one of my favourites spanish directors Alex de La Iglesia: Si tu logras que un tipo cualquiera olvide en solo dos horas, lo aburrido y tedioso de su vida diaria, Pues puedes considerar que has hecho cine de verdad. Sorry for my english. Thank you all.

Sakyo on Jul 28, 2010


im ive never seen mirren in an action role before. def interested.

blah blah on Aug 7, 2010


It looks interesting, I haven't had the chance to watch the full movie though.

Barbaragreen90 on May 4, 2012

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