Watch This: Teaser for Sharlto Copley Directed Thriller 'Spoon'

June 1, 2010
Source: Twitch

Spoon Trailer

Way before we all came to know and love Sharlto Copley as Wikus in District 9, he was actually working on a budding career as a director. Back in 2006, Copley co-directed a feature with production partner Simon Hansen, a thriller starring Rutger Hauer and Darren Boyd ("Personal Affairs") called Spoon. And after many years of waiting, an early teaser trailer has hit the web, courtesy of Twitch, giving us our very first look at Rutger Hauer as Victor Spoon. It's kind of creepy in a sense, almost in a Cronenberg kind of way, and it's about a guy who blacks out during moments of extreme stress. So uh, just check this out, if you're curious.

Watch the teaser trailer for Simon Hansen & Sharlto Copley's Spoon:

A thriller with supernatural overtones about a man with a medical condition that causes him to black out during moments of extreme stress, which helps lead him to make a remarkable discovery about himself.

Spoon was both co-directed and co-written by South African filmmakers Sharlto Copley and Simon Hansen, who run the company Inspired Minority Pictures and have been working together for a while. Hansen is also a producer and also worked with Copley on Neill Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg short film. A company named Distant Horizon is listed as a distributor in the US, but we're not sure if that's accurate. Either way, we'll do our best to follow Spoon, which Twitch says "is now complete" and coming soon. Is anyone interested?

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that was kind of vague.

beavis on Jun 1, 2010


he travels back in time to save the girl he loves but always fails and gets his arms blown off by a mail box bomb.

DoomCanoe on Jun 1, 2010


^ Uhm is that really the plot of SPOON or you just throwing that out there? That's actually kind of cool... Travels back in time, how, what the heck?

Alex Billington on Jun 1, 2010


Alex, he just described The Butterfly Effect. Anywho, while I love Copley as an actor, it's not enough to see this on blind faith. We'll see how it's received.

shadow on Jun 1, 2010


Alex that's from the film The Butterfly Effect. He's saying the plotline is similar when the blacks out under extreme stress. Ashton Kutcher has that happen in the film and then he is able later on to travel back to those moments and alter what happened via a journal. So far with the trailer being as vague as possible and it being called a thriller I don't really feel it, but that's not to say I won't later on. I'm looking forward to hearing more news about it.

Movieraider321 on Jun 1, 2010


^ Ohhhh I get it... Thanks for explaining. Remarkably I've never seen The Butterfly Effect. I hope the story in this one is that crazy, although it sounds more psychological than anything "time travel."

Alex Billington on Jun 1, 2010


strange... Copley is a cool guy. The Butterfly Effect was.... my last attempt at watching it ended with me turning it off halfway through. Could have been a lot better but I liked the concept. There's always something interesting aabout a man in a room by himself looking as if he's being interrogated or tortured. It pretty much opens its doors to all possiblities.

Eli on Jun 1, 2010


Sounds Intresting, but not sure I got my hopes high just yet..

Joav on Jun 2, 2010


The teaser trailer for this film Isn't that impressive could have been a better trailer hope there is a better one soon.

Cineprog on Jun 2, 2010


yeah... i was just joking guys

DoomCanoe on Jun 2, 2010


Sharlto Copley does not run Inspired Minority. It is Simon Hansen's company. Twitch should be shot for posting this nonsense.

peter on Jun 2, 2010


Nice one DoomCanoe.

Xerxex on Jun 2, 2010


Nice one, a bit disturbing... But if you wanna see something creepy - check this short: It scared the sh*t out of me... o_0'

Sandro on Jun 2, 2010


dont really care much about who directs...i'm more excited about hutger Hauer on Jun 2, 2010


God, that was lame. Hope you got paid for promoting it.

JJ Abrams on Jun 3, 2010


Sorry..but is so vague...maybe if they show a better trailer ..i will see it..jaja good joke about the Butterfly effect black out.. =P

Sakyo on Jun 10, 2010


I agree with the above comments....don't think the teaser trailer says much at all. Certainly not enought to make me go out and watch it! Come up with a better trailer please

Suzanne on Jun 27, 2010

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