Watch This: The Expendables Call To Arms Trailer Demands It

July 12, 2010

The Expendables Call to Arms Trailer

Wow, this is a very bold trailer. Lionsgate, you're definitely telling us something - The Expendables better be a big hit or you're joining MGM. It sucks because they're up against Scott Pilgrim, which I hope becomes a breakout hit this year, but I want to see this, too. Just don't go see Eat Pray Love, on August 13th see this! Eff all those chick flicks, watch a bunch of dudes killing other dudes! This trailer is a combination of cheesy, epic, crazy and just plain insane all in one, if that's even possible. I'm pretty sure this is a FAN made trailer, but it's still fun. Do you want to see The Expendables more or less? August 13th… Get to dah theatah!

Watch the "Call to Arms" trailer for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables:

You can also watch this crazy trailer in high def over on YouTube - it's awesome!

The story follows a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

The Expendables is both written and directed by legendary action actor and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone, who has also directed Paradise Alley, Rocky 2, 3, and 4, as well as the most recent Rambo movie. This is a Nu Image / Millennium Films production developed by Avi Lerner and Les Weldon. Lionsgate is bringing The Expendables to theaters starting on August 13th later this summer. We first featured a trailer for this back in October of last year but it got pulled, then the official trailer debuted back in March. Still excited?

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Haha...gotta love Sly, this will be epic. Gonna be a great double feature at the drive in between this, Scott Pilgrim, a bunch of buddies, and a cooler of beer.

peloquin on Jul 12, 2010


Andrew wk makes this trailer so much better

mattg on Jul 12, 2010


really? this movie is just as stereotypically male as crap like "eat pray love" is stereotypically female. that's all they could think of to promote this flick? see this so the "cunts" don't win? there's a reason why guys like this are losing their grip on hollywood. they have no ideas left that don't involve telling women to get back in the kitchen. so sad.

lolitahaze on Jul 12, 2010


Well... dont go to the movies to watch it, stay in the kitchen if you want to. Dishes ain't gonna wash themselves anyway

Abelardo on Jul 12, 2010


It's made by io9. You know.. A site you link to from time to time?

Tomb on Jul 12, 2010


I mean it's just fanmade right? Not like Lionsgate are really pushing out that message, although they'd love to I'm sure.

Mat Weller on Jul 12, 2010


#5 - Thanks, I didn't even know that. I first saw this as a link on Facebook from a friend, didn't know it was made by io9. I didn't see it because I don't like the way they title their posts, it's a bit weird, can't tell what the heck they're about or what'll be in them. Oh well...

Alex Billington on Jul 12, 2010


this movie in uk is p against: salt, dinner for schmucks, the girl who played with fire,so it may have a chance in uk but movie fans been movies will go see it if it holds some homage to their childhood movies!

paul on Jul 12, 2010


i make a damn fine sandwich, i'll have you know, but fuck staying in the kitchen. i'll go outside and sabotage the grandpa brigade's wheelchairs.

lolitahaze on Jul 12, 2010


Hot damn! This is a movie. I dont care if its fan made. Best trailer I've ever seen for any movie.

Daniel Felts on Jul 12, 2010


Jesus Christ, why do people have to get so freaking crazy about this? Ok, got it, you don't like action flicks. I hear you. I have balls, chain smoke, drink too much, play with guns, swear enough to make a Marine blush, enjoy punching anything, and handle explosives in Third World countries for a living. I'm gonna watch this cause I love dumb action flicks. Cause yeah, chick flicks never follow the same formula... You don't like the movie, that's fine. I hate any move that circles around a love story. And you know what? Its just as believable as the over-the-top action flicks. So, I'll be watching this. And eating raw red meat. Washed down with cold full-flavored beer, none of that light crap. And when I walk out of the theater, I'll spark up a cigar, hop in my 4 wheel drive gas guzziling truck, and run every red light/stop sign till I get to the bar. Then, I'll go home, kiss my wife and kid, and call it a night.

nate on Jul 12, 2010


I think the ground might crack open when willis stallone and schwarzengger appear in that one scene together. I just want crazy mindless action.

Logan on Jul 12, 2010


This trailer is like trying to start a sibling rivalry between Eric and Julia. Julia obviously has more talent, but I'm a guy so I'm way more interested in the expendables.

Vet4Peace on Jul 12, 2010


It wont do any of these actors justice in any way. Why? Because we've seen all their moves before. They can all be sexy, badass, and fill their flicks with more corny oneliners than anyone else. That's not to say they're all bad...performers. In all honesty, I'd rather watch 100 chick flicks before I see this tripe. As a matter of fact, I think i just might do that...

Eli on Jul 12, 2010


Just don't go see Eat Pray mature Where is Jeremy Kirk

none134 on Jul 12, 2010


i grew up watching action and horror, i don't watch "women's movies", i find them insulting. i considered "american psycho" a good date movie, so i went on a date with a guy to it. so simmer down, dennis leary wanna be.

lolitahaze on Jul 12, 2010


Like a "bad" B movie, Expendables knows exactly what it is. It's not trying to be anything more than the most over the top action movie and pay homage to all those 80s action flicks in it's own way. Just like women cant wait to see some goofyass dress on Carrie from Sex in the City, I cant wait to see Arnold break someone's neck.

L on Jul 12, 2010


Let's review: #1 - it's a fan made trailer, so you can't point the finger at anyone responsible for producing the movie in any way, shape, or form. If you have a beef with the message take it up with the guy who made it. #2 - This was NOT made for girls, which should be pretty obvious. If you're a girl and dislike the trailer, then it's you're own fault for watching something that wasn't meant for you... no matter what your movie tastes are it still isn't meant for you. #3 - If you haven't figured out already that they're playing to the Rambo, Die Hard, Commando crowd then you obviously don't comprehend the purpose of this film. Look at the cast! This movie was DESIGNED to be a blow-shit-up and score with some busty hotties movie. It was meant to play to the manly stereotypes. And I gotta say it's about damn time. I love movies with substance, I love realism with my action, I love drama and suspense combining with thrills and epic storytelling. But damnit, sometimes I want to see someone go Rambo on some bad guys. It's an escape from reality where everything is black and white and no question who the bad guys and good guys are. Hollywood is finally starting to make some more of these types of movies, A-Team being the latest. I hope they keep pumping these movies out.

Chris H. on Jul 12, 2010


Watching this movie will cure cancer.

Helga on Jul 12, 2010


Got that right. Cancer fears Stallone.

Cloudy with a chance of beefaroni on Jul 12, 2010


So they're trying to get men to buy tickets to a movie the same way they get us to buy "Old Spice" now?

Sculthorp on Jul 12, 2010


hahah im not expecting much more then just an average action flick with old school action guys in it. But i hope this doesnt above avg at the box office. These old guys our support.

moviefan111 on Jul 12, 2010


"NOT OFF YOUR TORRENTS" LOL ! Was talking about this just the other day with some mates, worthy of a ticket or is it just another DL? 🙂 I was looking forward to this flick and A-Team, but A-Team is worth of a DL, and not a ticket imo

David Banner on Jul 13, 2010


#20, cancer only fears stallone because chuch norris is making it fear stallone. without chuck, cancer would kick stallones ass.

beavis on Jul 13, 2010


#21... If you mean by using ads... and commercials... like every other business in the world... Then yes, this is just like Old Spice... [insert very heavy sarcasm]

nate on Jul 13, 2010


@11 nate, you crack me up man!! count me in...i'll be running those reds with my bicycle!!!

chilin on Jul 13, 2010


Pure, unadulterated, win.

mrjzn on Jul 13, 2010


All trailers should be like this one!

Ricardo on Jul 13, 2010


I have never wanted to see a movie like I want to see this movie, this will be the greatest cinematic honour any of us men will ever know...

Nick and the big bad B on Jul 13, 2010


Damn, my wife's not gonna get any attention for that entire weekend, i'm gonna go regain my manhood, drink some beer, drive all night with the guys, meet some girls and [we sincerely apologize, but Chuck is unable to continue writing about his ultimate weekend due to the fact that his wife came into the room and saw what he was writing, then began to go upside his head with a rolling pin.]

Chuck on Jul 13, 2010


If Chuck Norris makes a cameo in this, the theater will literally explode.

Nick Sears on Jul 13, 2010


the only thing about this that i dont like is that they didnt save an arnold cameo for the theater. that would have been a great surprise opening night.

Spencer on Jul 13, 2010


'The only men you are allowed to love' Some real man love going on here, it's great. At what point do the Village People start busting down the doors?

Crapola on Jul 13, 2010


@#3 Do you need a tissue? U really need to get over yourself. It's a guy movie and I've been waiting for a real one ever since that Twilight crap hit theaters. I'm buying this movie when it comes to dvd and I hope they make a sequal. Van Damn and Snipes please!!! OOOOOO Snipes vs Jet li!!

WTF on Jul 14, 2010

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