Watch This: First Trailer for Jay Baruchel's She's Out of My League

January 6, 2010
Source: Yahoo

She's Out of My League

Paramount has debuted the first official trailer for She's Out of My League starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve. This new comedy from the guys who brought you Sex Drive is about a regular joe who lands the perfect girl but starts to lose it when his confidence gives out. The only reasons I'm into this are that Jay Baruchel is a pretty damn good up-and-coming actor and Alice Eve looks ridiculously cute in this movie. I mean, this does look pretty stupid, of course, but maybe it's fun to occasionally enjoy a stupid comedy like this. The best part though - whoa wait, there's a fighter pilot in this? Okay, now it's pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Watch the first official trailer for Jim Field Smith's She's Out of My League from YouTube:

An average joe (Jay Baruchel) who works as a TSA security guard meets the perfect woman (Alice Eve), but his lack of confidence and the influence of his friends & family begins to pick away at the relationship.

She's Out of My League is directed by actor/writer/director Jim Field Smith of a few short films previously. He is making his feature directorial debut with this film. The screenplay was co-written by Sean Anders and John Morris (both of Never Been Thawed and Sex Drive previously). Paramount is bringing She's Out of My League to theaters everywhere starting on March 12th. It may not be for everyone, but will you see this?

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I want this to be good because I like Jay B. Looks promising since Sex-Drive was a lot funnier than i thought it would be.

Jason on Jan 6, 2010


Alice Eve looks like a hotter version of Reese Witherspoon.

Shane on Jan 6, 2010


Maybe. I agree with #1. Really need to see it all play. "Plane Doctor" is a stupid joke and should be stricken from the movie.

Fuelbot on Jan 6, 2010


"plane doctor" made me spit all over my monitor. and i'm kind of a high-brow guy. anyway, i'll be there for this - Jay B has been a name that'll make me show up since he was in UNDECLARED. funny guy. and SEX DRIVE was a good no brain comedy.

crumb on Jan 6, 2010


Not looking forward to this at all, but it does look somewhat amusing and I recognized alot of faces in this trailer. The dude that played Hud in Cloverfield is in there and I admit he is actually a pretty funny dude. Mike Vogel was also in Cloverfeild concidence or not I don't know. Then there is of course the underrated Jay Baruchel. Also does the dude who made the pig joke remind anyone of Seth Rogen ? I actaully thought it was him at first.

wrongturn687 on Jan 6, 2010


Saw this at a sneak screening. Highly hilarious.

movieraider321 on Jan 6, 2010


Dude its Hud the camera man from Cloverfield, this looks pretty good!

Xerxex on Jan 6, 2010


Does look pretty funny.

Brandon on Jan 6, 2010


Looks okay at best. I dont know what the big deal is, where you teenagers? At least it's Rated R

Nasty Nate on Jan 6, 2010


Looks like Trevor Eve (her real dad) is playing Alice Eve's dad in the movie.

Vole on Jan 7, 2010


LOL! That looks funny as hell! Jay's a very underrated actor.

K on Jan 7, 2010


i was really excited, so i came early. :O laff

lego on Jan 7, 2010


hehe looks fun.

Lahirry on Jan 7, 2010


This looks pretty good. Looking forward to seeing this.

Eliza on Jan 8, 2010


Looks entertaining and I did enjoy Sex Drive but I wonder if it will have the courage to highlight that virtually all attractive women have zero personality as they've been on the receiving end of so much sunshine and only begin to consider a 'nice guy' once they've given the best years of their life to a host of never ending *rseholes and bad boys. Yes, I'm jaded.

Payne by name on Jan 8, 2010


I laughed several times... I'm in. I'll check it out.

Ellz on Jan 8, 2010


Looks average at best Sex Drive was average at best. Actullay if it wasn't for Seth Green that movie would of been a total piece of crap as would of been Orange County without Jack Black. What's up with all these unfunny lead guys. Anyone seen I love you beth cooper, he was a dud also. Isn't this formula getting a little tiring unfunny guy grade c actor blonde eye candy no plot. PLANE DOCTOR SCENE should let you know how f@%#ing lame this movie will be. I wait to netflix it.

rdumorne on Jan 8, 2010


A moodle, lol Looks hilarious, a plane doctor... lol Jay Baruchel is great on this type of movies, also great on Tropic Thunder

Voice123 - Voices for Movie Trailers on Jan 14, 2010


I felt like such a tool when - after seeing the trailer for this film at least twice - I found out that the lead female role was NOT being played by Reese Witherspoon. I ended up at this site after I Googled both her and Alice Eve's names together and found someone here who ALSO saw the resemblance. Now I don't feel so alone. Besides, they both have matching Jay Leno chins, don't they?

Reverend Flash on Mar 4, 2010


I'm considered to be Out of the LEague of 99 % of the girls...but I try to be kind and generous with my time and sensitive to the fact that all these girls want me. is a burden but if you can have humility and a good heart, everything is well .

vibrator on Jul 9, 2010

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