Watch This: Trailer for The Doors Doc 'When You're Strange'

February 22, 2010

When You're Strange Trailer

I'm not sure how many of you guys are big fans of the rock band The Doors, but there is a documentary about them coming out this year. Tom DiCillo (director of Double Whammy and Delirious) made a feature about The Doors called When You're Strange that premiered at Sundance. It's finally hitting theaters in April and an official trailer has arrived via the film's official website. The documentary uncovers historic, previously unseen footage from the illustrious rock quartet and provides new insight into the revolutionary impact of their music and legacy. It's narrated by Johnny Depp, which is an added bonus. Check it out!

There are only four reviews of this on Rotten Tomatoes so far, mostly negative, but it doesn't look that bad.

Watch the trailer for Tom DiCillo's When You're Strange:

[flv: 540 304]

"Tom DiCillo's When You're Strange is a meticulously crafted, exhilarating ode to one of music's greatest ensembles, The Doors. Watching the hypnotic, hitherto, unreleased footage of Jim, John, Ray and Robby, I felt like I experienced it all through their eyes… As a rock n' roll documentary, or any kind of documentary for that matter, it simply doesn't get any better than this. What an honor to have been involved. I am as proud of this as anything I have ever done." -Johnny Depp (This quote was found on the official website.)

When You're Strange is both written and directed by Tom DiCillo, of mostly indies like Johnny Suede, The Real Blonde, Double Whammy and Delirious previously. This first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival a few years back. Rhino Entertainment is bringing When You're Strange to limited theaters on April 9th.

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looks okay...might check it out.

Xerxex on Feb 22, 2010


Yea Jim is not musical genius like Jimi is but he was poet and he know how to make the audience get crazy... but Ray and Robby... i think they are great competition for Jimi... thay just make a killer music but without jim is not the same 🙁 for me doors died 71' with jim' but they will be allways in the people hearts 🙂 Speaking, obviously is there other like doors... i don't think so 😀 Doors, Joplin, Hendrix, Marley and many more... they are great we don't have to compare them the only thing we can do is to enjoy their music

Люсиен Владимиров on Jan 19, 2011


not a big doors fan. but as docs go, this one looks pretty good. i'll be seeing this sometime.

beavis on Feb 23, 2010


Not a big Doors Fan but this sounds o.k if you are.... Prob better watch on DVD.

Cineprog on Feb 23, 2010


doors own

DoomCanoe on Feb 23, 2010


looks good,didn't they sing riders in or on a storm classic,i didn't think the doors film with val kilmer wasn't to bad either,i think i watch this.



Looks brilliant,where are all the great rock stars gone,its all so pc today.Apart from Liam Gallagher who keeps the flag flying.

tri na nog on Feb 23, 2010


Sounds great, trailer was kinda meh, but I guess you can't bottle the doors into one trailer, so I think it will be better than what's shown here. Plus, having Johnny Depp VO will definitely be cool.

Nick Sears on Feb 23, 2010


I love the Doors. I will be seeing this for sure.

Dan W on Feb 23, 2010


Impossible to tell from the trailer what the quality may be, or if there's actually any insight to what was going on, but I'll watch it. I suspect that the Depp work may bring it down a bit too, what with him using his super-serious monotone. May have to read No One Here Gets Out Alive again in prep.

NYF on Feb 23, 2010


The Doors were over rated and this documentary has the look of, "Well we really don't have anything else original to say so let's run some voltage through this dead horse and see what happens!"

Eric on Feb 23, 2010


so what if they're overrated you dont see nobody complaining bout the beatles or the rolling stones they got famous for a reason, and thats because they rock!!!

Sonny on Feb 23, 2010


I think the doors are great. I didnt think this was a good trailer at all. Maybe the movie is better but I wouldnt go out and see it, id rent it. Ugh beatles

Bort on Feb 23, 2010


#10 you suck...doors are freakin greatness. Thought Morrison was a complete nut pretty much.

Cody on Feb 23, 2010


riders of the storm! 🙂

DIGITAL DRUGS on Feb 23, 2010


it will be great movie!!!!

WOMEN TOYS on Feb 23, 2010


The Doors are overrated? One of the most influently and greatest rock bands of all time. Am I hear you straight!? You F'in crackhead!

KB on Feb 23, 2010


The Doors were one of the most important rock bands of all time. Period. This movie looks interesting, if for no other reason than to see some rare live footage of the band.

scott on Feb 24, 2010


I loved The Doors when I was a kid; I read "No One Hear Get's Out Alive", and I even sat through that awful Val Kilmer movie. I still say they are overrated. It's not that I dislike them, I just don't think that they are as great as they are made out to be. Yes, Jim was iconic and a character, but he was also a bit of a drunken, doped up loser. They were very good musicians, they worked well together, and their music was very good. But for me, it just did not hold up over time. Maybe I'll have to go back and re-listen to them. But their appeal to me was very limited. Jimi Hendrix was a musical genius, but Jim morrison? Not in the same league!

Eric on Feb 24, 2010


eric you're nuts! I think the doors were way ahead of their time! rather than imitate the music of their time they went in a totally different direction! Morrison may have been a drug user but he wasnt an idiot spouting off hypocritical shit like wearing "Corporate Rock sucks" shirts on the cover of corporate magazines! lol.. at a time where all other rockers were selling out to car commercials and changing their lyrics to be on tv, they refused to sell out (Come on buick light my fire?) and refused to change their lyrics! not to mention morrison wrote a couple of very good poetry books..and dont get me started on their musical strengths! Ray Manserick played both the bass lines and the melodies at the same time for crying out loud!!! but I get it, its music and music is always a matter of taste and opinion, just like film and everything you are wrong! lol...

lando on Feb 26, 2010



Eric on Feb 27, 2010


why another doors movie? i mean i like the doors i just dont see why no one has done a movie on joplin,hendrix, or zeppelin. i would like to see a bob marley movie too

nate on Mar 2, 2010


Wikipedia about The Doors -

Goddess Gifts on Mar 15, 2010


I never realized how much Jim looks like the Geico caveman.

Greedo on Mar 18, 2010


Everybody must see this movie!

Adult Articles on Mar 18, 2010

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