Watch This: Vintage Trailer for The Avengers Movie from 1952

August 10, 2010
Source: AICN

The Avengers 1952

Wait - there was an Avengers movie made back in 1952?! No, no that's all just made up, but some guys on YouTube (found via AICN) did decide to whip up a short three-minute black and white trailer based on the question: "What if… The Avengers movie was created years before the actual comic book?" That concept in general is brilliant, but the entire trailer is very impressive. We would definitely be living in a different world (cinematically, too) if this Avengers movie really existed. This is must watch for any true comic book geek, so without further ado: "An astonishing tale, filled with suspense, and terrors from strange worlds…"

If you're looking for a list of footage used, you can find one in the description on the YouTube page. I love all the sounds clips and video clips and everything put into this, it all makes it so awesome. One other reason I wanted to feature this is that it's just a very fascinating concept to think about. Most of these superheroes we now know by the names given to them by Marvel or DC Comics have sort of existed in our psyche as various "extraordinary" heroes of legend. Most of the footage in this had to come from another film originally, right? I also loved the Iron Man stuff the most (his costume, oh man!). What a great find! Did you enjoy, too?

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This is the definition of EPIC!

Nitrium on Aug 10, 2010



LINKFX on Aug 10, 2010



Ron on Aug 10, 2010


They should have based the new Thor on the one in this trailer.

Crapola on Aug 10, 2010


Funkin brilliant!

Dandooo on Aug 10, 2010


ok, so im no hater on here, but this was fucking stupid.

Jesus on Aug 10, 2010


classic shit.

deadpool72 on Aug 10, 2010


Haha agreed #6. #1, 2, 3, 5...really?!

Ravster on Aug 10, 2010


i think that's probably the coolest thing on this site

DoomCanoe on Aug 10, 2010


6 and 8.... shut up. Everyone else. I agree whole heartedly in your sentiments on this being the most awesome thing to be put on this site since Alex inserted his twitter handle.

Scared S-less!!! on Aug 10, 2010


haha nice

DaftPUNKFAN on Aug 10, 2010


The Invincible Iron-Man looks more like the Invincible Trash Can. Sorry.. =p

Jack on Aug 10, 2010


pour un groupes de super héros crée en 1960 se retrouvé dans une bandes annonces de film de 1952 bizarre et diane rigg en black widow (emma peel de la série the avengers encore plus bizarre)je me demande si ça serait pas un fake hum hum!!

maddog on Aug 10, 2010


A little bit too long, I thought it was great for the first minute, then it just went downhill from there. A cool piece, nicely edited and well polished.

Professor Brian O'Blivion on Aug 10, 2010


#6 I totally agree.

t on Aug 10, 2010


1:00 - I didnt know Ted Turner was in this?! 2:40 - Eddie Munster too?! This mirrored some great rhetoric and effects of the time.

L on Aug 11, 2010


Ravster, Yep I was kidding, I'm just having a giraffe.

Crapola on Aug 11, 2010


Mrs. Emma Peel! (look it up,youngsters) She shivered me timbers before I knew what wood was all about!

kitano0 on Aug 11, 2010


goddam right #18...I caught totallyagree...she is sooooo hot...lots of movie footage from the better days in there...couple James Bond baddies in the what the hell was so wrong with this?? I thought it was great FUN!!! nice job ...

blasphemer on Aug 12, 2010

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