Watch: Trailer for UK Post-Apocalyptic Movie 'The Last Seven'

September 6, 2010
Source: Film School Rejects

The Last Seven

London Population: 7 Million. Until Today. I've never heard of this film before today, but it doesn't actually look that bad, although I will admit that I think we're starting to see a little too many of these "a few people are left alive" post-apocalyptic thrillers these days. Film School Rejects recently featured the trailer for The Last Seven, a straight-to-DVD film directed by Imran Naqvi about seven people in London who find out they're apparently the last seven people in existence. What happened? And what's going to happen next? I really like the vibe in this, I'm surprised it's just a DVD release, but I guess not everything can be theatrical.

t the official UK trailer for Imran Naqvi's The Last Seven:

The Last Seven is directed by Pakistani filmmaker Imran Naqvi, a former steadicam operator who's making his feature directing debut. The screenplay was by written by newcomer John Stanley. The film stars Tamer Hassan, Simon Phillips, Daisy Head, Sebastian Street, Rita Ramnani, John Mawson as well as Danny Dyer. The film is already on sale on DVD in the UK (order from if you want) and was shot mostly in London late last year. We're not sure if or when it will ever get a US release, but we'll let you know if we see or hear anything. If you're interested, you can also visit the movie's official website at:

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nem on Sep 6, 2010


Might be alright.

LeoNz on Sep 6, 2010


trailer seems ok..............but if the story doesn't hold up - the minimal action may lead to a "snore-fest". btw, alex: there are MANY more rom coms and super-hero movies being made/released than these " a few people are left alive" post-apocalyptic thrillers"............... if they can make (seemingly) 5-8 rom coms a month and lesser super-heros like captain america, green lantern, and iron man can get movies - i don't see the problem with different takes on the post-apocalyptic thrillers - as long as they're entertaining.

beavis on Sep 6, 2010



JAPIV on Sep 6, 2010


@ #2, lol i noticed that too, and was like wait a minute.... i'm gonna assume that one of them's probably from one of their flashbacks. if not, well, so much for a surprise twist. and why do british ppl always assume they're the last 7 ppl left on earth, always together in one spot. the aliens from Skyline were probably like, damn, we don't have anymore room for 7 more people! where do we not want 7 more people from....ah yes...

lego on Sep 6, 2010


Population of London is closer to 8 million btw.

Jordan on Sep 6, 2010


@5 It's not the British. It's the movie-makers. It has happened time and time again in other movies. I am Legend is one of them. Except in New York. Durr 🙂 The point is, it's a movie and just enjoy it.

HUMble 1 on Sep 6, 2010


I bet they are limbo and Danny Dyers character is... well just just check IMDB to find out. Different trailer here: The reviews for this film are pretty bad. But I'd probably still watch it.

Crapola on Sep 6, 2010


I heard about this, I cant remember if it was from Twitch or some other site, so my source is completely blown on that, but I did hear it was terrible. It had whole "artsy-fresh out of film school" type of feel, with very shaky and out of focus shots and cute shit like that. I'll wait for someone else to see it and tell me how it is first before blowing my money on it.

Leon on Sep 6, 2010


Is that a 28 Days/Weeks Later hommage I spy at 1:27?

Jim on Sep 6, 2010


Why are there 7 people after the six? Unless he trusts one, but then he says 'I am one of seven'. It cannot possibly be twist fail because that would be the stupidest trailer ever made.

lolwut on Sep 7, 2010


Did anyone else notice that one of the guys looks a LOT like Alan Rickman? Seriously, the last guy in the face close-ups looks just like him.

Phil on Sep 7, 2010


Reminds me of this movie

cinemabandit on Sep 7, 2010


This is a low budget straight to DVD film. If you spot Tamer Hassan or Danny Dyer in a film you know it'll be bad. Looks terrible

harv on Sep 7, 2010


Acting looks crap. Not very believable

CookieMonster on Sep 7, 2010


You know it's not that bad. I just watched it and will be reviewing it soon, and it's got some strong ideas but it's let down a bit in the script and execution of some of the clever ideas. However the director does look impressive, especially with what they've managed in some of the shots. It is quite cinematic. Spoiler wise, don't look at IMDB for it, there are some spoilers there. However none of them are about the number of actors, they appear in the flashback sequences as the characters start to unravel what happened to them after they awake. There are no zombies. Not a one. Good news, Danny Dyer isn't in it that long, which is a great bonus, his voice over is the most we get of him and it doesn't last very long but is pretty bad. Low budget, straight to DVD yes, but not terrible.

Richard Brunton (Filmstalker) on Sep 7, 2010


Wow, I thought I was looking at a chubby Ben Affleck around 1:04.

Jamaraq on Sep 7, 2010


he he Jamaraq, I got a chubby Ben Affleck too!

Crapola on Sep 7, 2010


so apparently the infrastructure isn't completely gone, as there is a dial tone on the phone. that trailer was crap and not the least bit engaging or intense

antioch on Sep 7, 2010


It's Terry from L4YER CAKE!!!

floppytall on Sep 7, 2010


Just watched it...surprisingly good with a twisted ending!! Worth watchin 28 days later at all......

arno on Sep 7, 2010


"Hello what have we here?" Is it just me or Does the girl with the knife look like Scully? Lando likes Scully...

Solo Calrissian on Sep 7, 2010


is this gonna be like Identity were it's just one person? Or the Seventh Seal, shit like that

wm on Sep 9, 2010


Watched this last night. Some good ideas, but poor execution and average acting. Definitively worth a remake though....

ruthabagah on Sep 11, 2010


So the rapture happened and each of these individuals represent the seven deadly sins?

Syphous on Sep 12, 2010


Seen it now. That was some super vague storyline, I heard there was a twist too, but I never saw it.

Crapola on Sep 13, 2010


I kind of like the look/feel of it. It might be the mood and dialog void nature of the trailer but I'm interested...oh and there's Danny Dyer too. Could be good.

Marc on Oct 29, 2010

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