Wes Craven Talks Scream 4 + Old/New Teaser Poster Revealed

April 28, 2010


It's been a long time coming, but Scream 4 is now on the way, not only with original cast Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, but master of horror Wes Craven is returning to the director's chair for the Ghostface killer sequel. Entertainment Weekly has just released the first official teaser poster for this, though it isn't much different from a poster that showed up at American Film Market late last year, and sat down with Craven who couldn't reveal too much about his return to the franchise, but he did delve a little deeper into where we'll find our damsel in distress, Sidney Prescott, in the fourth go-round in this series.

Update: Dimension Films has sent over the high quality version of the poster which we've added below!

Scream 4 Teaser Poster

In Scream 4, the state of the horror genre within the film has been plagued with endless Stab sequels (the film series within the film based on the Woodsboro murders) which should provide some familiar tongue-in-cheek fun. Meanwhile, Craven says Sidney has "been off by herself and living her own life, and she’s even written a book that has gotten a lot of critical acclaim. She’s kind of put her life back together in the course of these 10 years. But, certainly, there would be no Scream without Ghostface, so she has to confront him again, but now as a woman who has really come out the darkness of her past." We have yet to see anything else for this, but with an April 15th, 2011 release, I'm sure it won't take long. Head to for more!

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#1!!! Yes!!! I can't wait for this! Most anticipated movie of 2011 for me!!! "Let Me Hear You Scream!" - Ozzy

Peace Love & GaGa on Apr 28, 2010


F A I L. The first one was good, the others sucked.

Xerxex on Apr 28, 2010


God Why?

People's Champ on Apr 28, 2010


@3... "with original cast Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette, but master of horror Wes Craven is returning to the director's chair." Have you heard anyone mention those names since the last Scream film? ...I rest my case

peloquin on Apr 29, 2010


Cougar Town! ... wait

JP on Apr 29, 2010


Sorry, but after the crap fest that was all 3 of the Scream films, this will be EPIC FAIL 2011. No one cares if the original cast are back, still doesnt mean it'll be any good. So who does it this time??? Her pet goldfish??? "Hello Sidney" (goldfish memory kicks in) ....."Hello Sidney"

Matte Blac on Apr 29, 2010


@4 What are you talking about?

People's Champ on Apr 29, 2010


don't anyone here believe that this franchise has run its course. "I do"

Cineprog on Apr 29, 2010


A women from her past...its going to be Sidney's MOM! I bet all of you im right! Lol SCREAM 1 was great but 2and3 were pretty weak.

CRazy OLYPHANT on Apr 29, 2010


I think the first two were great the third one sucked. I say let them redeem themselves and give a proper ending to the whole series.

CLAW on Apr 29, 2010


I thought this series was pretty much over at the end of 3? Ahh well as long as Wes is back directing again there's still hope!

Sean on Apr 29, 2010


I agree with everyone that #1 was awesome and the others were... well less then awesome but for some reason i want this to be made. I guess its because this is the 90's horror villain and i want him to be remembered as much as Freddy, Jason & Myers.

DoomCanoe on Apr 29, 2010


I agree with Claw the first 2 were awesome the 3rd was trash. Lets see what they can do this time.

Chase on Apr 29, 2010


#9, you are a that synopsis is saying Sidney is the woman who has come out of the darkness of her past....idiot!

Cmurder on Apr 29, 2010


I like the vast majority did not care for 2 or 3. I thought the first was a good picture, and Craven really directed it well. I will say that I really liked Craven's "A New Nightmare" I think it was the best of the sequels. It was original and different and really brought life into a dead franchise, again in my humble opinion. I think if they are going to do it, at least they got Wes Craven involved and didn't just do a Micheal Bay produced remake, ironically like "A Nightmare on Elm Street". So if I have any hope in this being a good flick it relies almost entirely on the script and Craven's direction. Either way we're going to find out.

Professor Brian O'Blivion on Apr 29, 2010


@7... When was the last time you saw a movie poster with the words "starring David Arquette", "starring Courtney Cox", or "starring Neve Campbell". The answer to your question of "why?" is because all these washed up actors want a decent paycheck which they haven't seen since the Scream franchise.

peloquin on Apr 29, 2010


I appreciate good movies and HATE bad ones... but to deny the attraction of these 90's thrill-seeking slasher movies would be a mistake. And to see the same cast as their old roles again, with a neat soundtrack, that same "look" as the original, and a convincing storyline... fuck, man. This could be a nostalgic trip back to simple bloody teen-slasher territory with the bells and whistles that made the first film pretty damn enjoyable. I haven't had fun in awhile. Scream has always been fun. Even the sequel. I saw the poster and felt a fuzzy feeling inside.

Cracky on Apr 29, 2010


Sorry but how can you replace the letter A with the number 4???

DiR3cT on Apr 29, 2010


@peloquin Just wondering. They definitely need that paycheck. Also, whens the last time Wes Craven had a hit.

People's Champ on Apr 29, 2010


I'd say Craven's last "hit" was Red Eye because I really enjoyed that movie, but I don't think that garnered much critical or financial acclaim in comparison to Scream.

peloquin on Apr 29, 2010


Why not, i really think it's old for the series.Although i think i'd miss it if they don't make a new one.

Fisherr on May 2, 2010


I think its awesome theirs a new film, and trilogy! ;D i love scream, and anyone of you idiots below who are saying the series is crap, can you lot do better? no! why is the series one of the most successful horror series of all time? oh yeah, because its crap XD i cant wait till its released, loved every one of em'! 🙂

Dylan on Jul 9, 2010

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