Where is the Train? First Poster for Tony Scott's Unstoppable

August 23, 2010

Unstoppable Poster

So we've got Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, each looking badass, some sparks flying, and "Inspired by True Events" on there - but where is the train? IMPAwards has uncovered the first poster for Tony Scott's Unstoppable, that runaway train action movie starring Pine and Washington that we featured the trailer for a few weeks back. I wasn't that impressed with the trailer so it's no surprise I'm not that impressed with this poster. I wonder if market research proved putting a train on there would turn people off? It also looks like a mix of the Live Free or Die Hard and Taking of Pelham 123 posters. Wondering what you guys think.

Tony Scott's Unstoppable Poster

A rail company frantically works with two of their conductors out on location to prevent an unmanned, half-mile-long freight train carrying combustible liquids and deadly gas from wiping out an entire city.

Unstoppable is directed by veteran action filmmaker Tony Scott, of everything from Top Gun to The Last Boy Scout to Crimson Tide to Enemy of the State to Spy Game to Deja Vu and The Taking of Pelham 123. The script was written by Mark Bomback, of Live Free or Die Hard, Deception, Race to Witch Mountain previously. Fox is bringing Unstoppable to theaters everywhere starting November 12th later this year.

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horrible poster...i feel like its from a cheap Faceoff action movie in the late 80's ealry 90's

Darren on Aug 23, 2010


"Inspired by True Events" on there horrible poster

gdh straighteners on Aug 23, 2010


Saw a free screening of this one. The train sounded like a Deception.

Bryan on Aug 23, 2010


#3 - Do you mean a "Decepticon"? as in from Michael Bay's "Transformers"?? dumbass Btw, what the hell did to you think of the movie IF you actually did see it? Bad poster but the audacity of trying to be pimp by having month "NOVEMBER" printed in the bottom right corner with no further date is just lame. If the poster was actually good, THEN I could understand.

Conrad The Great on Aug 23, 2010


I would absolutely love for Denzel to stop doing Tony Scott movies. There are some Tony Scott movies I really love but its been a long time since he did one worth rewatching. Denzel is better than that.

Jake on Aug 23, 2010


Denzel should keep doing Tony Scott movies, but someone should start giving Scott good scripts (like Man On Fire) instead of these generic action films.

ryderup on Aug 24, 2010


@Conrad the (not so) Great What's your problem? Sounds like an honest mistake from Bryan. So if you DO have to correct him, which i'm not sure you do, because everyone knows what he means, do it in a mature way please. OT: Bad, generic, totally uninspirational poster. The style and color scheme of the pictures of the leading gents doesn't seem to match, which is bad, because it's the entire poster. I'm sure market research didn't say not to put a train on the poster. If research showed that everyone hates Washington or Pine, would you skip those while designing the poster?

Hans on Aug 24, 2010


Although I'm actually looking forward to this, this poster must be the lamest poster I have ever seen.

Robbie on Aug 24, 2010


A really bad generic poster. Luckily a mate of mine put together a version that includes the train.

Live for Films on Aug 24, 2010


7 - You're right. Normally I would correct anyone in a non-judge mental way, however, this movie does not have a release date until November. Movies that are being screened are RARELY if ever screened for the public more than two months in advance. - It sounded like some smoke being blown up my arse. Therefore, #3/Bryan deserves what I told him off for. Just for blogging without any reason to back up his claim he saw the move at all. - And commenting on how the "train sounded".

Conrad The Great on Aug 24, 2010


@ CONRAD THE GREAT, this movie is being screened, I was offered free tickets to a screening of it over the weekend... also wanted to tell you I saw "Blade III" almost a year before it was released at a screening, and saw the "Hostel part II" a year and a half before it was released. I also remember getting offered tix to a screening of "choke" two years before the movie hit the theaters. It really just depends upon where you live and the amount of time you spend around movie theaters that have those guys giving away tickets... If you're in the san fernando valley or los angeles, they are constantly giving away tickets to preview screenings.

LINKFX on Aug 24, 2010


I think there's not train because there emphasizing the speed of the train. You don't even have time to see the train as it passes because it's unstoppable.

Bee on Aug 24, 2010


Someone fire the advertising team.

shadow on Aug 24, 2010


It's fine.

Jon A. on Aug 24, 2010


Chris Pine looks fake...wooow

eric on Aug 24, 2010


it is not the most exciting poster, it's okay. the poster made me think. i don't think you need to dumb down the poster and show a train, they show the sparks that were made by squeeling train wheels.

jgatienza on Aug 24, 2010


They would've been better off with a blank, white poster with text reading, "DENZEL WASHINGTON AND CHRIS PINE ARE IN A MOVIE TOGETHER." That would've been more captivating than this.

Icefilm on Aug 24, 2010


I always wanted to see both together.

Fisherr on Aug 28, 2010


Chris Pine looks fake…wooow

ghd nz on Oct 2, 2010

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