Who Will Be Behind the Shield in Johnston's Captain America?

February 24, 2010
Source: Deadline

Captain America

The anticipation is growing to find out who will be donning the shield for Marvel's upcoming Captain America movie. Unfortunately, according to Deadline Hollywood, a recent disagreement between Marvel almost saw director Joe Johnston leave the project because high budget talk had the higher-ups at Marvel asking him to take a paycut. They worked it out, but now they still face the task of filling the role of the last uncast Avenger and Deadline has gotten a hold of the short list of top contenders which includes: Chace Crawford, Scott Porter, Mike Vogel, Michael Cassidy, Garret Hedlund and John Krasinski!?

Obviously speculating about a possible Captain America is almost pointless this early and really doesn't matter until we hear who is officially cast, but this gives us a further idea of what they've been looking for and who they've been looking at, and just how little star power they want/need for Captain America. After all, the offer for this first film is an almost laughable $300,000 which includes a contract for nine more films (sequels, The Avengers, whatever else Marvel wants), presumably with pay for those to be negotiated later. Of course, the actor will be playing Captain mother-effin' America, so I guess it's a decent trade-off.

This isn't exactly the most exciting casting list, but each of them has potential and appeal in their own way (click the links for photos) with the exception of one, which I'll get to later. Chace Crawford is obviously the most marketable and familiar having wooed the ladies with his work on "Gossip Girl, and he's definitely got the right look (not safe for people who don't like dudes with no shirts). Scott Porter and Mike Vogel are both in the same age range around 30 years old and really fit the bill as action figure/cookie cutter American heroes. Meanwhile Garrett Hedlund and Michael Cassidy are more low key actors in their mid 20's who would work with the right kind of past experience working on Tron Legacy and "Smallville", respectively.

But I think the elephant in the room here is John Krasinski. I'm sorry, I do love the guy, but his awkward demeanor, goofy faces and comedic sensibilities are not what Captain America needs. That doesn't mean I don't think he deserves a chance to branch out from comedy, but I think this is quite a big undertaking for his first venture out of that territory, not to mention that, despite probably being able to pull off the sickly Steve Rogers before the super soldier serum is brought into play, I just can't see him as a buff superhero.

Then again, Tobey Maguire seemed more Peter Parker than Spider-Man and I was pretty pleased with his work. Still, it's far too difficult since I'll always see Krasinski as Jim Halpert from NBC's "The Office" and since that show is still on (though it's ending soon or he's leaving?), this just seems like the most unlikely decision. Personally, I think the best choice lies in another TV star who has even auditioned for the part already and that's Ryan McPartlin from "Chuck." The guy is fit, even funny if the part calls for comedic relief, and a decent actor. He's got my vote. But unfortunately my say doesn't matter much and we'll have our Cap by March 1st, at least according to Joe Johnston. Who do you want for Captain America?

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For more images of each actor, check out Marvel Gateway: (If you're bored, I created a collage of all the actors as well, which one person described as "All I see is Jim from the Office and six Ken Dolls":

Scott on Feb 24, 2010


Nathan Fillion!!!

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


Ryan McPartlin for sure!

Robbie on Feb 24, 2010


John Krasinski. I think he'd be great as Cap.

Dan on Feb 24, 2010


most of these names are pretty unremarkable. They'd have to be masters of acting for me to be onboard with any of them. Cap deserves better. Krasinski could be a decent cap BEFORE the super soldier serum, but by no means would he be acceptable as the superhero.

Chris H. on Feb 24, 2010


those are the best guys they can come up with?you gotta be kidding me

Spider94 on Feb 24, 2010


Ron Eldard

Ballyhoo on Feb 24, 2010


or Dolph Lundgren...haha!

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


Mark Valley from Human Target IS Steve Rogers. I dare anyone to deny that.

GArham on Feb 24, 2010


#9, just google imaged him.....TOTALLY!

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


Stop suggesting people that are too old for an origin Cap. They need a young Cap to build on as they are making a 9 picture option deal for the actor who is cast. Sequels and The Avengers and Cameos and so forth. Big names seems out to just look at Iron Man 2 and how they were careful to not let money slip through their hands.

Loser on Feb 24, 2010



Jake the snake on Feb 24, 2010


What is up with all the CW also-rans? Are you kidding me? These guys are supposed to be able to hang with RDJ, Norton, Johannson, Hemsworth, SLJ, and Cheadle? I don't think so.

Creighton on Feb 24, 2010


What does a 20-something Cap look like compared to a middle-aged Iron Man on screen in a couple years?

GArham on Feb 24, 2010


I take that back, I don't think Krasinski is in the group of CW guys. And I actually think he'd be my top choice out of this crew.

Creighton on Feb 24, 2010


none of the names get me excited....really have to hope we have a solid script

monal on Feb 24, 2010


just to a casting search it works.

Xerxex on Feb 24, 2010


Liam Hemsworth is a name I hear rumors about that they are looking at. brother of Chris "Thor" He has the look but from Australia?

Loser on Feb 24, 2010


I really wish Johnston left. His films are celebrations of mediocrity. Not really bad, but never really spectacular. Also, are these the names they can really only come up with? They can do better in this respect as well.

Al on Feb 24, 2010


I second the vote for Nathan Fillion!

Chocolate Supra on Feb 24, 2010


John Krasinski? What the hell are they thinking? My personal pick would probably be Kevin McKidd, who was also my choice for Thor.

Craig on Feb 24, 2010


oh yeah Mark Valley all the way good call #9 that's fucking perfect

DoomCanoe on Feb 24, 2010


Not excited about any of them...

Pete on Feb 24, 2010


Neal Mcdonough : )

chris on Feb 24, 2010



CLAW on Feb 24, 2010


Jared Padelecki!!!! No.

mrjzn on Feb 24, 2010


They should have cast Chris Hemsworth as Cap not Thor.

trat on Feb 24, 2010


The "right look"?! Are you serious with that sh!t? The right look for a gay, teenage Cap, maybe. You're telling me, they can't get a single A-List actor for the role of Captain America?! Chace Crawford bossing RDJ around, as the leaser of the Avengers. This is a joke. the director is a joke. The actors are jokes. And I'm beginning to think Marvel is a joke.

JJ Abrams on Feb 24, 2010


What about Shia LaBeouf? He's recognizable and hot and people would see the movie just because he's in it, even if it's boring!

Valerie Atherton on Feb 24, 2010


I agree. Ackles is a better choice than all of these guys, and he's been listed in the role on IMDB for over a year.

JJ Abrams on Feb 24, 2010


The only one here I really see fitting is Cassidy. I have total faith in Joe Johnston though. Even when his movies are mediocre, he always picks great casts. Also remember the last time he introduced a young unknown actor was Jake Gyllenhaal in October Sky.

Colca on Feb 24, 2010


I agree with #9...Mark Valley is perfect.

Cody on Feb 24, 2010


Valerie. Get off this forum. We're talking about Captain-fucking-America. Have you ever SEEN what he looks like? I'm a chick and I fucking know how horrible that would be. (& I love me some Shia). Please. Not Chase Crawford. He'll turn Cap into a joke. And no one loves John Krasinski more than I do, but he's a horrible choice for this as well. And I'm sorry, but I'm on the bandwagon of Cap needing to be played by an American actor... That being said, I have no suggestions. Everyone I like is too old for the part...

Shannon on Feb 24, 2010


Sorry, Shannon. I was just throwing out ideas like everyone else. With sometimes the exception of Non Sequitor, I don't really read comic strips, so I don't know what he's supposed to look like. Honestly, most people probably don't know, either, so having someone popular is still a good idea. What about Johnny Depp?

Valerie Atherton on Feb 24, 2010



Pricetag on Feb 24, 2010


anyone else for neal? lol That's two so far

chris on Feb 24, 2010


John Krasinski?! That's be awesome, but I think Josh Duhamel would be way better.

Jacen Achilles on Feb 24, 2010


Neal McDonough definitely. Any of the other guys on the potential list, paired with Joe Johnston directing, would spell disaster for the movie. It would ruin the character that we've waited so long to see.

Chris on Feb 24, 2010


Eh, I dont have any strong feelings about any of those contenders. There's nothing wrong with hiring unknown or TV actors, just so long as they can deliver on the bid screen. Until that happens though, who knows? I know this is kind of out of left field, but I aways wanted Mark-Paul Gosselaar to play Cap. He's got the right look, he's really pushed himself as an actor over the years with "Raising the Bar". And I think it's about time he did something really great. Robert Downey Jr. used his role as Iron Man to catapult himself back into stardom, I bet Mark-Paul Gosselaar could do the same with Cap. Besides, you could bet there would be a huge crowd of "Saved By the Bell" fans would go see it, just to see "Zack Morris" again. ---

DRM on Feb 24, 2010


What happened to the speculation about Will Smith playing him?

jen on Feb 24, 2010


@40 they just annouced will smith is playing captain america and will smith will also do a rap for this movie like he did in men in black plus i heard half of the movie is gonna be a musical with him singing with eminem and johnston also said there is gonna be a scene were red skull + cap do a break dance battle sure sounds like one fun movie

Spider94 on Feb 24, 2010


i trusted you Marvel

silver on Feb 24, 2010


Sorry but I don't really see any of these actors as Cap. Not from a look standpoint, but from acting chops. Think of the Avengers film and all the other actors that Marvel's pulled together for these:Downey, Cheadle, Paltrow, Jackson, Norton, Hurt, Bridges (yeah his character died but they still nailed a quality actor for the cast.) These guys may look good in the costume, but do you think ANY of them have the acting chops to go toe to toe with ANY of these other actors? The only one I can realistically think of is Jake Gyllenhall, based on the fact he and Downy worked together on Zodiac with kinda the same character dynamic: The cynical, know it all, alcoholic, working with the good-guy former eagle scout. But that's just my $0.02. Your milage may vary. However #2? Fillion might just pull it off...

jasonmd2020 on Feb 24, 2010


I never knew that Captain America fans were such DRAMA QUEENS relax take a breath, they are test screening nothing more... sigh.

Loser on Feb 24, 2010


IDIOTS, I am sick and tired of hearing about Old Ass Mark Valley...give it a fucking rest. Joe Johnson has already OFFICIALLY stated the actor will be anywhere from early 20s to early 30s in age...NOT FUCKING 40 PLUS ....nuff said I am seriously pissed at this list of piss drip pussy farts. The best one is indeed Krasinski but he is completely wrong for the role....WHat the hell happened to the rumors of Ryan McPartlin from "CHUCK" and Jensen Ackles from "SUPERNATURAL" ...christ they need to be on this list for some kind of hope that this wont be shit. Hell even Josh Duhmel would be better ....This is not looking good folks !!! Bleh



Seriously, wasnt Mark Valley in the 80's Captain America film...LMFAO with his old ass and the dumbasses saying he should be CAP.....MAYBE 10 years ago that would of been cool but no way old grissle lump Human Target will get the role...TRUE BLUE SPIDEY FAN is right....Johnson already gave his age range...No Retirement home rejects !!!!!!!

CORNBOY on Feb 24, 2010


I third the vote for Nathan Fillion.

Duir on Feb 24, 2010



Scott McHenry on Feb 24, 2010


Jim from The Office??!! John Krasinski??! Love the guy. But I can't see him play Captain America! Please don't let it be that loser Chace Crawford!!! I think they will pick someone much older than this bunch. Just think about it. He has to be around the Chris Hemsworth's (Thor) and Robert Downey Jr.'s (Iron Man) age. And he has to be a serious actor rather than eye-candy for the ladies to pull off being the Cap.

Ron on Feb 24, 2010


Keep in mind though guys, that when Heath Ledger was initially cast as Joker, how many of you honestly thought he was right for the part? I admit I had my doubts when I first heard and from reading the forum in those days, i know many of you did too. So, although I'm hesitant at this list, I'll keep an open mind until I see some footage.

Cmurder on Feb 24, 2010


Jensen Ackles could nail the role, but I don't think I want him in it cause I"m a bigger DC fan than I'am a marvel so I would rather him get a role as a DC hero. He's also doing the voice for the Red Hood in the new animated Batman movies so maybe thats why he's not being listed anymore. That or because he don't have the time because of Supernatural.

Rooney on Feb 24, 2010


I fourth the vote for Nathan Fillion

SC on Feb 24, 2010


I bet it will be Scott Porter. He has the right look and his work On Friday Night Lights was really strong. He would be a good choice, the rest are would not be right.

t on Feb 24, 2010


#9, holy shit. that is steve. awesome choice

Colt on Feb 24, 2010


Nathan fillion is about 40 so by the time the sequels come out he will be pushing 50 so I just don`t see Captain America as a 50 year old super soldier, but thats just me. Keep in mind that they are looking to sign the actor for a 9 picture option deal so a young unknown that don`t cost to much from the beginning is a must. An A-lister would demand up to 20 mill salary from the first and then up that and ask for % of the gross from the sequels. You have to look at it from Marvels point of view creating this universe with all these heroes and keep the same actors, to afford that and make it work they need a young unknown great actor to build on.

Loser on Feb 24, 2010


Hell, its Ryan McPartlin. he's cut out for the role...

Iggypop on Feb 24, 2010


Oh yeah JOSH DUHAMEL!!!!!

Iggypop on Feb 24, 2010


RYAN GOSLING. Check out Half Nelson. The guy can act.

Don on Feb 24, 2010



Luke on Feb 25, 2010


Actually yeah select me!! I will do it for $150,000! Give you more money to spend on any stunts/fx! Think about it Marvel!

Luke on Feb 25, 2010


how about the eureka guy? iknow hes probably too old but i give a fuck the only other actor i would say has the chops is jensen ackles

jojoe on Feb 25, 2010


Shame on them!! you destroy the legacy of captain america, $ 300,000 ? do you think the main actor do not hold an important part of a movie? Would you watch a movie which stars Danny de vito as a batman? Come on! use your common sense, Pirates of caribbean without Johnny Depp would'nt earn billions of dollar,it's a Captain America movie, the character is well known,profit is guaranteed yet u only want to spend $300,000?! Cast me for captain america I'd do it for free, and you would still earn your profit. Please invest on a good actor!!

angga on Feb 25, 2010


The Hollywood Reporter added Wilson Bethal of Generation Kill Fame to the short list

nelson on Feb 25, 2010


If Tron does well it will probably go to Garret Hedlund,though they will offer it to bigger names first,DiCaprio would be one I could expect,but he wont do it for $300,000.

tir na nog on Feb 25, 2010


Hell no! None of them look like he could be Cap after taking the super soldier serum. They all look like a bunch of pretty boys who could not fight their way out of a paper bag.

Justin on Feb 25, 2010



AC on Feb 25, 2010


The onlyone i've ever herd of is John Krazinski and all the others look like the same person just with different hair styles and different designer clothes. If they choose anyone of theses people then Captain America will become Captain Twilight.

Six Three on Feb 25, 2010


Of all the names thrown out in this article, Ryan McPartlin is by far the best option. I know all the other guys are the right age, but they all look like kids. Ryan McPartlin is the only one that looks like a mature man.

Jamie on Feb 25, 2010


I agree with the others on Mark Valley. The man is born in the USA. You can't cast someone like Kevin McKidd who is from Scotland. Who's idea was that? You need an AMERICAN to play CAPTAIN AMERICA! Mark Valley is this...he served in Operation Desert Storm. He has the look, might a little older than what they are looking for but he has everything going for him...even his wife, Anna Torv.

birddog on Feb 25, 2010


Mark Valley is perfect. He can slim down and put on some makeup and look like young Cap for the 20 minutes he'll be in the film. Then he can film at his normal weight and age because he'll look like someone who has aged very slowly and BEEN FROZEN IN ICE for 70 years. That's gotta be hell on the skin. If not him, that McPartlin guy looks decent. Or Matthew Fox from Lost, he has the jawline. Don't know if he can act, though.

Scotty97 on Feb 25, 2010


Sam Worthington!! All others listed are JOKES!!!

Alec Baldwin on Feb 25, 2010


Will Smith will probably land the job!!!

Eric B. on Feb 25, 2010


I really like Jared Padalecki for this. If you've ever watched recent episodes of Supernatural you'll know the guy can act and he's awesome at being a badass and he's super buff. Plus he's very tall and absolutely looks like Captain America.

killerglove on Feb 25, 2010


I'd go with Krasinski. He's a lot more relatable than these other guys who probably can't act their way out of a picnic basket, especially with Johnston directing. But Johnston directing is just a bad idea in the first place. Anyone from those CW type shows should be automatically disqualified; they're soap opera tier actors.

felix on Feb 25, 2010


I'm a huge Office fan and there's no way Krasinski could pull this off. He'd need acting skills that rival Ledger's and that just isn't the case.

killerglove on Feb 25, 2010


I like Scott Porter too. Maybe its just the gaze he has in that picture. It would also be good to see dude get some comeuppance after be relegated to a wheel chair in Friday Night Lights. Great Show.

Seth on Feb 25, 2010


Many people believe Mark Valley to be too old to be Captain America, and they actually do have a point. He is a bit more mature in age than preferred. But what needs to be understood is that in the actual comic series, anyone and everyone both in the WWII era and the time after he is brought back from frozen state, look up to him as a wise, brave and sorta fatherly leader who is lean and can kick ass. If you have a young guy play as Steve Rogers, he'll look like a kid next to Tony Stark played by already 40-something Robert Downey JR. Jim Krasinski seems like he'd have a hard time trying to portray "Bucky", no less then the very leader of "The Invaders" and "The Avengers". But as someone else pointed out, Heath surprised.

GArham on Feb 25, 2010


Mark Valley would be the shit. Most of those dudes absolutely SCREAM douchebag. I want this movie to be awesome, but i can't think of a single awesome movie that Joe Johnston's directed ever. Jumanji? Was that him? I thought it sounded like he had the right idea, the movie beinbg al during the war, Red Skull, all that stuff, but I'm still nervous. If this movie sucks at least Thor will be awesome. And Green Lantern, but that's venturing outside of the Avengers. And Marvel for that matter. Good luck Joe Johnston.

Da Man on Feb 25, 2010


Joe Johnston actually did some pretty cool stuff. Directed The Wolfman and Honey I Shunk the Kids. and he did the visual effects for the original Star Wars trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Pretty old examples I know but cutting edge for their time.

killerglove on Feb 25, 2010


How about Paul Walker? He's certainly got the look and he won't look like a kid like the rest of the candidates.

Hooper on Feb 25, 2010


either of the Winchester bro's from Supernatural could pull it off. And after My Bloody Valentine we know can go nutz!

harm on Feb 25, 2010


#81 - I think Padalecki would be the better one. He's taller and has a more commanding presense. #80 - Paul Walker!? Are you serious??? If there are any actors in this entire film that are assosiated with The Fast and the Furious I sure as hell won't be excited to see it. Not only does Paul Walker lack any sort of acting skills what so ever but he has an innate ability to suck ass and be a douche bag. I'm horrified that anyone would suggests him.

killerglove on Feb 25, 2010


I think with the proper directing Paul Walker could be a great choice, he was really good in Running Scared.

Ryan on Feb 25, 2010


Mark Valley would make an EPIC Cap. He looks like many other superheroes too. For you doubters, here:

Thirsty? on Feb 25, 2010


RYAN GOSLING. He is the right age. He will be able to hold his own with Robert Downey Jr. You need someone that can act and not just someone that looks the part. He can do both.

Don on Feb 25, 2010


I had heard they were going to cast a relative unknown for Cap, and surround him with more prominent names. McPartlin would fit pretty well. Krasinski is definitely well known and established...If they go with "Jim" maybe it's because the studio got involved and wanted someone with some star power. Plus, Emily Blunt (Krasiniski's fiance) was in Wolfman, directed by (drum roll please) Cap director Joe Johnston. Probably a stretch. No news on Bucky or Red Skull either???

Ben1275 on Feb 26, 2010


I dunno, I kinda like Krasinski for this. He'd need to buff up a lot, but he's certainly the best actor out of the original batch. As far as external suggestions, though, come on - Fillion takes the cake. That'd be perfect casting.

Andrew 3000 on Feb 26, 2010


I think I will be the 1st to mention these next two possible canidates...Gabriel Macht or Matthew Davis. Both born in the USA. I think either one of these guys would do better than the previously mentioned choices. Listed in order of preference: Gabriel Macht Matthew Davis Mark Valley Garret Hedlund Mike Vogel Chace Crawford Michael Cassidy Wilson Bethal Ryan McPartlin Ryan Gosling Scott Porter Sam Worthington Nathan Fillion Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles Josh Duhamel BAD CHOICES Shia Labeouf (who mentioned this?) Paul Walker Neal Mcdonough DELETE John Krasinski

birddog on Feb 26, 2010


Captain america; 1. Aaron Eckhart 2. Cam Gigandet 3. Bradley Cooper 4. Ryan Gosling 5. Gerard Butler (unlikely, but amazing cast if he gets the nod) 6. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (black, but well known, cheap, and has the presence to boss around whoever the fuck he wants AND theres a skinny kid that looks like him so the supersoldier shit can be used to perfection) 7. Chris Pine 8. Leonardo Dicaprio 9. Mark Valley (old..) 10. Shon Lange

Jay on Feb 27, 2010


check out Cam Gigandet and Kellan Lutz. Kellen Lutz has the best look and muscles, but Cam Gigandet has acting ability and the right look.

whyuasknme on Feb 28, 2010



macca on Mar 1, 2010


oops Jensen Ackles,i really hope they can work round supernatural he is the only one i can see playin the role.

macca on Mar 1, 2010


hmmm how bout leonardo decaprio? :D???

luis on Mar 1, 2010


What do you think about Geoff Stults?

birddog on Mar 2, 2010


Captain America is an older character, like 40 or so so a lot of the guys named above are maybe a little too young for the role. So, howsabout Tom Hardy from the UK, Casper Van Dien from the US (crap actor though) Steve Innes from Australia, David Wenham from Australia, Karl Urban from New Zealand and David Boreanaz from the US? Well, maybe not Casper Van Dien, but the rest are some of my favourite actors just now and they are all pretty much in their late 30's and early 40's and could look and sound the part. Lets give Sam Worthington from Australia a miss, just for a change, shall we? I would prefer an American to be cast in an American superhero movie though. It doesn't happen much these days.

Bob on Mar 2, 2010


Karl Urban was awesome in Riddick, less so in LOTR and just awkward in Trek. Agree it should be an American to play Captain America. Captain Kangaroo, Captain Kiwi, Captain Chav or Captain Lower fucking Volta just don't seem to go. Who said Kellan Lutz???? I know he's is American, or a convincing Canadian, but that BOY can't act!!!!

Got Malt Liquor? on Mar 2, 2010


@43 - Edward Norton? Indie only, has-been Norton? I think not.

And pretty boys all in a row, in a row... on Mar 2, 2010


charles hunnam from Sons Of Anarchy evne though he is a Bit

jaikingtaro on Mar 3, 2010


charles hunnam from Sons Of Anarchy even though he is a Brit

jaikingtaro on Mar 3, 2010


Thomas Jane maybe? Was OK (just OK) in Punisher. Anyone really just as long as it's not goddamn Sam Worthington. Even Kirk Cameron.

Fiasco in the making.... on Mar 5, 2010


The only person that would be perfect for this role is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. This guy is loose, cool and he'd fill the role perfectly. He might not be the choice other people would see, but I see him being a cool Cap!

walky walky on Mar 9, 2010


Mike Rowe, huh? Umm, O.K, Mrs Rowe....

SPAM LEGEND on Mar 9, 2010


word (sam)jared padalacki from supernatural would be perfect all u gotta do is change his hair color captain america has to be the baddest mf ever and them guy on the list cant cut it

sam on Mar 10, 2010


How about Corey Haim?

Jizz Gargler on Mar 14, 2010


I think Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy, he's got the build and the look, he's a bit on the older side, but not so old that a little make up won't rejuvenate him when required. I'm sure no one even remembers he was Multiple Man in Xmen 3...

Al on Mar 17, 2010


#104 - Show some goddamn respect!!!! Actually, fuck it. Why bother?

Jim on Mar 17, 2010


These six dainty, pretty boys are just not going to cut it as Cap. Not unless Cap had an unfortunate scrambling of the genes and emerged with wrists limper than most. A man's man is needed and an older one at that, just like the character. Quoiffed, perfumed ladyboys with pansy earrings and gay little tattoo's in Chinese and Gothic need not apply. Cap is all brawn, has scars and is the original world weary cynic, probably combined with a dose of PTSD. So how about Hugh Jackman, Thomas Jane, Eric Bana, Clive Owen, Steve Innes and maybe even Tom Hardy? All older guys but they meet my criteria - I'd even count Michael Chiklis in but perhaps he's a bit too old. Director, it's time for a rethink - you are not making these films for Nickelodeon.

Triggerman on Mar 17, 2010


107: OMFG, that is so scandalously funny!!!!! But accurate, no?

Steven on Mar 17, 2010


#107 - Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

Meh, Bleh on Mar 24, 2010

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