Will Ferrell Remaking 'I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single'

January 26, 2010
Source: Pajiba

Will Ferrell

Despite last summer's flop of his big budget comedy Land of the Lost, funnyman Will Ferrell is by no means discouraged. Not only will 2010 see him re-teaming with Anchorman director Adam McKay for the action comedy The Other Guys, but he also lends his voice to DreamWorks' superhero flick Megamind (formerly Oobermind). But now Ferrell is following the rest of the industry into remake territory as Pajiba says he will remake the French romantic comedy I Do: How to Get Married and Stay Single. Ferrell's only previous experience with romance that wasn't overshadowed by comedy was Stranger Than Fiction.

The original French film follows a bachelor who is nagged by his mother and seven sisters to finally settle down and tie the knot. Instead of ruining his life by getting married, he concocts a plan to have a friend's sister pretend to be his fiancée only to dump him at the altar, thus turning him off of marriage for the rest of his life, and getting his family off his back at the same time. But of course, real romance blossoms within the pretend relationship they create, so what's our man to do? Though it's not the most appealing concept, it'll be interesting to see Ferrell as a romantic lead. Development is still early, however, with no writer or director attached yet, Ferrell could just as easily become unattached from this film. Anyone interested?

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Sure, if it's like Stranger than Fiction. I'm sick of him and his crap comedies. I'm bored, they're all the same.

tra la la la la di da on Jan 26, 2010


Nowadays, Will toes the line where if its a comedy, people are bored, but if its a drama, people are bored due to lack of comedy. The man came in like a hurricane and is now kinda forced to slowly fade. I dont think anything new or different could revive his career or the publics interest and frankly, he doesnt make a believable lead man, especially when it comes to Will Ferrell or not, this movie seems like it will fail.

Voice of Reason on Jan 26, 2010


After recently watching the entire first season of Eastbound and Down I've gained a whole new respect for Ferrell. I think his comedic problems arise and become redundant because he's been attaching himself to a lot of family oriented studio projects. When he's uncensored and improvising through a scene he's simply brilliant. Put him with the right ensemble cast and you have pure comedy gold. So for everyone about to give up on Will Ferrell be sure to check out Eastbound and Down before you abandon him. Jody Hill, David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Ben Best, and Will Ferrell have come up with a cult classic.

peloquin on Jan 26, 2010


When ever Ferrall drops the comedy game and goes into drama he always shines, Stranger than fiction was a great film, but this does not sound like a drama, maybe a dramedy.

Xerxex on Jan 26, 2010


I love Will Ferrell and every movie that he has made, even Land of the Lost, i thought that movie was hillarious but i think the reason people disliked it was because it was nothing like the original series. I think this will be a great year for Ferrell!

guh on Jan 26, 2010


Why is everyone so mad at him, i don't get it. The guy is great. Give him a break.

dex on Jan 26, 2010


I like Will Ferrell and think he can be really funny. But he really needs to be more selective in his roles...

germs on Jan 26, 2010


Land of the Lost was pretty funny, so what if it never made a kajillion dollars at the Box Office. Imagine if you watched a film, then liked it, then checked to see how well it did in cinemas, then seeing it only did reasonably well, decide it wasn't that good after all. Will Ferrell is funny.

crapola on Jan 26, 2010


@ #8 and #5, I enjoyed the hell out of Land of the Lost. It was absolutely hilarious, but the movie could have easily accomplished the same thing without using the Land of the Lost name. It's the disassociation the movie had from the series rather than respecting it that hurt it at the box office. People were expecting a family friendly adventure and got a near R-rated slightly sci-fi comedy. Still, I loved it. But by no means do I determine a movie's quality by its success in the box office.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 26, 2010


will's sort of a one-note actor but i highly recommend watching the original 'i do',starring charlotte gainsbourg.One of the best movies,french or otherwise.

twispious on Jan 26, 2010


Land of the Lost holds no nostalgia with me, I wasn't necessarily slighting you Ethan, just people who believe the amount of dolla some films take, as being a sign of their quality. Because Hitler and Britney Spears were once pretty popular with the masses, doesn't make them any less shit. I don't even know what I'm doing...

crapola on Jan 27, 2010

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