Will Smith Promises He'll Make Men in Black 3D 'Look Good'

June 11, 2010
Source: MTV

Will Smith - Men in Black 3

Although we know that Sony is officially moving forward on Men in Black 3 - aka MIIIB - for release in summer 2012, they're gearing up to start production on the sequel already. First, Sony Insider (via MTV) reports that David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds, Ghost Town, Angels & Demons) has been hired to re-write the latest draft of the screenplay, originally penned by Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen. Additionally, a short video featuring Will Smith standing on the Sony lot talking about MIIIB, including that it will indeed be made in 3D, has bootlegged its way online and can be watched below.

It's a short clip and Smith doesn't say much besides: "We're here for one purpose, and one purpose only, just to let you know that 'I'm about to make 3D look good.'" Oh geez. I guess Sony has realized that they need to justify the decision to go 3D on any movie with a video from someone involved confirming that they will be making it "look good." According to some hints from the press release put out last month, most of the story in this sequel is set in the year 1969 (as in, the year we went to the moon). In addition to Will Smith, MIIIB will star Tommy Lee Jones again and newcomers Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement. We'll probably hear bits and pieces about this every so often, but 2012 is still a long ways out. Check out Will Smith's video below!

Video removed at the request of the studio - sorry!

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except the video didnt look that good lmao

Spider94 on Jun 11, 2010


don't ya think that when Will Smith said that he promises to make 3D "look good", its a play of his line in the original film, when he put on the black shades for the very first time?

Bucker96 on Jun 11, 2010


Of course it doesn't look good, it's blurry because WE'RE NOT SEEING IT ON 3D. You need to be in the theater for that.

yep on Jun 11, 2010


Will Michael Jackson be in it?

ryderup on Jun 11, 2010


3-D never looks good! You're a liar Mr. Smith! A damn liar!

Xerxex on Jun 11, 2010


i havent seen the vid yet, well it wont show up here at work, but did he say if its shot in 3d or post? or anyone kno for a fact yet? if they have a brain, they'll shoot in 3d

KING on Jun 11, 2010


Will probrably showed more personality in this 20 secs then Jaden does in the enitre 2 hours of the karatie kid

movie mike on Jun 11, 2010


"I'm about to make 3D look good". Ok! Huh? You like that? You want more!?

The Man With No Name on Jun 12, 2010


Well say hello to my little friend!

The Man With No Name on Jun 12, 2010


Wow...insulting a 12 year old kid who's trying to break into the business and in my eyes is doing a damn good job; real classy movie mike. Think about it this way, Jaden Smith has gotten further in a decade than you have your whole life regardless of what you think of him. Just because it's the internet doesn't mean that you can try to hurt a child's feelings, unless you're 12 years old too and he's picking on you in the school cafeteria.

peloquin on Jun 12, 2010


3D will die when the primitives realise it adds nothing to film.

Optimus Crime on Jun 12, 2010


@10 did't mean to ve offensive. I just did'nt like him in Earth Stood Still. And to be honest i haven't even seen the karate kid yet. Your right. I take it back

movie mike on Jun 12, 2010


I just get offended because this kid is probably super nervous and staying up all night reading these blogs because he doesn't know better to ignore them like the adults have learned over the years. I agree that he's not the strongest actor, but I just don't think it's right to hurt his feelings. There's a big difference between constructive criticism and downright nastiness. I guess if he's gonna be in this business he should get used to it though, but it was big of you to admit you were wrong. I apologize too for my harsh response when I don't know anything about you personally.

peloquin on Jun 12, 2010


It's cool. Totally unlike me to say stuff like that

movie mike on Jun 12, 2010


Gey Peloquin compared to the likes of Chloe Moretz, Kodi Smit-Mcphee, and Dakota Fanning Jaden Smith has a long ways to go in terms of worthwhile performances. I want him to become as good as his dad, and I bet he will one day.

Xerxex on Jun 12, 2010


When it comes to American male actors his age he's the only one who stands out to me. Moretz and Fanning are much better at their craft, but they're female (and Fanning is 16) so I wasn't including them in my comparison. McPhee is from Australia so he's not really in that category either. I agree that Smith has a long ways to come, but I'm just happy to see at least one male American actor breaking into the business because I fear that 10 years from now there will be no American actors left. If everyone says he "sucks" constantly on the boards he's going to get deflated and turn to drugs like all the other child actors before we really see what he can do. I just want him to stay focused on acting and be the next Will which is already a lot of pressure for a 12 year old. ...And did you just call me gay with an e?

peloquin on Jun 12, 2010


XD Hell no! "Gey Peloquin!" hahaha, the G and H are close on the keyboard!!!! I mean "Hey"...Hey Peloquin *Everything I posted earlier* there that ought to repair my ridiclious use of "Gey" which I sure is not a word...apparently: "GEY" gey (g?) adjective Scot. considerable Origin: var. of gay adverb Scot. very I just accidenly discovered a new meaning! learn something new everyday.

Xerxex on Jun 12, 2010


Set in 1969? I love the idea of seeing pre-modern era MiB. I assume that means time travel?

Craig on Jun 13, 2010


How 'bout making it, so we can see the fucking thing... shitheads...

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Jun 13, 2010


Hating ass niggas I cant wait!!!!!!

Kevin Robinson on Jul 16, 2010

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