Will Smith's Next Either Men in Black 3 or The City That Sailed

March 23, 2010

Will Smith

It's kind of hard to believe that the last film with superstar Will Smith in it was Seven Pounds, which was released in December of 2008. The blockbuster king hasn't been taking much of a break though, he's been producing films like The Karate Kid starring his son Jaden Smith through his Overbrook Films production banner instead. However, it looks like sooner than later, Smith will finally be making a decision as to what his next acting role will be as Variety reports that the actor has narrowed down his potential projects to the blockbuster sequel Men in Black 3 and a whimsical sort of family project titled The City That Sailed.

Scripted by Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show, Lord of War), the story revolves around a New York street magician who is unhappily separated from his young daughter. The girl, who moves to London, finds magic candles that make her wishes comes true, but with unintended consequences: the entire island of Manhattan separates from the continent and floats toward England, bringing her dad even closer to her. The project holds even more significance to Smith because Overbrook is the company who first brought this over to Fox.

Meanwhile, Men in Black 3 is another installment in a hugely successful box office franchise, and with the likely addition of 3-D, there's no doubt this is a priority for Sony, who raked in $587.8 million worldwide for the original and $441.8 million globally for the less-than-stellar sequel. With Etan Cohen (Idiocracy, Tropic Thunder) currently writing the script, and names like Josh Brolin, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jemaine Clement rumored to be taking on roles in the film, I think this sequel has the potential to actually be good.

For my money, I want Smith to return to Men in Black, to at least finish up that franchise so he can move on to a film like The City That Sailed right after (since that concept just sounds pretty damn fun). I just think a big sci-fi blockbuster comedy sounds a little more entertaining than a fanciful family film this time. I can't imagine Men in Black moving forward without Will Smith, so I'm sure if he takes the family route first, we'll get MiB3 sometime later down the line or not, but I don't think I want to wait. Of course, only time will tell what he takes, but we'll keep you updated anyway. So which project do you want Will Smith do next?

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I was really looking forward to his adaption of Old Boy with Spielberg or even the prequel to I Am Legend. As long as he doesnt do another Hancock, MIB3 is ok with me.

A-2-Da-D on Mar 23, 2010


I'd say do MIB 3 first then A City That Sailed, then I Am Legend, then Hancock 2, then whatever.

Xerxex on Mar 23, 2010


why would you want him to do MIB3 when he can get an Andrew Niccol written movie moving. That guy is one of the most underrated science fiction filmmakers around. Gattaca, The Truman Show and The Terminal are absolutely wonderful.

samirr on Mar 24, 2010


I agree Ethan. I would love for him to finish MIB 3 and then do The City That Sailed. They both sounds awesome, I just grew up with MIB...

Mr Heat Mizer on Mar 24, 2010


@ samirr The Andrew Niccol movie will probably get moving either way since it's Will Smith's company producing it, but it's just a matter of him starring in it that's the issue. As I said, he could just as well do both, but it's just a matter of which one he is going to do first.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 24, 2010


MIB 3 then maybe another movie with Michael Mann.

People's Champ on Mar 24, 2010


What happened to "BAD BOYS 3"?

last son on Mar 24, 2010


@7 it got replaced with Transformers

Akirakorn on Mar 24, 2010


BAD BOYS 3!!!! Then MIB3 then the Sailing City thing..

MiKa on Mar 24, 2010


# 8 did it really are u serious? so no bad boys 3???

geneguru on Mar 24, 2010


Hopefully this is an offical comeback for Smith in MIIIB

Fisherr on Mar 24, 2010


bad boys 3 is A MUST!!!

AC on Mar 24, 2010


He should do a period piece

Sharlto on Mar 24, 2010



WB Exec on Mar 24, 2010


What about Hancock 2? lulz

Shizzlefits on Mar 24, 2010


I want MIB 3, I just know it'll be great. Sometimes (in movie land) when the 1st is good and the 2nd is not so good, the 3rd comes and redefines the series. So MIB 3 is a must! I can wait for Hancock 2. Honestly it's one of those movies that does good as a single and not 2 or more movies IMO.

Cyborger on Mar 24, 2010


Xerxex, I dig most of your comments and opinions...but Hancock 2?? Hancock was a HORRIBLE movie. It did have an interesting concept but IMO the execution of it was WAY off. MIB2 was equally horrible, but at least the 1st one was great and I look forward to seeing if they can redeem themselves for the final installation of this franchise.

Cmurder on Mar 24, 2010


What happened to the Independence Day sequel/prequel? I heard something about that not-so-long ago!

Dan the Man on Mar 24, 2010


@Cmurder here's the thing, I like Peter Berg's work, he did an excellent job with Friday Night Light's especially the use of the post-rock band Explosions in the Sky, The Kingdom was pretty good in my opinion, then I finally saw Hancock, and while I agree with the criticism of the plot going in two very different directions, I like it for one scene in general, The Hosptial scene was just perfect Eddie Marsan's "Time to shut her down" monolouge was fantastic, as for the rest of the film its DOA but filled to the brim with a good idea as you said, I'm willing to give Berg and Smith another chance with that character. MIB2 was a bad sequel to an excellent film and if MIB3 does happen I hope they can bring it back.

Xerxex on Mar 24, 2010


The majority of people will not see this without Will!

Dan on Mar 24, 2010


Men In Black 3 would be great, just please oh please, no 3D.

Al on Mar 24, 2010


He can do both. I don't particularly think we need a new MIB, but it's Will Smith whatever he puts his name it will do well.

Mony on Mar 24, 2010


Problem is Xerxex with the Greek God craze starting up in Hollywood >>> Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, War of the Gods (casting).....I can just see Hancock 2 being a priority due to the concept of Hancock with Smith and Therons characters being somewhat the only 2 remaining Gods from a mysterious past. I personally would rather see Bad Boys 3 after MIB3 but I have a feeling Hancock 2 is going to get the green light real soon.

True Blue Spider-man Fan on Mar 24, 2010


I would like MIB3, Bad Boys 3, and then a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion, followed by a new album.

10Ninjas on Mar 25, 2010


He should do MIB 3 which really is the best sequel that his has done so far so it will be good to see the role that he plays best in this movie then the other movie the city that sailed will be interesting too, but I hope he doesn't do another hand-cock movie cause I think that movie was a flop, other then that love his acting skills. Will Smith <3.

Jimmy. on Mar 18, 2011


I just want to see another movie with Will Smith in it.

Reesekimbrough on Nov 10, 2011

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