Woody & Buzz Return to Theaters in 2011 in a New Short Film

June 20, 2010
Source: MSN

Toy Story 3

Thankfully, after what turned out to be a wholly touching, heartfelt and spectacular farewell to Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends in Toy Story 3, we won't have to worry about Disney and Pixar scraping the bottom of the barrel for another sequel with the gang from Andy's room. However, in a recent interview from MSN with director Lee Unkrich (check out our interview with him, too!) it was revealed that we may not have to say goodbye to those characters forever because some of the Toy Story characters will be returning in one of Pixar's famous short films which will be shown in front of Cars 2 when it's released on June 24th, 2011.

Here's what Unkrich said about closing out the toy story saga with his film while keeping the toys "alive":

"Well, I really tried my best to end the story of Andy and his toys and bring that story to a close in a really nice way at the end of this film. That being said, we know that people love the characters, love Woody and Buzz, and would hate to say good-bye to them completely. I don't know that there would ever be a [Toy Story] 4. We don't have any plans for one — but we are trying to find ways to keep the characters alive. We have announced we're going to do a short film in front of Cars 2 that uses the Toy Story characters. We're going to keep them alive; they're not going away forever."

I'm glad that Unkrich tried to definitively end the story in Toy Story 3, as I think that Disney has learned enough about crappy sequels by now to understand that they shouldn't even think about trying to develop a Toy Story 4. Of course, it'll certainly be great to see Woody, Buzz and the gang (or maybe the lesser known toys even) show up from time to time in Pixar's brilliant short films, and I look forward to catching up with them whenever we get that opportunity. At least we know what we'll be seeing in front of Cars 2 next year, which I think most Pixar fans aren't even that excited for yet. If you haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, go see it!

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Cool. Toy Story 3 was awesome.

Daniel Felts on Jun 20, 2010


Definitely no to Toy Story 4, but keeping them around using animated shorts is great!

Buzz Lightyer on Jun 20, 2010


i would love to see toy story 4 cause im having a child and i would like to take it to see it so screw you ya selfish bastards.

sickdoghats on Jun 20, 2010


If the short has to do with seeing the imagination of the little girl they were given to (Bonnie?) Then I'll be very happy. Also more of the unicorn.

Aaron on Jun 20, 2010


So not only are we not giving us an origional film property, but even the shorts are now going to be sequels? This is just sad. The joy in watching those shorts was getting to see the creativity of new directors flex their creative muscles and show us something new and fresh.

shadow on Jun 20, 2010


ICK... Does it have to be before Cars 2??!!

LODAA on Jun 20, 2010


"tried to definitively end"... haha, I think you're drastically underestimating Disney's ability to crank out a sequel for quick cash, even if it's not needed. Now that TS3 ended the way it did, they can just reboot the whole franchise at any moment with Bonnie instead of Andy. I'd hate to see it done, but let's remember - this is the same company that cancelled all of Pixar's upcoming original films (so long, Newt!) to pump out Toy Story 3, Cars 2, and Monster's Inc 2. Granted, if all the sequels end up as good as Toy Story 3 was, I'll be happy but still - even great characters can get boring after a while, and every great character was a new character at one point.

Pete the Geek on Jun 20, 2010


anyone will keeep on making sequals until the cash flow stops! why do you think there still making saws?

Michael Alfaro on Jun 21, 2010


I love the idea of the Toy Story gang returning for the animated shorts. But I still can't believe they're actually doing a sequel to Cars instead of The Incredibles. What a waste.

Craig on Jun 21, 2010


Cars is by far Pixar's weakest outing. To have a second one (#9 especially before Incredibles), is a sad day.

L on Jun 21, 2010


Not a super-fan of Pixar... but Cars was so damn boring...

ryderup on Jun 21, 2010


I actualy liked cars. But its no where near Toy Story 2.

Marc21qw on Jun 21, 2010


I'm thinking that the Incredibles was an original idea by Brad Bird brought to Pixar, that he's probably the only person allowed to make the sequel under his contract or copyright. It looks like he's off doing live action now, on Mission Impossible 4! Lets hope he goes back to Pixar soon and makes another Incredibles.

Dan on Jun 21, 2010



????? on Jun 21, 2010


hurm.....still not going to see CARS 2

Voice of Reason on Jun 21, 2010


Well now I have a reason to see Cars 2.

Moon on Jun 21, 2010


#9 - Even years after it was released, Cars merchandise is still a huge seller over the world. I read somewhere that it outsells all other Pixar-related merchandise. So if there's a Cars 2, that just means more merchandise will be flying off the shelves.

EJP on Jun 21, 2010


What if Bonnie from ToyStory3 was actually Boo from Monsters Inc. who has grown up (slightly of course)? Wouldn't that make an interseting turn of events for a movie down the road? Just thinking out loud...

Bobby on Jun 22, 2010


I'd love a short film with the Toy Story characters, but I'd rather a new unique short in front of Cars 2. I mean, the short in front of Toy Story 3 was so different and imaginative. No Toy Story short can match the uniqueness of that. but, I'm sure I'll still enjoy both! anyone who hates on Cars, go back and watch it again. it requires multiple viewings to really appreciate how well done it is. Its not on par with Toy Story or Monsters Inc, but it is certainly better than A Bugs Life and well worth a sequel. It certainly lends itself to one.

dave13 on Jun 22, 2010


Let the characters be. You gave them a perfect ending, don't ruin that by making more stories.

Sploich on Jun 22, 2010


In a perfect world, Toy Story would just end with the amazing 3rd movie......if only. I'm pretty sure Cars is the only Pixar movie I have not seen and I don't think I will be at any point, it just didn't have the same vibes as their other films.

Hey Wowza on Jun 22, 2010

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