Worth Watching: Justin Steele's 'Death and Cremation' Trailer

May 3, 2010
Source: Apple

Death and Cremation Trailer

Last week, a reader named Daniel emailed me about a rather crazy trailer on Apple for an interesting indie film called Death and Cremation. This dark thriller stars legendary character actor Brad Dourif (of "Deadwood", Halloween, the voice of Chucky) as Stan, a lonely 59-year-old who offers cremation services from his basement. Oh and he murders his neighbors that he thinks are "social bullies." High school outcast Jarod (played by Jeremy Sumpter) lands a job working with Stan and the two quickly develop a (murderous) partnership. This looks just twisted and demented and dark and crazy, so watch out, but it doesn't look bad.

Watch the trailer for Justin Steele's Death and Cremation:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Death and Cremation in High Definition on Apple

Death and Cremation is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Justin Steele, a Los Angeles Film School graduate of only a short film titled A Norwegian Lunch previously. The screenplay was co-written by Steele and first-timer Alecc Bracero. This was shot on the Red camera in Los Angeles last year, but hasn't shown at any film festivals or anywhere else yet. The film is being released independently by AJI Productions and will hit very limited theaters on June 4th this summer. Visit the official website:

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This is what would have happened if Peter Pan had joined up with Captain Hook...looks like fun!

Deathtoll 2010 on May 3, 2010


Nice to see you featured this, Dourif's often overlooked despite his long-history of fine character work. This looks intriguing and genuinely disturbing, I just hope the teen angst element doesn't detract too much from what should be another great character to add to his résumé.

Daniel on May 3, 2010


Wow that looks horrid. Terrible acting, the trailer was just plain ehhhh. Totally not my genre though so I am biased towards it before it even starts.

Atomic Popcorn on May 3, 2010


Hah! I literally had just asked myself whatever happened to the kid who played Peter Pan... and boom.... a creepy looking emo kid pops up in this trailer.....

Duane on May 3, 2010


Thufir Hawat!

9mm on May 3, 2010


I think that Brad Dourif is a very under estimated actor he always plays the sico fanatic, or the evil baddie, first saw him in One flew over the Cuckoos nest with Jack Nicholson. This looks avery intresting film but will it have wide release.

Cineprog on May 3, 2010


Dude. Nice. Gotta love Dourif.

Angry Chief on May 3, 2010


Guns don't kill people, Emo's do! Looks pretty weird, not really giving the best impression of the emotionally aware youngsters from High schools, didn't this happen in real life already? Bit with more guns and a higher body count?

Crapola on May 3, 2010


I think it would have been better if the kid was not emo looking...bleh...

zeldaprimed on May 3, 2010


I bet that guy would make a good JOkER for batman.

CGJohnson on May 3, 2010


maybe not

CGJohnson on May 3, 2010


Whoa...good trailer, looks crazy. Doc Cochrane killing people hmmmm.

Cody w on May 3, 2010


"Legendary"? Eff yeah -- he's also in The Bad Lieutenant.. how can anyone not love this guy? Also, that reverse-mirror effect in the glasses.. Daredevil deja vu

[A] on May 3, 2010


Looks interesting. But did the kid really have to have that stereotypical emo look? Seeing that literally made me go "Ugh!" Way to make yourself even more of a target for the "jocks". Might as well write "Punch me!" on the forehead with that eyeliner. Normal kids get bullied too. At least they didn't pick Kyle Gallner for this who apparently is now type casted for that kinda role.

SuicidalOptimist on May 3, 2010


Could have been promising if not for the emo kid.

Craig on May 3, 2010


sweet acting.

ash on May 4, 2010


oh goody....Brad Dourif is great in any role...this should be nice & creepy...

blasphemer on May 4, 2010


Grima Wormtongue!!

Bo on May 8, 2010


i heard this is going to be the prequel 4 Chucky

Dave on May 12, 2010

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